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If you find that attachments in Remedy OnDemand are showing as winmail.dat it is likely to be caused by a known issue with the way that Outlook works with internet email.


As Slipstick Systems explain Outlook uses a proprietary email format that only Outlook, Exchange and a few other clients can decipher. When the recipient doesn’t use Outlook they can get a plain text email message and an attachment named winmail.dat that they are not able to open. See Outlook is Sending Winmail.dat Attachments for more information.


Thankfully, settings can be configured on the Exchange Server so that messages in RTF are not sent see Configure Exchange Server to send RTF messages in HTML format or run an internet search for 'disable RTF to Internet addresses on Exchange Server'.


Outlook users can configure Outlook to convert messages in Rich Text Format to HTML. In Outlook 2013 you can find this in Options > Mail > Message Format.