• Set color of service request stopped working after upgrade to 20.19.02

    After upgrading to Ver 20.19.02 the set color of service request rule no longer works. there is no record of the rule firing in the ticket history but according to the business rule in system admin, the rule ran. I ha...
    Ken Dwyer
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  • Investigating the possibility of creating custom relationship types

    I'm creating this post here so I can provide some updates and capture some interest from the community on the need/desire to have more relationship options than what is currently available.   There are a few rel...
    Nicolas Roome
    created by Nicolas Roome
  • Autofit: in report charts instead of values

    Morning all!   We upgraded from 18.03 to 19.03 last Thursday evening and, since then, any chart in a report is showing with Autofit: in the columns. This is case whether you view the report in Service Analytics ...
    Liz Wells
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  • Email reminders - Auto start & stop depending on date fields.

    Hi all, I am creating simple contracts DB in the CMDB, I have been having issues with the email reminders, I have set up a number of date fields with one bring the date the reminders should start and the other is a da...
    Wayne Johnson
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  • Selecting Outgoing Email Formatting Option

    Is there something someone has found or an alternative method to force outgoing emails by rule to use the text template you create versus the html one? This was possible in the older versions, and there seems to be no...
    Jacque Donald
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  • Ability To View Ticket Based on Sensitivity

    I have created a boolean field for HR customers to select if a Help Desk specific ticket is sensitive or not (such as employee terminations). I would like to be make the ticket only be viewable to specific IT Agents/T...
    Tracy Stram
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  • v11 installers and upgraders

    What has happened to the v11 installers and upgraders that were on the download page? They are all gone.
    Leslie Sowell
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  • I have installed footprints 11.6.10 onto Windows Server 2016.

    I have I have installed footprints 11.6.10 onto Windows Server 2016.  Copied the database from the 11.6.2 install on Win2008r2.  I am able to connect to the Datatbase but I do not see any Data in the Footpri...
    Luther Bjornsen
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  • Footprints Container - Time Out with Server error

    Receiving time out notification when trying too access records in home container (new ticket, edit ticket etc.), but I can access records in CMDB container?   Time out notice reads as follows:   Server Err...
    Alfonso Surace
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  • Service Analytics internal error ocurred (Footprints Version

    Dears,   Footprint When i try to open Service Analytics I have faced this issue!! Service Analytics internal error ocurred.   What is the problem ? Thanks
    Mohammad Khdour
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  • Change the SQL login to footprints DB , version is : FootPrints Service Core 11.6.05

    What is the steps required to change the SQL login to footprints DB.
    abdallah hamaydeh
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  • Delayed email processing

    Has anyone experienced delayed lag time when creating Footprints tickets via emails? Email configs have been set up correctly as well as the default user for the workspace. Seems to work fine in the dev environment bu...
    James Akisanmi
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  • How to troubleshoot email errors

    Hello,   We need to troubleshoot this message "Your email cannot be processed because ticket creation via email is disabled". As far as I can tell ticket creation via email is enabled. We would like to determine...
    Conrad Simpson
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  • "People in FootPrints"

    Each time I do a training session, one of the more difficult thing for new FootPrints admins and project leads to grasp is how people interact with FootPrints. One of the bigger parts of this is due to having essentia...
    Nicolas Roome
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  • Integration with Zabbix for Incident Management

    We are planning to integrate Zabbix with Footprints service core for the incident management. Any of us have tried this before or any suggested solutions?. Any help would be appreciated!!
    Vishwanathan Rangaswamy
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  • Concurrent licenses all in use, what happens if an additional agent tries to log in.

    If a concurrent licensed agent tries to log in but all the licenses available are in use, should they get an "access denied" error? I assumed it would just log them in as Customers.
    April Pointes
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  • Custom Console Page

    Can I create a custom "Console" Page without the "VIEW" portion (for displaying different "Views", "Saved Searches" etc   I would like to have a console that is a blank page where I can enter just  text and...
    Kevin May
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  • Reporting on Linked Items in Service Analytics

    Greetings,   Does anybody know how to report on linked items using the Service Analytics tool, or is this even possible?   Here's the scenario: There are two record types with a Master/Subtask relationship...
    Anthony Guthrie
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  • CI Imports not updating records (Records Unchanged).

    I am currently importing CI's from a SQL database.  I am clearing all the fields daily ( Time-Based) and then reimporting the CI's again to keep fresh data in my CMDB.  The problem that I am having is that a...
    Keith Easterwood
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  • How to remove a system administrator?

    We have a System Administrator who has left our employ. Is there a way to remove him from the Assignees lists? Is there a SQL query that will do this? This question was asked some 6 years ago and never answered.
    Conrad Simpson
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