Share This: includes a useful tool to help you manage your RaaS change requests. The Change Calendar shows all scheduled changes by assigned group and change status as well as changes for the past 90-day period. The calendar shows both your changes (for example, code promotions) and BMC-initiated (for example, maintenance activities) changes.


Accessing the Change Calendar

Login to Scroll down to Other services and click on Change calendar
The calendar can be viewed by:

  • Year
  • Month
  • Week
  • Day
  • List (a list view of changes)

The calendar can be filtered by Assigned Group and Change Status.

Assigned Group

  • DBA
  • Infosec
  • ITSM Applications

Change Status

  • Closed
  • Completed
  • Implementation in Progress
  • Scheduled for Approval


Viewing upcoming changes

The Year, Month, Week and Day tabs allow you to view upcoming changes over different time periods.


To view ALL upcoming changes select the List tab.  Click the filter option All Events and tick Upcoming events. You can drill down further using the Assigned Group and Change Status filters.
Selecting All events will include all past changes for the last 90 days.


Viewing completed or closed changes

To check whether a change has been completed simply filter by Change Status and Completed. For closed changes (not necessarily completed) tick the Closed option.


Searching for changes

To the right of the tabs is a search box. To find a specific change request enter the reference number in the search box. You can also search by keyword.



Viewing the details of a particular change

In the calendar view you can view the details of each change by clicking on the change request reference.  This will show a pop-up box with more details including a link to view the full change request record.