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4 Posts authored by: Lorna Russell
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Lately, we’ve been reviewing and updating the most frequently accessed topics on the product wiki (see list below). We want to ensure that the updated content is as helpful as it can be, so we would love it if you would take a moment to check out the updated content and give us feedback in the comments to this blog. You can also provide feedback on topics that weren’t updated.


Once we’ve received comments, our next steps are to address your feedback by implementing more content improvements. So, please help by providing specific and clear requests. We can’t act on generalized comments. Helpful details include the name of the topic(s) and a few words describing how the topic can be improved.


  • Are there other topics you’ve used that you’d like to see revised?
  • Is there anything about the content of structure that doesn’t make sense?
  • Are the new pictures helpful?
  • Thinking to when you first implemented FootPrints v12, what were your main questions? Do you think this documentation would have helped?


Thanks in advance for your help,

The FootPrints Service Core Team


Recently updated topics:


Page Views last Quarter

Installing BMC FPSC




Self Help Tools: PDFs and Videos


Configuring system wide settings


Using FootPrints with an Agent role


Getting started quickly for Administrators


Installing BMC FootPrints Service Core


Configuring Web Services


Configuring Workspaces


Configuring System Authentication


Configuring Incoming Email for Workspaces


Creating approval processes


Configuring Reports


Importing Users


Running Reports


Configuring Fields


Configuring Forms


Configuring Incoming Email for your System


Upgrading BMC FPSC version 12+ to a newer version


Downloading the installation files


FPSC 121 Key Concepts


FPSC121 Planning


FPSC121 Selecting triggers for business rules


Configuring workflow processes


Performing the migration


Configuring user roles


Configuring service portfolios


Configuring with out of the box templates




Configuring the interface


Using Advanced Search and Saving Searches


Using FootPrints with a Customer role


Processing of Business Rules having After Save Trigger


Configuring email templates


Configuring relationships


Configuring address books


Configuring an address book for LDAP


Configuring items


voting on approval requests by email


Configuring the system server


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Hello from the BMC FootPrints Team!

I hope you are all having a great new year. Our team often gets questions about upgrades, self-help tools and product webinars. So, we decided to put together this little cheat sheet so you had the information at your fingertips.


Upgrade Now to FootPrints

BMC FootPrints Service Core is available for download. This hotfix includes improvements for business rules, email, issue edit, migration and portals/consoles. The FootPrints team encourages you to stay current on the latest release in order to benefit from the improvements. Please review the product release notes and notices to learn which issues were corrected in version


Proactive Notifications about FootPrints Service Core releases

Do you want to be automatically informed when a new release comes out? Here are examples of which method to use for notifications on releases:

  • For major or minor releases, for example 12.0 (major) and 12.1 (minor) – Turn on proactive notifications via
  • For service packs and hotfixes, for example 12.1.1 (service pack) and (hot fix) – Turn on a “Watch” on wiki docs via


  1. If you only want to be notified of major and minor releases, such as 12.0 (Major) and 12.1 (Minor)


  1. To be notified of all releases, including service packs and hot fixes such as 12.1.1 (Service Pack) or (Hot fix), Watch the Release notes and notices page + any specific topics that interest you.


To Watch a page:

  1. Go to the page you want to follow (like Release notes and notices )
  2. Login
  3. Click the gear icon (Tools) in the navbar near the top of the screen
  4. Click Watch
  5. Accept the default to Watch this page.
    Note: You can select to watch all of the content in the space, but this is not recommended because it will fill your inbox because minor changes are made frequently.

BMC FootPrints 12 Self-Help Tools

Did you know that FootPrints has self-help tools and BMC Academy classes (online and in-person) that you can leverage to learn or train others on FootPrints v12? Make your FootPrints v12 rollout more successful by using these quick links to the most important resources:

Connect with FootPrints Webinar Series

Please join our Support team for the launch of an exciting new webinar series "Connect with FootPrints." The first webinar will begin on Wednesday, February 3rd, at 11 a.m. Eastern time. Register here. The password for registration is “bmc”


This monthly live event will cover a variety of topics specific to the FootPrints product and customer experience, allowing us to better serve our customers and their needs.


