• New production install.  Any reason to not use 20.18.03

    20.18.03 was released a couple days ago.  Anyone using it yet?  I'm trying to decide if we should start with this new release.
    Scott Gibson
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  • Sub-categories are not cleared up in the DB/Search when Parent category is changed in a Ticket

    If the ticket is categorized as Parent Category->Sub Cat 1->Sub Cat 2 like below, "Applications->Data Reporting->Attendance" and in the middle of the ticket life cycle, the category is changed to "R&...
    Dan SadhaSivam
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  • Footprints 2018 R2 still getting slowness issue!

    Hi All,   After doing the needful checklist and all kind of testing on the NW, we still facing slowness during creating a new request, edit mode and scrolling, any ideas, and if anyone facing this kind of slownes...
    abdallah hamaydeh
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  • FootPrints 12.x CC Field and Address Lookup (Search)

    We are coming from FootPrints 9.x where, when one clicked in the CC field, a search window opened up and one could search against the AD-connected address book to add CC emails. This appears to be gone in 12.x.  ...
    Chris VanBuskirk
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  • delay on email notifications from BMC Footprints ver. 12.1.09

    Hi All,         We are facing this delay on email notifications from BMC Footprints ver. 12.1.09. Couldnt find any troubleshooting guide or any appropriate information on correctly c...
    Samir Kazi
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  • How to open Knowledge Base articles in preview mode

    Is it possible to make it so when a user clicks on a actual Knowledge Base article that it opens it up in preview mode? I think it's a much cleaner look.   Or possibly a better option would be to open the KB art...
    created by VINCE RINNER
  • Assign ticket based on field

    So this is a new installation of Footprints 20.18.02.   The setup I have a Customer Address book and a Servicer Address book.   Customer owns the grill. Servicer repairs the grill.   Customers are stor...
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  • FP - Auto Run Reports won't process

    Hey all, We're receiving an error on all Auto Run Reports when we try to run them. The reports themselves run in Service Analytics just fine, but any Auto Run's fail out with the following error. Any thoughts on what ...
    John Sutton
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  • Problem with master/subtask linking

    My colleague and I have encountered a situation in our test environment that has us stumped.   We have created a master ticket (ticket #32), with a subtask ticket (ticket #33). We then created another subtask ti...
    Dante Griffin
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  • Strange behavior when clicking on selections in a form.

    Not sure if anyone has experienced this issue, but when selecting either drop downs or any other item in a form, the focus gets switched back to the first tab on the form. There are also times where you cannot select ...
    Gavin Ross
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  • First Name/Last Name email tags not showing

    Hey all,   I'm having an issue where the First Name and Last Name email tags are not showing up in the emails sent to users or assignees. It is either showing up as the actual variable, i.e. [FIRST_NAME_2] or bl...
    Rob Farrington
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  • Footprints ServiceDesk trial license generator not working

    I'm trying to install a trial of Footprints Servicedesk 20.18.02-47.7.  The install was sucessfull, and after logging in, I was directed to obtain a license at https://license.bmc.com/services/customer/prospect.a...
    Tim Steiner
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  • Copy quick template and/or business rule

    Does anyone know of a way to copy either a quick template or a business rule from one record definition to another?   We need to copy a number of quick templates and business rules from the standard Ticket recor...
    Dante Griffin
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  • FootPrints 12.x Form Control Height Property in Rows

    When I value the Width property of a control in a form as "2 columns", it uses two literal columns (i.e., if it were a 5-column grid, and this were the only control in the row, there are now only 3 columns left that a...
    Chris VanBuskirk
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  • "Allow snapshot Isolation" set to FALSE - FootPrints 12

    Has anyone within Communities updated their sql database to allow snapshot isolation = TRUE?   Has this caused any residual impacts to performance or helped with database locking?
    Pamela McClinton
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  • Footprints 11.6: Link CI to Work Order and Work Order window goes gray and freezes.

    Working in Footprints 11.6, periodically / randomly, when we link CIs to a work order the work order window goes gray and freezes.   Any Idea what causes this and a solution?
    David Hoyt
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  • SLA association with ticket

    Hi,   How can we associate SLA to ticket based on different fields e.g. priority or severity. Also, Is it possible to attach this SLA collectively.   Suggestions are most welcome.
    Chetan Bhadane
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  • BMC Footprints Service Core 12+ Email Issues

    Good afternoon guys,   At the end of last week I was on a customer that is running FP12 (patch 002) installed, and show me a serious problem that is impacting their production. The e-mail system simply stops...
    rodrigo nogueira
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  • Cannot add/modify any choices in Status Field!!  FP_V.11.6

    Unable to save any new status, I do have 14 choices but when editing not showing all statuses!!         
  • Knowledge base migration from Footprints 11 to FP12

    Hi All,          Happy holidays and happy new year in advance!!!              Is it possible to migrate the Knowledge b...
    Samir Kazi
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