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The highly anticipated Smart IT 2.0 is now available for Remedy as a Service (RaaS) customers. Some of the new Smart IT 2.0 capabilities available to administrators include the ability to:


  • Change the layout of the Incident and Change forms, placing custom fields wherever they are needed, moving existing fields, and hiding any out-of-box fields which are not required.
  • Dynamically control the key properties of fields (hidden/visible; read-write/read-only; mandatory/optional), and set data to fields, using logical expressions which execute in real-time as the user works on a record (even on mobile!).
  • Add custom fields to the ticket console, and filter records using them.
  • Take advantage of a significantly enhanced "provider action" capability, enabling server-side workflow actions to run in the Smart IT client, and creating icons alongside fields on the form to run them.


A couple capabilities (primarily related to Cognitive Service Management and the Remedy Deployment Application (D2P)) require Remedy AR Platform to be on 9.1.04. Otherwise, Remedy ITSM 9.1.00 is the minimum supported version for Smart IT 2.0.  Smart IT 2.0 is coupled with Digital Workplace (DWP) 18.02 during installation. Digital Workplace 18.02 replaces the previous 3.5 version.



For good reason, there is lots of buzz around the enhanced capabilities of Smart IT 2.0 and Digital Workplace’s continued focus on improving the end user experience, as well as its Integration Services. There are many resources available to you on and  (including the opportunity for you to post your own questions). Please see below for a consolidated list of just a few of the Smart IT 2.0/Digital Workplace 18.02 blogs/resources available to you right now:



To get more information on upgrading to Smart IT 2.0/Digital Workplace 18.02 or how to use our BMC Communities and Docs pages, please reach out to your Business Relationship Manager.