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The BMC Helix Product Suite comes packaged with many powerful tools, one of which is BMC Remedy Smart Reporting. Smart Reporting is an easy-to-use report writer for non-technical users, delivering drag-and-drop simplicity for formatting and data selection.




When using Smart Reporting in a SaaS environment it is important to remember the following points –


  • Always ensure that reporting activities during core business hours are minimized to only business critical reports. Excessive reporting running against a live database has the potential to negatively impact upon your production environments’ performance.


  • Ensure that full control is retained over reporting – i.e. all ITSM users should not have access to Smart Reporting to schedule/run reports as and when they want to. This can lead to obsolete reports remaining in place and consuming unnecessary system resources. It’s can also result in non-essential reporting being schedule during core business hours.


  • Ensure that reports are well constructed/efficient. Inefficient reports will consume excessive resources. Performance tune/optimize any long running/inefficient reports.


  • Regularly review existing reports to ensure that they are still required, and at the existing frequency/schedule.


  • Ensure that auto-fresh is setup on dashboards only and not reports. Auto refresh on reports has no advantage when viewing reports but can impact on system performance.


  • Always apply filters while running reports, reports without filters can lead to long running sessions on the Database, which ultimately can impact system performance.


The points outlined above will help to ensure that you realize and harness the full potential of Smart Reporting, without adversely impacting system performance.