At the inaugural webinar, we are thrilled to explore the Support Central Customer Portal and the ways you, as our customers, can take advantage of this portal to suit your changing and growing support needs, from the new Support Portal to Electronic Software Delivery, Online Documentation, the BMC Communities and more.

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Learn more about BMC FootPrints Service Core and Network with other FootPrints users!






More info/Registration

September 12, 2017Flycast Partners FootPrints/Client Management User GroupChicago, ILFootPrints Roadshow Chicago 2017
September 13, 2017Flycast Partners FootPrints/Client Management User GroupBoston, MAFootPrints Roadshow Boston 2017
September 14, 2017Flycast Partners FootPrints/Client Management User GroupDenver, COFootPrints Roadshow Denver 2017
October 5, 2017Flycast Partners FootPrints/Client Management User GroupToronto, OntarioFootPrints Roadshow Toronto 2017
November 6, 2017T3: Service Management & Automation ConferenceLas Vegas, NVT3: Service Management & Automation Conference - November 06 - 10, 2017 - Las Vegas, Nevada
November 14, 2017Flycast Partners FootPrints/Client Management User GroupPhoenix, AZFootPrints Roadshow Phoenix 2017
November 15, 2017Flycast Partners FootPrints/Client Management User GroupNashville, TNFootPrints Roadshow Nashville 2017
November 16, 2017Flycast Partners FootPrints/Client Management User GroupHouston, TXFootPrints Roadshow Houston 2017
November 21, 2017Flycast Partners FootPrints/Client Management User GroupOrlando, FLFootPrints Roadshow Orlando 2017
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BMC FootPrints and BMC Client Management customers will gain tremendous value at this year’s global user conference, September 8-11, 2015 in Las Vegas, NV. If you haven’t registered, do it now while you can take advantage of an Early Bird rate! If you register before the end of July, you can secure the Early Bird rate for a full conference pass of $1,145 – a saving of $200 off the regular rate.

Reasons to Attend

BMC Engage is a highly productive week where you will receive the equivalent of multiple hands-on training courses and education sessions that would normally require separate travel costs and time away from the office. You will be able to evaluate many new products and services from a range of vendors, all in one place. There will also be many opportunities to get advice and guidance from BMC product experts and industry thought leaders. This is also a terrific networking event. Last year many companies made peer connections during sessions and labs. Check out the sample agenda below to see the list of labs, sessions and activities available to you!

Sample BMC FootPrints and BMC Client Manager Agenda:

More details on any of the following events can be found on the Events Page or the Sessions Page. Need help justifying the trip? You can use this sample agenda to build your case or one of the tools on the Engage site.


This example agenda was crafted for someone primarily interested in BMC FootPrints or BCM Client Management. However, you might own other BMC products or want to explore what is new with BMC too! To build your custom agenda, use BMC’s highly customizable Events Calendar on the Engage Website.

Every Day


Meet Product Management and/or Development

The entire Product Management team and members of R&D will be attending and we’d love to talk to you! Contact your account representative or click the link above to email to arrange a meeting with us.

Visit the Solutions Showcase

Experience the newest and most innovative products, technologies and services from leading IT companies.

BMC Services Genius’s Lab - Free one hour, one-on-one consulting available from BMC Global Services on the show floor.  Schedule now by emailing

BMC Customer Hub - Meet and learn more about Customer Connect and the BMC Beta Program. Find out how to further your involvement with BMC by becoming a customer reference or a member of our beta program.

Lunchtime Table Talks / Birds of a Feather - The Solutions Showcase will also host the Lunchtime table talks on Wednesday, Sept. 9 and Thursday, Sept. 10, where attendees can discuss technology challenges as well as socialize with colleagues about specific topics.



Register and be sure to attend the Welcome Reception!


BMC FootPrints/BMC Client Management breakfast meet and greet.

The BMC FootPrints and BMC Client Management product management and R&D teams will be available to chat about topics near and dear to your heart. Stay tuned to communities and follow @BMC_FootPrints on Twitter for information on the location of this fun event.

