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When you think about strategy, what strategy comes to mind? Strategies occurs in many forms, though have you thought about your ticket archiving strategy in Remedy?


Did you know….? Remedy9 has a feature that you, the customer, can decide on your archiving strategy. If on…if yes, and you have not acted yet…still read on!


What are the benefits?


  • Customers can define their own archiving strategy
  • Customers with linear growth will see performance gains by enabling archiving in service.
  • Reduces the size of your production data
  • Improves overall system performance (for example, searches run more quickly, because they look only at production data and not at archived data)
  • Enforces organizational data-retention policies


What do you need to be aware of?


  • When you archive a record, it is removed from the production environment and sent to a set of corresponding archive forms (within your production database).
  • Once archived, data cannot be copied back into the production forms and cannot be accessed or searched from the Remedy application, though can be reported upon.
  • Data Archived is based on – Last Modified Date is > Policy and Status = Closed
  • Archiving is single threaded so the first time this is enabled it may take some time to archive all associated schema's depending on the amount of data.
  • Reporting is possible from Archived data via Smart Reporting
    • System administrators can access archived data by generating reports that can be run against the archiving forms using third party reporting applications.
    • BMC recommends storing no more than 24 months of inactive data in production
    • BMC recommends retaining no more than 5 years of data in archive form


    Further resources on the topic of archiving:

    Hear Tony Myers explain archiving

    Other Docs Resources: Data Archiving Strategy, Archiving in 9.1


    Next Steps:

    Below is a snapshot of the service recommended baselines, although it is up to you, the customer, ultimately to decide on what to set the baseline. The standards 548 represent 18 months

    retention can be tuned.




    If you have been running Remedy 9 for a long period, now is the time to think about your strategy for archiving.


    What else would you like to know? Comment with questions and feedback