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As we head towards 2018 we ask the question: Do you have what it takes to be part of the World Class Service? …Our objective at Remedy As A Service (RaaS) is to provide a World Class Service to YOU, our customers. One of our focused aspects of that service is the RaaS Service Desk and Support. Over a sustained period in 2017, we have started though not yet finished: re-thought, re-designed and re-implemented our support service strategy and delivery. This has been through listening to your feedback through the support surveys that are completed by you.


An example being a POD support model had been introduced to provide an enhanced and consistent support to our customers. With this introduction, our service to customers has been consistent in delivery in terms of knowledge, relationship and understanding of specific customers, incidents and customer requirements.


While we continue to strive towards the objective of providing a world class service, we need your help, to help us to achieve this objective for you! You may be thinking what can I do to help improve the support service. Without realizing it, the first step of raising an incident or request to RaaS provides that baseline to achieving that objective.


To enable RaaS to achieve our World Class Service objective, we would like to ask customers to help with the following:


  • The RaaS home page is located here: Home - BMC Remedy OnDemand Subscriber Information - BMC Documentation. This has lots of information in relation to our RaaS Service where you can use the search function to find the information. Of course, if you do not find what you are looking for, please reach out to your BRM.
  • Use the Availability or Performance SRD in i.onbmc if you do experience either for Production which will create a critical incident.
  • Within i.onbmc, remember we do have a knowledge base that you can access and search for knowledge articles.
  • Choosing the correct severity of incident, request. This is one of the most important factors. If every incident was raised as critical, we would never able to achieve a service. It is vital that incidents are raised as per the level outlined here:
  • When raising incidents, please complete the template provided, which includes business impact, this will help us understand why an incident is at the severity it has been raised.
  • Provide screenshots, steps to re-create the incident (if possible). Providing as much information as possible at this first step will prevent any delays in seeking further information to understand the incident/request. This will improve the efficiency and save both time for the BMC team and you the customer.
  • Please ensure you profile in i.onbmc is completed with both correct email and phone numbers. In cases of severity one incidents, the team preference of communication is always via phone.
  • Follow the escalation process if you require to escalate an incident for the most efficient response, providing a business case for the escalation. Your Service Escalation Path
  • If you do receive a support survey after a request has been closed, please complete the questionnaire. Remember the survey is for that specific request. If you do score below an 8, please provide some comments so we can review the feedback internally and take appropriate actions. Remember it is your feedback that will help us deliver the world class service! Feedback eitherway would be welcome.
  • For a generic questions, please note we also have our remedy on demand communities where you can gain a lot of information, share ideas, suggestions, and even pose a questions not only to BMC though other customers can also provide you feedback.


With your help, our challenge to you is to follow the guidelines, so that we at RaaS can strive to meet the objective of providing our World Class Service for YOU.