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BMC Helix Chatbot continues to add new exciting features in 19.11- available end of November 2019.  Here's a list of What's New in 19.11.


Be sure to check out the recent "Let's Chat....Bot webinar which includes a demo and details on how to leverage chatbots in your organization. Chatbot technology can deflect up to 30% of calls and emails, drive self-service and increase employee satisfaction so listen to the webinar and learn how easy and powerful incorporating chatbots in your organization can be.





Use Case

Enable real-time translation in chatbot conversations

Customers enable their chatbots to translate conversations and provide localized information in real time using APIs into 2 commonly available translation services- Google Cloud Translation Services and Microsoft Translator Speech API.

  • Organizations can support users in their language of choice, across the globe, in real-time. 
  • Customers can read the chatbot response in their native language using Google Cloud Translation Services or Microsoft Translator Speech API

Transfer conversations to another chatbot

When a customer has multiple chatbots for each line of business or locale, they can train IBM Watson Assistant Skills to enable end users to quickly transfer their conversation to another relevant chatbot in the same UI

  • End users do not have to switch to a different chatbot UI as the conversation is transferred in the same UI. (Until 19.08, a new chatbot UI used to open)
  • End users do not have to repeat the messages sent to the original chatbot. (Until 19.08, user had to re-write the message in the new chatbot UI)
  • When transferred to a support agent, the agent receives a transcript of the full chat conversation.
  • BMC Helix Chatbot can be trained to automatically transfer to another chatbot. However, end-user also has the capability to see available chatbots on the chatbot window itself and manually switch over to a more relevant chatbot.

Introducing support for Automation Anywhere Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

You can leverage the Automation Anywhere Robotic Process Automation (RPA) by using the Automation Anywhere connector to automate any task or issue within your application or business process.

  • Helix Integration Service that can be leveraged by Chatbot, DWP, or other apps on Helix Platform like BWF.
  • It’s a connector in integration service that knows how to call Automation Anywhere and tell it to execute a bot on the AA side.  This makes it pretty easy to setup workflow/process in innovation studio to invoke AA bots as a step in the workflow.  That goes for chatbot and Digital Workplace as well.  Think of the DWP catalog extending to allow users to request “services” that are fulfilled by AA bots (like updating a spreadsheet with the latest revenue and customer numbers from multiple back office systems).  Our workflow connection in ITSM allows you to put a process around running these bots including approvals and audit trail.


Here's the link for the BMC Helix Chatbot educational webinar. Webinar: Let's!