• Reports - Assignees and Teams

    Afternoon all!   Having recently made the jump from our old Footprints installation to I'm now trying to recreate the reports we had on version 10.   Many of these reports are sent to team lead...
    Liz Wells
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  • Ticket Submission via email

    The subject line is not populating the Title field in the ticket and while the body does appear in the Description History field it does not appear in the Description field. Any reasons why this is happening?
    Debbie Stone
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  • Quick Template Table FP12

    Curious if anybody knows where in the Database the Quick Template data is... if there is a specific table or tables this information is stored in. This is for Footprints 12
    Erin Mills
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  • Footprints 12 -  Updates from customers coming in as blank text inside ticket description

    When customers reply to a ticket through email, the text is lost and logs a blank reply in description history. This is happening intermittently for MacBook or iMac users using apple email client or web mail   ...
    Indra Thomas
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  • Set a default team for auto assignment

    Hi All,   I checked around on the forums but I couldn't find a current post about this issue, but many similar.   Currently we have the Assignment Rule setup to re-assign to Creator and Creator's Team, but...
    Steve Richert
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  • We are planning to Move FootPrints SQL instance from 2012 to SQL 2016

    the issue is that tech that installed FootPrints did not save PassPhase or the 4 DB password any one know how I can around this issue? Ref #KnowledgeArticle - BMC
    Chris Fleming
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  • Is there a way to always populate a date field with the date the ticket is created?

    I would like to have a date field always default to "todays" date when a ticket is submitted. I see in the dropdown control for the date field that there is a "Today" button but it seems to only put todays date and do...
    David Brown
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  • Maximum export rows

    I am trying to export to Excel a custom report that has over 200 rows. Even if I set paging to show all rows it still will only export 200 rows. How do I make sure that all the data is exported to Excel in my report? ...
    David Brown
    created by David Brown
  • Team Report

    I am trying to get a report on tickets assigned to teams. This report shows average age:     The problem is that all the tickets (apart form the 7 unassigned) are assigned to team or team.agent. To my w...
    Ian Jeffery
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  • Footprints 12.1.09 Service Analytics calculations

    So I recently created a BMC Support case where I asked whether or not "Created to Resolved" tickets and "Age of Ticket" calculations take into account weekends and holidays configured into the work schedule.  I f...
    Christopher Casmedes
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  • v.11 MySQL?

    Hi All,   Anyone here use MySQL for Footprints 11? We are currently using ORACLE, but while it is technically supported for v.11; it is not the ideal database structure for Footprints 11. I know that SQL is pref...
    Leslie Sowell
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  • Apache proxy in front of FootPrints 12's tomcat app?

    Has anyone configured apache to frontend the FootPrints 12 tomcat app?  I'm trying to keep a lid on the direct access to the tomcat server.   Thanks, Frank
    Francis Swasey
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  • The email cannot be processed

    Dears,   Footprints  Version  12.1.09  when i tried to approve Tickets via email  the following problem occurred: Your vote for [Item: Service Request, Process: New Business Workflow 1, St...
    Ahmad Alawneh
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  • Console save button logs out users.

    I have about 6 agents so far that can not customize their console. When they hit the save button they get logged out of footprints12 completely. The logs say this: WARN |2018-08-13T13:22:44.380|EDT|FootPrints12|http-...
    Michael Boyce
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  • Linked control Contact breaking

    Hello All,   I'm using footprints12, and have a link control setup on a form using Ticket/Contact : Contact that fuels my customer lookup with ldap on the back-end. It works great, for about a day, and then it s...
    Michael Boyce
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  • Footprints 12 + mailbox integration errors in error logs

    Recently we increasingly notice that mailbox processing of mails is slower in Footprints 12.   We see two errors repeated more frequently in error logs, has anyone seen these errors before? We need help.   ...
    Indra Thomas
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  • Migrating Ticket data from V11 to V12 (including description and attachments)

    Does anyone have any suggestions for the best way to achieve this?   I have an existing V11 and a new V12 build. In V11 there are about 1,000 'in-flight' tickets which I want to move to V12 at cutover, and want ...
    Matt O'Donnell
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  • Service Analytics Error

    Hi,   We receive the below error when trying to access few private reports   ReportId=402 - Service Unavailable   This is happening in TEST environment - version 12.1.09.   Two important thing...
    Indra Thomas
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  • Separating and capturing Date and Time

    Hi All,   Question, we have an external process that relies on us providing Date and Time as separate values.  Currently the default fields in FP12 only allow for both to be captured and sent over as one va...
    Steve Richert
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  • Can Customers Be a Dynamic Approver?

    Greetings,   Footprints v12.1.09   I read through a couple of threads but none of them seemed to cover this specifically.   We have a field that will be manually filled out by the customer to contain...
    Anthony Guthrie
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