• Cannot open new service analytics report

    Has anyone experienced an issue where (in Service Analytics) you try to open a "New" report and, at first, the page seems to be opening then immediately closes?  This is happening to me when I'm using Chrome or F...
    Christopher Casmedes
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  • Can agents edit scheduled / auto-run reports?

    If agents are given permission to created scheduled / auto-run reports, can they edit the scheduled reports they create or must that be done by an admin?
    Andrew Januszak
    created by Andrew Januszak
  • Cannot Create or Modify Service Analytics reports following update to v.

    The application server is in our DMZ while the SQL backend is in the Server Farm. We had to modify the Service Core presentation (KB Articles #11047, #11052 & #11053) to allow SSL Certificate for HTTPS Access via...
    Robert Daley
    created by Robert Daley
  • Knowledge Base Purpose Field Behavior

    The Purpose (Description) field is not working correctly after I updated the field on my form to change the size. I am not sure is this is a change to the system or not, but please see the examples below. I have compl...
    Liz Mitchell
    created by Liz Mitchell
  • Should Templates trigger On Screen rules?

    Should templates be triggering onscreen rules?   I have a rule to hide the unneeded fields, on page load, on create. This works fine, hides the fields on the load of a new ticket.   My rule to unhide: Tri...
    Vern Meyer
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  • Full email conversation?

    We just went from BMC Service Desk Express to BMC Footprints  We worked with a consultant on our deployment.  One of the things we currently do not have is a full email conversation.&#...
    Colin Cole
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  • Reporting by Team - Such as Created By Team and FCR

    Greetings,   Version. 12.1.09   I am looking to create some reports by team in the future, FCR in particular, and I'm a bit stuck trying to think of how to properly capture the data to report on it. Maybe ...
    Anthony Guthrie
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  • Survey - Business Rule to Re-open Ticket, if issue was not resolved

    Is there a way to setup a business rule to re-open a ticket if a survey response, Was the Issue Resolved? is set to no?   Thanks!
    Michael Perez
    created by Michael Perez
  • Deletion of Workspace in Footprint 12.x

    Hi Team,   I am trying to delete the workspace from BMC Footprint 12.x. While trying to delete workspace the time out error  occurred, communication error when trying to log into Footprint. After restarting...
    Amol Patil
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  • Copying On Enter business rules do not put the new rule under the same item as the original

    Has anyone noticed this same issue? On the workflow process, if you have a business rule on a particular item in the process, like an on enter or on exit rule, when you go to the business rules, and you copy one of t...
    Joshua Carmichael
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  • Restricting what KB articles that users (customers) can see based on values in two fields

    Apologies if this has been asked before, but our HR KB has a region based restriction requirement in addition to the Internal vs Public restrictions.   In addition to the “Publishing Domain” field ou...
    Crystal Jones
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  • Is there a way to remove scroll bars on multi-line text boxes when ticket is viewed?

    Currently, the size of a multi-line text box is maxed at 10 lines.   This results in a scroll bar even when the ticket is opened in a view (non-edit) mode.  My users would like to see the full ticket di...
    Stacey Bates
    created by Stacey Bates
  • How massively update users preferences after an import?

    Does anyone have an SQL query which can adjust the Date Format, Local Time Zone and Language settings after importing users?
    Alessandro Ghezzi
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  • Found a way to delete OOTB roles, testing it now

    Just wanted to let you guys know I finally got tired of looking at all those useless OOTB container roles and found how to delete them. I kept the Workspace Administrator and Portal Guest roles, but got rid of all the...
    Nicolas Roome
    created by Nicolas Roome
  • Upgrade FootPrints from 10.0 to 12.0?

    Inherited this legacy environment and need to get it upgraded higher release. Is it possible to upgrade form 10.0 directly to 12.0?
    Toxie Case
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  • Portal Configuration

    for our main I.T. link, how do we configure a default page for everyone? Even agents and administrators. When users go to the page, I want to only display the information need to submit a ticket to I.T. Not work space...
    Darren Edwards
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  • How does everyone handle testing?

    Just curious how everyone handles testing, changes, redesigns, etc....   We've been running FP12 for a few years now, previously we were on FP9.  Only our NOC used the product.  Now we've integrated it...
    josh evilsizor
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  • External Script variables from ticket

    I'm looking at creating an external action to create nodes in Solarwinds when a ticket is completed.   I have the documentation from Solarwinds for the powershell script to executethe actions to build the node.....
    josh evilsizor
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  • Last Login

    Has anyone found a reliable way to determine the last time users logged into Footprints v. 11?
    Leslie Sowell
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  • Has anyone found a way to link directly to a service catalog request?

    I want to link to a service catalog request from outside of FootPrints so that when a user clicks the link, they are taken to that specific request.  https://domain/MRcgi/CMDBCIPage.pl?PROJECTID=#&CMDB_ID=#&a...
    Robert Campbell
    created by Robert Campbell