• BMC Footprints 12.1.09 compatibility with Microsoft SQL Server 2014 SP2

    Dear All,              There is recommendation from our security team to upgrade our Microsoft SQL Server 2014 DB to Microsoft SQL Server 2014 SP2. I checke...
    Samir Kazi
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  • Is there a way to see whom created an agent or customer?  FP12 20.19.01

    Hi All,   I could be asking a question that has already been answered but I'm not finding it in the communities anywhere so I figured I'd toss it out and see what happens.  We have a couple Admins whom do a...
    Jamie Pulchinski
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  • In Footprints Version-11.6.10, in cmdb, during Data import,there is an option "Status".  What is the purpose of each status?

    In Footprints Version-11.6.10, in cmdb, during Data import,there is an option "Status". What is the purpose of each status?(Attached the image below) We used the status "In Inventory", but now when we try to load an...
    Bhavani Anbuselvan
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  • Creating Issue using Web Service for 11.6 from .net application.

    Trying to use the webservice to create an issue using from .net application using c#. Followed the sample in an example of reference manual. But the issueArgs object is not being populated. Looking into the BMC log, i...
    Andrew Cooper
    created by Andrew Cooper
  • Create a report to list Business Rules

    We have numerous Business Rules that assign tickets to different agents based on the skills need. We have an agent who is leaving our company and need to determine which to reassign. Is there a way to create a report,...
    Conrad Simpson
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  • How would I go about making a test FootPrints server?

    Recently our admin in charge of FootPrints left us a few months after upgrading from a much older version/OS to a new server/OS and clean install, and I took it over with no real training, just a "here's the admin pas...
    Raymond Wolfe
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  • Scheduled Auto-reports malfunction

    Hi All,           I have come across a strange issue today with scheduled reports(auto reports). Tried using Service Portfolio as Report Type, build the report and when se...
    Samir Kazi
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  • migration issue

    We are in the process of migrating our existing footprints server from a 2008 server to 2016 server and there are a few issues we are having.  We did contact support and they are closed Tuesday because of the hol...
    Frank Czech
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  • Best Practices regarding backing up FootPrints

    Recently, our FootPrints application crashed for reasons unknown.   Although we backup both the application box and the database (they reside on separate servers) on a regular basis, we discovered that the backu...
    Dante Griffin
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  • When does the next footprints V12 update release

    When is the next footprints update? the last time an update was pushed was in March of 2018. Previous updates came 3 to 6 months apart. What happened? There is an Item that is listed on the road map that my organizati...
    Michael Rivera
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  • FP 11.6.10 Sending Email Error

    I recently moved FP to a new server and everything is working well except I keep getting the below error and not sure why.  I'm using the exact same config as the old server and it is sending emails but i'm still...
    Aaron Carey
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  • Session Timeout Error

    We are seeing a strange issue when a login session times out. We get the error below. Has anyone seen this?        It should look like this:
    Max Barton
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  • Can you validate an Assignee field with a username and password?

    Is it possible for FootPrints 12 to be able to validate an assignee field with a user's password?  We have a need to satisfy the electronic signature portion of 21 CFR Part 11.  My hope would be that if a us...
    Eric Kurtz
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  • Footprints convert SQL nvarchar column to datetime

    I have a custom field in a workspace item which has been incorrectly created in SQL as nvarchar, due to a known FP product defect. Ideally, I would like to convert this column to the desired datetime data type, rather...
    Matt O'Donnell
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  • French Chars in file names - attachements in email are being renamed

    Good day, Has anyone ever encountered and issue with files names being renamed when they contain French chars? Also, does anyone know what FP uses to send email? is it a 3rd party component? thanks! Tracey
    Tracey Sangster
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  • Can I translate the values in a field?

    I' ve created forms in another languages and when I change the language preference, the forms and field change to the selected language, but not the values. I want to translate a list of values in a field. There is a ...
    Aaron Alcaraz
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  • license expiration

    Aloha,   What happens when a license expires? Do you loose all access to the data? Does it just block new/editing of tickets but can access the tickets for archival purposes?   Thanks for the info!   ...
    Joel Tomyl
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  • Results of FootPrints 11 license expiring

    Hello. We are curious what the results will be if our FootPrints 11 license expires. I read someone post that we won't be able to sign in, but how would you apply a new license if you cannot sign in? We're presuming t...
    Randall King
    created by Randall King
  • Create a version of a Portal, Console, Searches and buttons in another languaje.

    How can I create a version of Portals, Consoles, Searches and buttons in another languaje? Similar like workspace's forms. You can create versions of agent or customers forms in another languaje, then when a customer...
    Aaron Alcaraz
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  • Upgrade Issue to FP 20.19.02

    Dears,   I faced issue when I try to upgrade Footprints from V. "20.18.02" build 47.7 to "20.19.02" I'm getting an error message as the screenshot below:       Do you have any idea or suggestio...
    Sari Terkawi
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