• FootPrints Advanced Starter Template (FAST)

    Hi all, we have a new intro video for the FootPrints Advanced Starter Template (FAST).   FAST is pre-configured and fully usable out of the box for all the major processes, effectively cutting back weeks or mont...
    Nicolas Roome
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  • How can we know the Footprints 12.xx - 20.xx version\release through fpsc database

    We need to know the way that can show us the version\release number of footprints please   thanks in advance
    abdallah hamaydeh
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  • Unable to attached any more

    after upgrade from 12.1.9 to 20.18.03  unexpected error ?!?!?!   abdallah hamaydeh
    Hazim Tawalbeh
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  • The requested url was not found on the server

    Since upgrading to Foot Prints 20.19.03 Build 55.3491 we have been receiving an error each time a technician or client launches Footprints; The requested url was not found on the server.  It could be that the upg...
    Jacob James
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  • Footprints installation

    Good Day, I am a Footprints administrator for a US contract with the US Air Force. We are currently running Footprints v12.1.09.001, Build 45.5. We are planning on installing the latest version. Our system administrat...
    Kevin May
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  • Error occurred while creating installation task footprints Footprints 20.19.3

    we are plinning to upgrade FP 12.1.6 to FP 20.19.3 with no success  
    abdallah hamaydeh
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  • Footprints 20.20.01 - Global Update Errors

    Hi All,   Has anyone seen issues with Global Link updates after patching to 20.20.01?  We patched this past weekend and today we tried to Resolve 2 Global tickets with 3-5 linked tickets per.  When att...
    S R
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  • FootPrints 11.6.09 & OAuth or Modern Authorization

    Hello!   We are currently using FootPrints 11.6.09 and are switching from Lotus Notes to Office 365 & Outlook. We access address book information from Lotus using LDAP. I've been asked if FootPrints can util...
    Ken Post
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  • Customers Displayed in Assignee Picker Fields

    We have a couple of projects in jeopardy due to some issues in Footprints 20.18.03 and beyond.   Our objective is to migrate two workspaces Into FP12 from our FP11 environment.    Issue #1 - We disc...
    Bret Swart
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  • Master tickets can be closed even with open Subtasks

    So, the official documentation mentions that a Master ticket can't be Closed until all Subtasks are closed. Does this require the implementation of a Business Rule or is this supposed to work out-of-the-box? I ask bec...
    Steve O'Leary
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  • User “System” in Ticket History? note that no such user was found in licensed users - Footprints 11.6.6

    (adding and deleting assignees) made by the user “System” in the workspace, note that no such user was found in licensed users?   Where can we find "System" came from ??  
    abdallah hamaydeh
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  • Footprints 12.1.9 Antivirus\Firewall exclusions ?

    Where we can find articles or documents for Footprints 12.XX Antivirus\Firewall exclusions?   thanks in advance!   Hazim Tawalbeh
    abdallah hamaydeh
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  • How can I create a ticket in Footprints using SOAP API via PERL script?

    How can I create a ticket in Footprints using SOAP API via PERL script?   I'm trying to integrate Footprints tool with SOAP API to create and edit tickets using PERL script. But getting 500 error while running t...
    Ramkumar Sridhar
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  • Issues with Business Rules after 20.20.01 upgrade- FootPrints Service Desk

    Hi,   I updated my  FP dev. environment recently with  20.20.01 version. I followed all the steps and everything seems fine. Published all the containers after the upgrade and restarted tomcat.   ...
    Sonia Agarwal
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  • Set-up Import Task from LDAP

    I need to set-up an "IMPORT TASK" to import all the Users from the AD server. I go through setting up the "Task" as follows: Source type=LDAP LDAP Server Address=(IP of the LDAP Server) LDAP Server Port=389 LDAP Base ...
    Kevin May
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  • Footprints 12 Knowledge Base

    I know KB's can be searched by Keyword*, but can a KB article be made available based on selections within a let's say Incident?   EX. Customer Chooses 'Hardware' Sub Cat. Printer Is there away to display the K...
    jodie Scherer
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  • 20.19.03 Excel/CSV export, ability to export more than 500 records

    Export of views/grids to Excel/CSV was added in 20.19.03 - Probably the best new feature of the release. However, you can only export ONE page at a time, so a maximum of 500 records. Would be great to either * ...
    Craig Brooks
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  • Can I create a time tracking report for multiple ticket types?

    I am trying to create a report to show an agent's total recorded time spent in tickets over the past two weeks.  I am not able to select multiple ticket types in a time tracking report, and I am not able to selec...
    Amanda Lemmi
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  • Request page layout style is different for a new role

    I created a new Role and it inadvertently changed the layout of the Request form for that role. Normally we use the layout where each of the sections takes up vertical space along the page (and some are expanded by de...
    Ian DeCelli
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  • java null point errors in footprints 12 build number 49

    Hello!    I'm having an issue with footprints 12 - we restarted our server as part of maintenance and since then, we're getting the following errors when a user logs into the system as well as when they at...
    Jeremy Thompson
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