• FP12 - Ability to set permission based on the value of a dropdown field

    On Roadmap
    297 votes
    In version 11, it is possible to configure a field to be mandatory, optional, hidden, or read only per status per user role.  In version 12, it is not possible to make this property change per Status.  It co...
    Bernadeth Raquiza
    last modified by Bernadeth Raquiza
  • Auto refresh widgets and Views in FP12 Consoles

    On Roadmap
    264 votes
    Allow Widgets and Views on Consoles to have an auto-refresh interval.  
    Kathryn Roys
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  • COPY functionality - FP12

    262 votes
    Delivered in 12.1.08   This Idea will only cover items 1 and 10 for now.  Please vote on the other separate Ideas for 2-9.    There are a lot of areas in FP12 which are missing copy functions.&#...
    Nicolas Roome
    last modified by Nicolas Roome
  • Display approvals after approval process - FP12

    On Roadmap
    229 votes
    Currently in 12, the contents of the approval tab disappears after an approval has been completed.  This is a bit confusing because the section header is still there, and even then, post approval process, it woul...
    Nicolas Roome
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  • FPSC 12.1 - Ability to hide the Subscribe column from the default homepage and custom searches

    On Roadmap
    227 votes
    In FPSC 12.1 there is a new Subscribe column to allow users to subscribe to global issues.  If a customer is not using this feature, they have no need to have the Subscribe column on the homepage but there appear...
    Tom McCorkel
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  • @Team - FP12

    213 votes
    Delivered in 12.1.09   I thought this already existed as an idea, or that I had previously created, but cannot find, so sorry if this is a dupe.   Basically, when creating a search, in the 'search for' sec...
    Nicolas Roome
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  • Ability to update multiple tickets at once

    Product Team Review
    208 votes
    Similar to v11 I would like to have quick actions on the homepage, select multiple records and close, send email, delete (admin), assign, etc...
    Bruno Domingues
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  • Calculations with date/datetime fields

    On Roadmap
    191 votes
    Would like to be able to use date or datetime fields when doing calculations.  Some examples would be: calculating the time between 2 fields and putting the result in a 3rd field in minutes, hours or days. Addi...
    Jeffrey Honig
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  • FPv12: List what business rule performs an action in the ticket history

    189 votes
    Delivered in 12.1.08   It does not appear that the name of the business rule shows up in the history of a ticket.  This is very useful info so unless I am missing something I would very much like to see th...
    Linda Kirkpatrick
    last modified by Linda Kirkpatrick
  • To be able to create your own themes

    Product Team Review
    183 votes
    A customer has requested to be able to create his own themes.
    Julien Devienne
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  • FPSC 12 - Ability to change or remove the email marker line from notifications

    Product Team Review
    177 votes
    All email notifications sent from FootPrints include the line "When replying, type your text above this line."  In FootPrints Service Core 11.x and earlier, we were able to change or remove this text using variab...
    Tom McCorkel
    last modified by Tom McCorkel
  • Incoming email html read

    On Roadmap
    178 votes
    Add the reading of incoming emails in html format so the information of tables/hyperlinks...etc.. is not lost.
    Antonio Martorell Ferriol
    last modified by Antonio Martorell Ferriol
  • Version 12- Sorting Record Number should sort numerically on sequence

    Product Team Review
    174 votes
    When on your home tab, if you attempt to sort on Record Number it does an alphabetic sort.  If you have 20 incidents with a prefix of 'INC' the result ends up something like this:   INC-1 INC-10 INC-11 I...
    Nicolas Roome
    last modified by Nicolas Roome
  • Request a supervisor address book field type in FP12 similar to FP11

    On Roadmap
    155 votes
    In Footprints 11.x, there is a "Supervisor" field type in the address book that will convert the LDAP "Manager" attribute distinguished name data into the managers display name. This is the way the name appears in Act...
    Kevin Dort
    last modified by Kevin Dort
  • Auto adding someone upon 1st login when using external authentication (LDAP/Web Server)

    On Roadmap
    146 votes
    When Web Server authentication is used the AutoAdd feature does not add a user upon 1st login. It would be useful having this feature for this authentication method too.
    Alessandro Ghezzi
    last modified by Alessandro Ghezzi
  • Round robin - FP12

    On Roadmap
    141 votes
    FP11 included round robin capabilities on a team level.
    Nicolas Roome
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  • Need a way to increase the maximum items returned per workspace

    128 votes
    Delivered in 20.18.02   At present you can only return 1000 items per workspace.   Need a way to increase this value.
    Paul Tipping
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  • FP12: Save button default option to set for either Save or Save and Close

    127 votes
    As of 12.1.04 this Idea is obsolete as both buttons always show now for easy access.  "Save and Close" has been renamed "Submit".   Currently, you have to click on the drop-down to choose Save and Close. It...
    Bernadeth Raquiza
    last modified by Bernadeth Raquiza
  • v12 Define Print Format (i.e. single-issue report) or Upload HTML Customized by FP Key

    On Roadmap
    126 votes
    In version 11, there is an option to upload single issue report templates that will render different output for the print functionality.  In version 12, printing is always the same format without a choice.  ...
    Kam Akrami
    last modified by Kam Akrami
  • Business Rule criteria: on field change for assignment fields

    Product Team Review
    124 votes
    Would like to see a feature where you can take an action via a business rule based on an assignement field's value changing.   There are is no changed from attribute   For example this rule can't be done ...
    Kam Akrami
    last modified by Kam Akrami