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In this session, Rajeev will cover database considerations for the Remedy Platform Solution in July’s monthly webinar.


This presentation will discuss various database considerations based on your Remedy deployment to optimize performance.  The following topic areas will be included:


  *   Oracle Case Insensitivity and the LIKE operator

  *   Oracle cursor_sharing & Remedy 9.x/18/x versions

  *   Oracle SQL Plan Directives, 12c optimizer features & Remedy

  *   Oracle optimizer_features_enable parameter and Remedy

  *   MSSQL’s PARAMETERIZATION & Remedy 9.x, 18.x, and 19.x versions

  *   MSSQLs Maximum Degree of Parallelism and the Cost Threshold for Parallelism parameters for tuning

  *   MSSQL’s Schema Binding and Indexing of Views


Rajeev Patel is a Lead Product Developer


Below is the recording from the live webinar including Q&A asked during the event.  The recording is also available as a podcast on iTunes.



Additionally, you can find questions discussed during the webinar session in an attachment or on this online document.


Presentation References


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Oracle – “Linguistic Indexes not used for LIKE :BIND Predicates (DOC Id 1451804.1)


Tuning the MSSQL Server


Tuning the Oracle Server


For more information, or if you have questions, please contact Gregory Kiyoi or Jeff Hudson

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