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In the old days when Remedy OnDemand was just Remedy OnPremise hosted in a datacenter, we had to give our customers access to the operating system so they could change configurations and view logfiles.


Since Remedy was re-developed for the cloud, customers nolonger need access to the servers, as new capabilities allow configuration and log access via the Web nowadays.


After our security policies were changed and direct server access was  revoked, I have received many questions to still provide operating system access from my customers. As these requests mostly seems to be related to lack of knowledge of the new tools, I authored a Knowledge Article and published it through where I point to some videos and documentation on how to configure the system and view logfiles.


You will find the knowledge article if you search for "logging" in the Service Catalog search box:

i.onbmc logging.PNG



Can I please ask that you provide feedback by replying to this blog as to if these new tools satisfy all your use-cases or if there are still situations where you see roadblocks, so we can help provide guidance also for those roadblock use-cases.


Best Regards



Karl-Anders Falk

OnDemand Business Relationship Manager