• Session Timeout Error

    We are seeing a strange issue when a login session times out. We get the error below. Has anyone seen this?        It should look like this:
    Max Barton
    created by Max Barton
  • Can you validate an Assignee field with a username and password?

    Is it possible for FootPrints 12 to be able to validate an assignee field with a user's password?  We have a need to satisfy the electronic signature portion of 21 CFR Part 11.  My hope would be that if a us...
    Eric Kurtz
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  • Can I translate the values in a field?

    I' ve created forms in another languages and when I change the language preference, the forms and field change to the selected language, but not the values. I want to translate a list of values in a field. There is a ...
    Aaron Alcaraz
    last modified by Aaron Alcaraz
  • Results of FootPrints 11 license expiring

    Hello. We are curious what the results will be if our FootPrints 11 license expires. I read someone post that we won't be able to sign in, but how would you apply a new license if you cannot sign in? We're presuming t...
    Randall King
    created by Randall King
  • Enhance the Telephony Solution

    1 vote
    Currently the Telephony Solution uses a ticket creation by URL and passes in a telephone number.   In our implementation, one random record associated with the phone number would open.   The default behavi...
    Jeff Kappeler
    last modified by Jeff Kappeler
  • Make FootPrints fully translatable

    4 votes
    While FootPrints is multi-lingual, it's design is not fully translatable, which means that FootPrints excels at being in used in any language, but struggles at using multiple languages at the same time.   In ord...
    Nicolas Roome
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  • Include free BCM Discovery in FootPrints like other BMC mid-market offerings

    2 votes
    BMC currently offers free BCM Discovery licenses to organizations who purchase BMC Track-IT! and BMC Remedyforce receive BMC Client Management licences for discovery for free.   Prior to BMC acquiring Numara Sof...
    Nicolas Roome
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  • Create a version of a Portal, Console, Searches and buttons in another languaje.

    How can I create a version of Portals, Consoles, Searches and buttons in another languaje? Similar like workspace's forms. You can create versions of agent or customers forms in another languaje, then when a customer...
    Aaron Alcaraz
    last modified by Aaron Alcaraz
  • Pre-formatting sorting, column widths, grouping, etc on Saved Searches

    Not Planned
    6 votes
    Very common scenarios:   1) Wanting to make a column - such as 'Title' wider 2) Sorting descending on 'Created On' to see tickets in order with the newest on top 3) etc   This means each user using these...
    Nicolas Roome
    last modified by Nicolas Roome
  • Concurrent license timeout FootPrints 12

    Below Review Threshold
    42 votes
    We really need a way to time out the concurrent licenses without affecting agents with fixed licenses.  I know this was possible in version 11.6 and prior, but why isn't this available for version 12?   Is ...
    John Provost
    last modified by John Provost
  • Knowledge base migration from Footprints 11 to FP12

    Hi All,          Happy holidays and happy new year in advance!!!              Is it possible to migrate the Knowledge b...
    Samir Kazi
    last modified by Samir Kazi
  • DRZNZ-5560 - Is this issue fixed for anyone?

    Hi,   I have upgraded one of my environment to 20.19.02 and according to release notes DRZNZ-5560 is supposed to be fixed in this release.   I am still experiencing this issue. Is it working for anyone? &#...
    Sonia Agarwal
    last modified by Sonia Agarwal
  • How to auto generate sequence number

    Hi, Just checking the Footprints community to see if anyone has come up with a way to auto generate sequence number in a field using custom html.   Using workspace for Change Management and would like keep trac...
    John Landrum
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  • Using the Integer field with a Custom CI

    I created a custom CI (for DISC's), each DISC needs to have a 1-up number (from previous entry). I created an "On-Screen" business rule to 1-up the number field (from the previous entry), but the rule does not execute...
    Kevin May
    last modified by Kevin May
  • FP12.x- FP20.x: Include field dependencies in the workspace configuration report

    Below Review Threshold
    7 votes
    Currently in FP12.x and FP20.x, there are no option to print or export the workspace item dependency settings. Please add this information into the workspace configuration report to make it easier to research and refe...
    Bernadeth Raquiza
    last modified by Bernadeth Raquiza
  • Do not prompt to 'Create Business Process' when loading new license

    Below Review Threshold
    1 vote
    Today, each time you load a new license within FootPrints, the session is re-started, and the 'Create Business Process' prompt is presented. This is unnecessary and confusing to some users.
    Nicolas Roome
    last modified by Nicolas Roome
  • Removed a single-select value

    FootPrints Version Build 45.5   One of our departments changed the list of values in a single select field. Since there isn't an option to rename values, some values had to be dropped and re-added....
    Jack Hawk
    last modified by Jack Hawk
  • Printing Error from any role other than Workspace Administrator

    For the life of me I cannot remember how to fix this issue.  When an agent role tries to print from a workspace they are met with the following error:     However, I can print just fine from with a W...
    Eric Kurtz
    last modified by Eric Kurtz
  • Sort Service Catalog Alphabetically

    Below Review Threshold
    4 votes
    It would be nice to be able to sort the service catalog alphabetically. When new services are added they simply get added to the bottom of the list. This can be confusing to new customers who don't know the service is...
    Tracy Stram
    last modified by Tracy Stram
  • FP12 - Ability to add or remove fonts in the rich text field tools

    Below Review Threshold
    3 votes
    At present we have a fixed and limited amount of available fonts in rich text field editor.     It could be interesting, particularly for languages using double byte characters (Chinese, Russian, Arabic, ...
    Romuald Bois
    last modified by Romuald Bois