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Very exciting to announce a new capability available for you all.


Problem Statement

When companies try to integrate their in-house applications which are on premise and SaaS applications, old tools and ad hoc methods won't stand up to challenges in orchestration, security, data transformation and more. So many organizations are behind the curve on enterprise-SaaS app integration, say Gartner Research and 451 Research analysts.


IT organizations that want to integrate multiple SaaS solutions from multiple vendors with multiple on-premises applications face complex problems like ensuring transformation as data goes from one system to the other in a secured and reliable way.


Solution Overview

BMC Integration Service is a SaaS based integration service which is LA under Innovation Suite. It is Self-service, Multi-tenant and Hybrid solution that facilities customer journey to the cloud.


With BMC Integration Service, you can easily design connectors and automate event-driven tasks across applications. For example, you can connect Remedy IT Service Management (Remedy ITSM) and Atlassian JIRA so that when a new high-priority incident gets created in Remedy, a corresponding task is automatically created and assigned to the intended employee in JIRA


The platform is very flexible and hosted on AWS.

The platform has connectors

  • Connectors can run on premise or in the cloud
  • Connectors that run on premise require a local connector run time environment to be installed
  • The customer can choose to install 1 or more local connector run time environments (referred to as “sites”)
  • The flow of data is ultimately determined by configuration

You can integrate applications that are running on the cloud, on-premises, or a combination of both.


The product is globally available under Innovation Suite. So application developers (heads-up to Developer Community members ) and business analysts can consume the power of integration service in the apps build on Innovation suite.

How does it applies to you or the organisation you work with?

Do leave your comment below and share your experiences and pain points with integration services in your organisation or with customers.


Next Steps

The licencing model is subscription based.

For more details, go to this slideshow.