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Please join Mike and Doug as they cover Troubleshooting Performance and Connectivity Issues with the Remedy Email Engine in the August 12th webinar.


In this session, Mike and Doug will cover the following topics:

  • Email Engine throughput utility
  • NewEmail Engine connectivity testing utility
  • Email Engine Performance Best Practice guidelines
  • Email Engine Troubleshooting Guides and resources for troubleshooting issues with outgoing notifications, incoming messages and performance


Douglas Reif is a Principal Technical Support Analyst

Michael Fahrenbruch is a Senior Technical Support Analyst


Below is the recording from the live webinar it is also available as a podcast on iTunes.



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Presentation Q&A

Q: To address the Microsoft email changes - do you have an example of an Incoming mailbox set up as MAPI instead of POP3?

A: As you can see on the deck, the Test Button does not support MAPI. But Mike is going to demo the cmd line utility shortly which does support MAPI


Q: Can we ask BMC Helix team to run these email utilities for us? I ask because we do not have access to the infrastructure in Helix?

A: Within the BMC Helix ITSM environment if email is not processing correctly just open an Incident and they will resolve it.  You do not need to run utilities or perform any debugging.


Q: Does BMC support the email test utility or is it considered a customization and not supported?

A: This is "Community" supported utility. If we get questions/problems regarding it, we will be very responsive to help address/resolve.  Also hoping to include it in a future release similarly like the Remedy Admin Console.


For more information, or if you have questions, please contact Gregory Kiyoi or Jeff Hudson

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