General Session Keynotes

BMC Executives will share their insights on IT Management and trends that are driving the future of the industry. Nicholas Negroponte, Co-Founder of MIT Media Labs and Wired Magazine will talk about the future revolutionary movements in the technology market space. Don’t miss these sessions, they are usually highly entertaining and include important information about industry trends.

The Evolution of IT Toward Digital Services Management

Jason Frye, @fryfrye, our resident IT Service Support visionary, will explore the framework and rise of Digital Service Management (DSM) as the next evolutionary step in the development of the IT Service market. He will explain how you can benefit by implementing a DSM operating model. (I bet you are already thinking through how to support your customers who are demanding more and more digital services!)

Women in Technology Networking Event

The Women in Technology networking event offers the opportunity to network with a global community of talented professional women from many different organizations and receive insight from featured speakers who are key contributors to IT innovation. Participation is open to all BMC Engage 2015 attendees.

Pub Crawl

Hosted on Wednesday, September 9, from 5:00 p.m. – 6:30 p.m., the Pub Crawl will showcase local microbreweries as well as wine and appetizers in a social atmosphere where attendees can network further with BMC experts and sponsors.

Evening with Engineers

Evening with Engineers offers rapid-fire discussions with top engineers and product experts in an interactive environment, enabling attendees to get fully involved in the topics. High energy, tech humor, and lively debates define the event.



Session ID

Session Name






SUBWAY Supports More than 40,000 Stores Using BMC FootPrints Service Core and BMC Client Management

Jim Caterbone, Subway Restaurants HQ


IT Service Support

Thu, Sep 10 9:00 am

Learning Lab 19

Lab: Leveraging BMC Client Management to Install and Manage Software

Joel Jacks, BMC Software


IT Service Support

Thu, Sep 10 10:30 am


BMC Remedyforce, BMC FootPrints and BMC Remedy: Moving from Survivors to Thrivers

Nancy Donnelly, RightStar

Dick Stark, RightStar


IT Service Support

Thu, Sep 10 11:30 am

Learning Lab 20

Lab: Using BMC FootPrints Service Core’s Drag-and-Drop Workflow Design

Joel Jacks, BMC Software


IT Service Support

Thu, Sep 10 11:30 am


Creating, Defining, and Running BMC Client Management Reports

Joel Jacks, BMC Software


IT Service Support

Thu, Sep 10 1:30 pm


The BMC Jam at Brooklyn Bowl Las Vegas

Finish your day or learning on Thursday with some fun from 7 – 10 p.m.! This year The BMC Jam is at Brooklyn Bowl Las Vegas. With 32 Brunswick bowling lanes, guests can enjoy a challenging game or relax on large leather Chesterfield sofas in the bowler’s lounge, while noshing on tasty bites and luscious libations. Shuttle bus service will be provided to and from the ARIA®.


Session ID

Session Name






BMC FootPrints Service Core 11 to 12: A Transitional Guide

Serena Lambiase, BMC Software

David Pinkowitz, BMC Software


IT Service Support

Fri, Sep 11 9:00 am


Tips & Tricks for Navigating BMC FootPrints Service Core

Don Cholish, BMC Software


IT Service Support

Fri, Sep 11 10:30 am


BMC FootPrints Service Core 12: How to Get the Most out of Record Lifecycle Reporting in Service Analytics

Rob Davis, BMC Software

Ursula Strahm, BMC Software


IT Service Support

Fri, Sep 11 11:30 am


Roadmap: BMC FootPrints Service Core and BMC Client Management

Zane Bond, BMC Software

Lorna Russell, BMC Software


IT Service Support

Fri, Sep 11 12:30 pm


Best Practices for LDAP Synchronization with IT Service Management People Data

Scott Buntin, Effective Technologies Inc


IT Service Support

Fri, Sep 11 12:30 pm

Learning Lab 41

LAB: Advanced Service Level Management Using BMC Footprints Service Core V12

Christopher Bradfield, BMC Software


IT Service Support

Fri, Sep 11 12:30 pm


Staying In Touch during Engage

Follow @BMC_FootPrints on Twitter to keep up with any BMC FootPrints or BMC Client Management related schedule changes or to just stay in touch with Product Management and Development during the show! During the event, there will be an Engage mobile app that will also help you plan your day and stay in touch with other attendees!


See you there!


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