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Smart Reporting provides powerful options which allow you to format report records depending on the presence of certain conditions. For example, you can highlight a record if a due date is past.


In this blog I will show how you can create a simple traffic light or red, amber, green (RAG) report, which will highlight incidents that are past SLA in red, those that are close to their SLA resolution date in orange and those with plenty of time left in green.


First create your report, in this example I have created a simple incident report.


I want to use a traffic light system to highlight incidents that are close to or past their Required Resolution Date.

Change the background cell colour based on resolution due date

Click on Conditional Formatting:


Select Required Resolution Date then set up three alerts, making sure that Dynamic Date is selected.


The rules are:

- If Required Resolution Date is Less than or equal to Current date - cell colour Red

- If Required Resolution Date is Between Current date + 1 and Current date + 4 - cell colour Orange

- If Required Resolution Date is Greater than or equal to Current date + 5 days - cell colour Green


Below are some screenshots of the results (Current date was 12 February 2019).



A common format in RAG reports is to use an icon. You can also achieve this through conditional formatting.


Create a traffic light icon field based on resolution due date

Add another column to your report. I have added another Required Resolution Date column/field and I have renamed it 'RAG'.


Under Conditional Formatting select Icon in the Style drop down menu.


The Icon Set menu will appear. Select Traffic Lights. Set up your alerts in a similar way as the screenshot below:


Here is the resulting report.