• "Merge" feature for Footprints ? Has anyone ever requested ?

    I have seen and used this on a rival service desk product and it is so powerful I have asked Footprints for it for years now! and other service desk products also have this very powerful feature   Clients who so...
    John Crozier
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  • FootPrints Versioning (2018)

    Did BMC change FootPrints versioning schema? Is 20.18.x. and extention of 12.x.x? 20.18.02 would be the most recent release of FootPrints?
    Chris VanBuskirk
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  • Renaming a workspace in FootPrints 12

    I need to rename a workspace, seems simple enough, has anyone done this in 12 with no issues? From everything I can tell, its a display name per se, and everything that references uses a guid or something of the like...
    Jacque Donald
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  • Ticket log and other Rich text fields

    I have a form where the ticket Log is used. It has been operational for some time, so the ticket log cannot be replaced. I have a new field that needs journaling, which I want to put side by side The Ticket log has a...
    steve dalton
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  • How Can we Chang: VOTING_RESPONSE_MESSAGE_BODY  >>> Via Email

    How Can We Change the letter that received from Approve process?!   "VOTING_RESPONSE_MESSAGE_BODY"
    abdallah hamaydeh
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  • Date Questions around Business Rules

    I am unable to find much of use in the manual, nor was I able to find much the way of posts here regarding this. It seems like it shouldnt be this hard, but trying to achieve things based on date fields is a strange ...
    Jacque Donald
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  • auto complete in assignee fields

    Assignment Field type-ahead results displaying below the field or not displaying at all post 12.1.07 update. Does anyone know if this has been corrected yet?   FootPrints Version Build 41.
    Ken Dwyer
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  • Time Based Rule - Auto Update Status

    Hello,   I would like to create a time based rule to change the status from Waiting on customer to Completed, after 3 days in that status (Waiting on Customer). Any idea on how we can accomplish this? I don't se...
    Michael Perez
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  • BMC Footprint - Report Scheduler "Save Report to Folder on Server" Name

    Hi; I have built a report that gather all the tickets data in our environment to report to our third party Dashboard software, My Dashboard colleague is asking for a way to have the file saved into a share on his BI...
    Imad Chehab
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  • Business Rule that Calcuates Field Values

    I am creating a time tracking workspace in FootPrints 12 and I need to have a field "Total Hours Worked" that will be calculated from five fields (one field for each day of the week).  I am uncertain on how to in...
    Eric Kurtz
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  • After entering information -- tickets auto defaults to first tab

    Whenever I enter information on a ticket, the ticket will then redirect to the top tab causing users to have to tab back down for each item they enter information for in each section. Has anyone experienced this?
    Courtney Patton
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  • Strange behavior when clicking on selections in a form.

    Not sure if anyone has experienced this issue, but when selecting either drop downs or any other item in a form, the focus gets switched back to the first tab on the form. There are also times where you cannot select ...
    Gavin Ross
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  • Footprints 11.6 - Transfer Tickets

    Hi,   My Company wants to start transferring tickets between 2 of our work-spaces. Both work-spaces have only Escalations and no Auto-assigns as there are at a minimum 3 triggers that are required for routing. &...
    Corey Stephenson
    created by Corey Stephenson
  • SQL Server 2016 support with version 11.6.09

    Is SQL Server 2016 supported in either version 11.6.09 or 11.6.10? I only see up to SQL Server 2014 in both system requirements documentation, but wasn't sure if it was limited to 2014. Thanks!
    Ryan Sparks
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  • Is Version 20.18.02 an update of FP 12.01.09?

    Hi All, I came across some postins regarding Version 20.18.02 (also find it on EDP) and I just want to know, if this Version is an update of FP 12.01.09 and - if so-  if any of you got some experience with the u...
    Bettina Heilemeier
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  • copy login page from version 11 to version 12

    Hi everyone!   We're trying to modify the login page for FootPrints 12. What we really want to do is use the login page from version 11.   Does anyone know of a way to copy the login page from Version 11 t...
    Dante Griffin
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  • Custom Views for Customers

    Alright, hoping someone can school me.  I have a problem that would be resolved by numerous different ideas dating back from v11, but frequently the answer is that the capability was delivered in v12 (ala Remove ...
    Peter Hewson
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  • Custom Defined Dashboard Components

    Hi,   I'm looking to create some Custom Defined Dashboard Components especially something that is either a chart or custom select from database.  Currently you can use saved searches as components but it on...
    Karl Schroeder
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  • Unable to discard unpublished changes

    Hey All - I've made some changes to on of my workspaces, and when I try to publish, I get an error about workflow validation, so I was just going to delete the unpublished changes and try again, but now the "Discard U...
    Joshua Carmichael
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  • My reports lose all their filters and groups and column information when I send them to AUTO RUN.

    My reports lose all their filters and groups and column information when I send them to AUTO RUN.   They are fine when printed from service analytics, but are unusable when auto run. Their does not seem to be mu...
    steve dalton
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