• Does Footprints support single sign on with ADFS, SAML, Oauth, or any other standard solution?

    We are Windows shop. Looking for a standards based SSO solution. ADFS, SAML, Oath, etc.. I also understand the even in the latest version is have to batch import all user accounts from Active Directory. Is that true?...
    Andreas Paulisch
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  • Footprints Is there a way to roll back unpublished changes?

    I would like to know if there are changes made, but not published, can it be rolled back in any way.
    Jodie Scherer
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  • Update LDAP Contact from Ticket

    Greetings,   I have a (hopefully) quick question regarding updating LDAP contacts. I read a couple other threads but they didn't quite seems to apply here. Not sure if this active defect pertains to my situation...
    Anthony Guthrie
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  • Is a FootPrints Agent required to have a fixed license

    I know that a system administrator is required to have a fixed license.  I know that to be assigned to a team that you must be in an agent role.  However if I take a user and give that person Agent role so t...
    Tara Harper
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  • How do you change color scheme in Footprints 12.1?

    I'd like the admin to be able to know for sure they are logged in as administrator without using one of the themes other than default. I've tried coopting other themes and wapping out my own images and color# values a...
    Aaron McConnell
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  • Service Catalog Receiving Infrastructure error -- help!?

    Message: Unexpected error.   Error Code: Infrastructure.Error.001 Build Number: 41 Log Entry Identifier: 14c1ceb9-39e6-4241-a5f3-6f53c3b2738e Details:   * Stack Trace Summary:   - com.numarasoftw...
    Courtney Meade
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  • Does FootPrints 12.0.7 support Java 9.0.4?

    My organization is kicking off a project to upgrade Java from to 9.0.4.  Does FootPrints 12.0.7 support Java 9.0.4?  If not is there a time frame when Java 9.0.4 will be supported?
    Sean Wieland
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  • Footprints 12.1.02 Service Analytics Error "Too Many Redirects"

    After BMC tried upgrading us to 12.1.07 and the upgrade failed, they restored 12.1.02 back. Ever since the restore Service Analytics will not load and Scheduled Reports (reports that use Service Analytics custom repor...
    Met Belai
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  • FPSC 12 Searches and Service Analytics

    I have searches (and service analytics reports) showing how many tickets our technicians completed in 2017.   (I basically searched for tickets opened from January 1 to December 31, 2017 that were also compl...
    Christopher Casmedes
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  • Minor Expand/Collapse Problem

    Has anyone run into an issue where some agents who are using Expand/Collapse view on the Issue page don't have certain selected sections expanding, even when they're checked?  It's only happening with one particu...
    Brian Tyree
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  • Can you import solutions into knowledge base?

    We are wanting to utilize the knowledge base, but would like to know if you can import questions/solutions.  Version 11.6.04
    Toby Thedford
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  • Configuration Setting for key does not exist

    Hi, I just installed Footprints 12.1 on Windows Server 2012 with SQL Server Express (installation done by FP) and Tomcat 7. I followed the configuration to be done for Tomcat and the installation finished successfull...
    Ryad Mechekour
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  • Service Analytics Cannot open (This page isn’t working)

    Dear,     after i restore footprints  (application and database )     When i click on  Service Analytics     The following error appears   This page...
    Mohammad Khdour
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  • Copy entire Service Core to test server

    Hello all,   I finally created our test server and would like to emulate exactly how our live server is right now.  The best way I figured out how to do it is to export each workspace individually from the ...
    Steve Marth
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  • Footprints Installation Failed

    hello,   I am trying to install FPSC 11.6.08 onto a new Windows Server 2012 server and when it comes to the DB part, we hit error as below :   The version of Microsoft SQL Server present does not meet this...
    Ting Ting Bong
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  • Error after upgrade to FPSC v11.6.04

    I performed a Footprints Service Core upgrade from v10.0.2 to v11.6.04 on Fedora 20, with MySQL5.5. Upon logging into FP after upgrade, I received Database Error 203 (refer to screenshot below) and was unable to go fu...
    Alex Loh
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  • BMC Footprints 12.1.05 WebServices API throws exception

    I'm unable to make a simple webservice call, the server throws an error saying internal 500 error, I check the server side logs and isn't coming out very clearly what the error is about.   Here is the Soap reque...
    pavan peddada
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  • Footprints web service readily available from out of the box installation

    Hi All,        Do we have any readily available web service wsdl for ticket/incident creation for Footprints 11.6. I checked the documentation and saw that there is some sample code avai...
    Samir Kazi
    created by Samir Kazi
  • Anyone able to get results from getContactAssociatedTickets?

    I'm working on migrating our 11.6 system to 12.1.  I'm nearly done, but am running into a head scratcher with regards to using the SOAP web services.  Using SoapUI to test through all of the available method...
    Josh Piper
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  • BMC FootPrints 11.6-Custom list

    I am using BMC FootPrints 11.6. I need to make custom list and be able to see this list on homepage of workspace. How do i achieve this?
    Andrew Cooper
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