• How to auto generate sequence number

    Hi, Just checking the Footprints community to see if anyone has come up with a way to auto generate sequence number in a field using custom html.   Using workspace for Change Management and would like keep trac...
    John Landrum
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  • Create a CI Link via an escalation

    Not Planned
    19 votes
    The ability to link a CI to an issue via an escalation. If the criteria set in an escalation meets the value/s set on the issue, an escalation will be triggered to create a CI link.
    Bernadeth Raquiza
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  • Ability to send message via Escalation to Contact Supervisor

    Below Review Threshold
    20 votes
    Once a supervisor field is added for Contacts (via John Ossman''s "Using a Supervisor field in FootPrints Service Core"), there currently is not a way to send a message to the Supervisor of the Contact via an Escalati...
    Kristie Bishop
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  • 11.6.11

    My organization is considering upgrading to version 11.6.11.  I am curious if others in the community have upgraded and if their experience has been positive or negative.
    Patrick Chaney
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  • Hide or Show tabs on a form in Footprints 11

    Hello!   Let's say I have a Form called "Example Form", and this form as the tabs "Common", "Contact", "Example". How would I go about hiding and showing the tabs using JS or some other functionality? Excuse m...
    Naseem Benjelloun
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  • Duplicate ticket created via email (FP11.6)

    Deal All,   We have noticed that email create 2 tickets when email send to system
    Mahmoud Salaymeh
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  • Merge of multiple tickets

    Product Team Review
    11 votes
    This is something I have been requesting via development for many years now (8-10 years!)   When clients send in new emails that should really be replies to ticket emails footprints creates a new ticket, the onl...
    John Crozier
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  • Footprints 11.x - Turn Paperclip into clickable link to the attachment

    1 vote
    Some of my users requested this; the ability to turn the paperclip that shows on the  homepage into a clickable link that automatically downloads the attachments. I'm not sure how feasible it would be (especially...
    Leslie Sowell
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  • Schedule Auto Run Reports sending after delete the search and Schedule a report Action Footprints 11

    Schedule saved reports to be emailed automatically    
    Mahmoud Salaymeh
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  • FootPrints 11.6.10 - Can you quickly link Knowledge Base solutions?

    I am currently revamping my company's Knowledge Base and would like to emphasis the linking function between tickets and Knowledge Base articles. Right now we have to select the "Search Knowledge Base" button from the...
    Andrew Esters
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  • Fp11.6.x and/or FP12.x/20.x and Azure SQL

    Has anyone used Azure SQL with any of the FootPrints flavours?
    Mike Jones
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  • Footprints 11.6.4 CMDB - I have some particular Statuses which will not save when I create or edit Roles.

    I have checked the Status setup and they seem to be fine. This started a while back between one day and the next. Any idea what I need to do or where I should look first? Pre-Save: Post Save
    David Hoyt
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  • 11.6.x CC field stopped working

    We are currently on 11.6.9 - several months ago our CC field stopped working. Per BMC the only way to fix this was to upgrade to 11.6.10 - we were unable to upgrade due to a multitude of issues with the 11.6.10 instal...
    Leslie Sowell
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  • ENH, To have the ability to process embedded images within description field

    Product Team Review
    52 votes
    FP11.6.X, FP12.X   Resquesting ability to have embedded images processed as html when processing entering emails.   At this point, all embedded images are put in attachments, probably dued to plain text pr...
    Romuald Bois
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  • Dynamic SQL Mapping Disappears On Creation

    Hi there,   We've been having some trouble with our Dynamic SQL Mappings ever since the password for the account used to access the database was changed. As part of my troubleshooting I deleted one of the mappin...
    Damon Stennett
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  • Integration with Zabbix for Incident Management

    We are planning to integrate Zabbix with Footprints service core for the incident management. Any of us have tried this before or any suggested solutions?. Any help would be appreciated!!
    Vishwanathan Rangaswamy
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  • Integrating CTI (Avaya) and BMC FootPrints 11.x

    Hello: I'm curious if anyone has integrated Avaya and FootPrints 11.x   Here is the documentation:  Footprints Service Core 11.x - How do I integrate Telephony    Any comments/advice is appre...
    Patrick Chaney
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  • Required Fields not displaying in Customer RW role

    I have modified permissions on numerous fields within a long operating workspace. The modifications are just changing the perms on the existing fields to "required" for all status in the Customer RW role.   Some...
    Patrick Carney
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  • Add agent AND their team when assigned via "Taking"

    Not Planned
    10 votes
    Would like the ability to add agent AND their team when assigned via "Taking" option
    Paul Tipping
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  • Hide "Search Knowledge Base" button

    Product Team Review
    58 votes
    Would like the ability to hide the "Search Knowledge Base" button in the Description section of forms.
    Jeffrey Honig
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