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BMC Software is excited to release BMC Helix Chatbot 20.08. The 20.08 release of BMC Helix Chatbot provides the ability to use chatbot for budget optimization recommendations via integration with BMC Helix Cloud Cost, the capability to import services with dependent questions from BMC Helix Digital Workplace Advanced, and to embed multiple chatbots in third-party applications.



Dependent questions


Enable Services with dependent questions and set default question responses.



Add Service Options to a Welcome message


Add a Request as a button from the "Welcome message".

Preferred locale


Change Chatbot locale within a conversation.

We now also support the Danish and Norwegian languages


Share attachments


Transfer attachments between Live Agent and Chatbot.



End Live Agent Chat


Cancel a live Agent Request.


Chatbot conversations


Kick start your implementation with a pre-packaged Chatbot conversation.


Chatbot location reporting


Generate Chatbot reports by location.


Live Chat Monitoring Console


Monitor Agents and Chat activity.


Helix Cloud Cost integration


Request for budget recommendations for a business service or resource pool.


Chatbot menu for multiple lines of Business


Customize multiple Chatbots to open from a menu or customized Chatbot icon in your web applications.

Next Steps


For detailed information on each of these features please refer to our BMC Helix Chatbot documentation.