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Please join Jai as he presents on Understanding and Troubleshooting the Approval Plug-In Sever in the January 29th webinar.


This is the 3rd part of a series on the Plugin server. In the first part, we discussed what are plug-ins, types of plug-ins and servers, and about plug-in communications.  In the second part, we looked at troubleshooting the plug-in server.


In this third session, Jai will focus on one of the special ‘hybrid’ plugins by discussing the Approval Server Plug-in.  This plug-in is a good example of a complex plug-in that has the attributes of both a standard plug-in and a stand-alone process.  You will see how this Plug-in is called to perform work as well as how to troubleshoot it using both the generic plug-in logging and Approval Server-specific logging.


Jai Shori is Senior Technical Support Analyst


Below is the recording from the live webinar including Q&A asked during the event.  The recording is also available as a podcast on iTunes.



Presentation References


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For more information, or if you have questions, please contact Gregory Kiyoi or Jeff Hudson

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