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It’s official; through the erstwhile and ongoing rotational efforts of the Earth, our Summer 2012 is pretty much over!  When you think of it, we’ve had much to endure this year, from a sluggish economy, to doomsday predictions that haven’t come true -- and we’re not out of the woods -- yet (Cue every Mayan nodding solemnly). 


Whether we were being introduced to the macabre dangers of Bath Salts or to the soothing tones of Gangnam style, these last few months haven't always been pretty.  And now, with the onset of Fall, even our own Earth is getting into the transformation act (Et tu, Terra?).  The leaves on the trees are beginning to turn red and gold, before drifting off to decay.  The trees themselves have begun shedding their green, leafy garb, revealing sprawling, knotted branches, jutting out at impossible upward angles.  Pleasant warm Summer nights have given way to crisp, cool Autumn evenings, as pumpkin-faces dot the nighttime landscape while the scent of herbal teas waft in the air.  Yet, despite all that, there actaully is a bright side to the melancholy changing of the seasons, another Summers end means another release of our BMC FootPrints line of Service Management software is here!


It was just a few months ago that we announced version 11.1.  Between then and now we’ve been hard at work preparing for our next product launch and lately I’ve come to think of launching a product as somewhat akin to producing a movie.  And just like Summer Hollywood Blockbuster movies (ok maybe not just like the movies) some launches are transformational and unique; while some are extensions of an earlier work, more like sequels; and some are complete reboots bearing little resemblance to the original work. 


This summer it felt to me like Hollywood was running low on original ideas and instead relied heavily on the sequel/reboot formula (No, I’m not talking about restarting your SQL server, person who just started reading this blog from the middle).  For instance, we were again made Expendable, by Men in Black, on our way to Madagascar for another Ice Age, and that’s all I can Totally Recall right now before I get Taken again and need Liam Neeson to come save me (something he does exceptionally well). 


When it comes to the Hollywood sequel/reboot formula I’m sure there is no shortage of other examples of movies you can think of where you can easily imagine the producers shouting into their bluetooth headsets to their associates  “Let’s just give these same actors a new script, film in a different location, then fix the rest in post-production”.



Ideally I don’t think that’s the way movies are supposed to be made, and to extend the metaphor to software  production, I don’t think you can just change some colors, slap on a new logo, and then get to prop your feet up on your desk and say “Ship it!” and still have a release that you can be proud of.  Thankfully, we spent the last few months NOT going the Hollywood route.  In many ways the product that we’re launching today is an original, but it also has the aspects of a good sequel, and yes, even some aspects of a reboot. I’m proud to announce BMC FootPrints Service Core 11.5.


What makes this release an original is the deeper integration with BMC FootPrints Asset Core over the financial side of your IT assets, where you can easily automate decision-making along the lines of an asset’s financial value to the business.  Also, like any good sequel, this release picks up where prior efforts have left off.  FootPrints Service Core introduced Social Media capabilities in 11.1 that are expanded in 11.5 allowing you to monitor and have control over what is being said on Twitter.  FootPrints 9.0 introduced the ability to filter your Knowledge Base searches with information form the issue you’re working on, and in 11.5 we’re using those filter fields to enable the ability to automatically suggest a solution from the Knowledge Base to a person engaged in creating an issue.  And finally, now that FootPrints Service Core is part of the BMC family, we have a new logo, and we’ve rebooted the user interface, in particular in the Service Catalog and CMBD visualization, but no, that’s not all we did, promise! 


Enough of the sneak previews and coming attractions.  There’s a lot more to learn about FootPrints 11.5. and you don't even need to walk on spilled popcorn or silence your mobile phones.  If you’re an existing BMC FootPrints customer, click here to upgrade to BMC FootPrints 11.5 today.  If you have any opinions on the release (or have any good Summer/Fall movie recommendations for our fellow blog readers) please leave a comment below.

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Hello, BMC FootPrints Community members.


I am excited to invite you to the beta of a new feature we are trying on BMC Communities: The Idea module.


Our Idea module is a test pilot of what could ultimately be permanently added to the main FootPrints, Track-It!, and Remedy areas of BMC communities in order to capture and tally user feedback for feature requests for our products. Starting today, the Idea module will be available in the FootPrints section of the community. I would like to invite you to come visit the site, add your ideas, vote on ideas submitted by other users, and post discussions about what you like and do not like about the Idea module.


I hope you have a few minutes to check it out and participate as your feedback is a valuable part of the feedback we will use in determining whether or not to move forward with this module in the main communities.


Below are a few links about the Idea module as well as a direct link to the FootPrints Idea Page.


Overview of the Idea module:


Idea Best Practices:


FootPrints Idea Page


Hope to see you out there!



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Summer days are here again!  And so is another update to our BMC FootPrints line of Service Management software.  We’re proud to introduce BMC FootPrints 11.1


What makes Summer special is the opportunity for getting out from behind an Inbox and going out and mingling with the rest of the world. What makes this release special is that for the first time we’ve made is possible for Social Media savvy administrators, like you, to communicate important status updates and messages to your social media savvy user community through the channels they likely spend most of their time on; Facebook and Twitter.  So when they’re not in front of an inbox or computer, you can stay in touch with your audience and keep them up to speed on IT and Business services.


Whether it’s the unexpected crisis-of-the-week, or simply a case of carefully scheduled downtime, now you can take the conversation where conversations are happening in the first place, and communicate information about outages and events before the the IT Service Desk starts ringing off the hook.  Because despite all the well-intentioned emails you sent warning people that they’d have to work without access to some critical service for a time, some folks didn’t get the message and are expecting an explanation.


BMC FootPrints 11.1 lets you communicate to Twitter feeds and Facebook walls as easily as triggering an Issue notification email.  But instead of notifying your customers one at a time, notify them all at once.  Summer time is a social time.  So plug yourself in and communicate status updates  updates in real time over the Social Media channels your audience uses with BMC FootPrints 11.1


If you’re an existing BMC FootPrints customer, CLICK HERE to upgrade to BMC FootPrints 11.1 today.

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