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FootPrints 2018 Release 3 requires that administrators manually upgrade Tomcat to version 8.5  If the Tomcat service is not started immediately after installation, the Catalina/localhost folder will not be created under the /conf folder. The absence of the said folder would lead to the failure of the FootPrints upgrade/install.



The issue “unable to find the Catalina/localhost folder” in Tomcat 8.5 will be addressed in 20.19.01. If user(s) want to upgrade prior to the 20.19.01, then check for the type of install and proceed with appropriate steps.


The steps for the resolution would be based on if the user(s) have attempted the 20.18.03 install or yet to install.


If Tomcat 8.5 has not yet been installed

  1. Install Tomcat 8.5 and follow the instructions for the same
  2. At the end of the setup, user(s) can perform the following
    1. Do select the “Run Apache Tomcat” option
    2. If the above option was not selected for configuration changes, continue with next steps
  3. Make necessary configuration changes for Java, memory, etc. and start it once to ensure that the values are indeed correct
  4. User(s) can stop the Tomcat server prior to the FP installation


This action would ensure that the /Catalina/localhost folder is created and the installer would function just like any other update.


Attempted install and encountered error

There could be chances that user(s) may have attempted to install and encountered error during the process. This can be corrected based on the install type:


New Installation

If you have attempted the new install and encountered the error, simplest way is to clean up the server for any partially installed application files, database, etc., follow the steps mentioned for the Tomcat 8.5 installation above and start the FootPrints installation again.


Upgrade installation

If users have attempted the upgrade and it failed, the subsequent attempts would fail, since the installer attempts to “move” the footprints#servicedesk.xml (or footprints.xml, depending on the name you had given) file. Due to the initial failure, this file will not be available in subsequent attempts. In this scenario, please follow the steps to install Tomcat 8.5 and copy the sample footprints#servicedesk.xml file, with modifications to suit the current setup (installed location, application name, etc)


Note: Since the current action of the installer is to “move” the existing “footprints#servicedesk.xml” file, it’s good to take a backup of the same prior to start the FootPrints 2018 Release 3 upgrade.


If you still face issues during the install, do contact BMC support for further assistance.

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