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15 Posts authored by: Don Cholish
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I'd like to formally announce the release of FootPrints 12.1.08 with the recent release of patch


As we continue on with our quarterly release cycle, I am pleased to see this release deliver some key user experience enhancements.  This will benefit both administrators as well as day to day users like agents and customers.  Agents and customers will now be able to copy images from the clipboard into a ticket which will save them significant time when trying to visual communicate a problem or solution.  Agents and administrators will both benefit from seeing the name of the rule that made a change to their tickets when viewing the ticket history.  This will help both with troubleshooting as well as understanding the flow of the business rules.  Those tasked with having to create multiple, similar searches will save significant time by making use of the ability to copy existing searches.  Copy is also now available for Quick Templates to save administrators time as well.  These last 2 are part of the most highly requested Idea on the public community regarding copy.  See the full release notes here.  The quickest way to get to the download is by clicking here.


Happy FootPrintsing!

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I'd like to officially announce the release of FootPrints 11.6.10 with our recent release of  It has been almost 2 years since the release of 11.6.09 so and a lot has been done in that time.  Since we are in maintenance mode with the version 11 platform the main focus was making sure our 3rd party platform support was up to date which also helped with our goal to protect our customers by limiting newer security threats.  We were also able to fix some high priority defects as well some customers have been experiencing.  I have highlighted the major changes for 11.6.10 below.   Full details of what is included in this release can be found in the release notes here.  The quickest link to get the download is here.  Happy FootPrintsing!


What’s New

FootPrints 11.6.10 is the tenth service pack for the 11.6 version primarily focused on defect corrections. Before you upgrade, note the following key changes in version 11.6.10:

  • Updated version of Perl and related libraries: This release uses and includes the BMC compiled Perl version 5.24.1 coming from ActiveState Perl 5.10.0 in previous versions. This provides the security enhancements that are a part of a newer version of Perl.
  • Updated version of server side JAVA and Tomcat for Windows installs: This release includes an upgraded Java version 8u112 and Tomcat version 8.5.8 for better security and stability for the Executive Dashboard and all reporting charts and graphs.
  • Search and Report configuration now stored in the database: Previously all search and report configuration were stored in text files and the upgrade moved all that information to database tables. This release provides an enhanced stability, better management, and better performance for searching and reporting.
  • Windows 2016 support: This release provides an official support for the Windows 2016 platform for the FootPrints server.
  • Various performance and security improvements
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The conference is only a week and a half away.


Join us at the T3 Service Management and Automation Conference November 6-10 in Las Vegas to learn about these things and many other great topics.


Here is a list of the FootPrints sessions that you might be interested in: 




FootPrints: Creative Business Process Solutions

Rocky Fly, O'Reilly Auto Parts

FootPrints: Getting Started with Version 12

Greg Gielda, Flycast Partners

How to Get the Most out of FootPrints V12 Service Analytics

Kam Akrami, Rightstar

FootPrints SLA: The Art of the Deal

Kam Akrami, Rightstar

FootPrints Configuration Management: A Fool with a Tool is Still a Fool

Greg Gielda, Flycast Partners

What's Coming on the BMC Client Management and FootPrints Roadmap?

Don Cholish, BMC

What's Coming on the BMC Client Management and
FootPrints Roadmaps?

Serena Lambiase and Don Cholish, BMC


Also, since many FootPrints customers also own BCM, we made sure there was no overlap of session times.  Make sure to also check out these BCM sessions.




What's New in BMC Client Management 12.6?

Serena Lambiase, BMC

Getting More our of your BMC Client Management

Steve Gibbs , Rightstar

Integrations that Add Value to your BMC Client Management Investment

Kyle Hamilton , Flycast Partners

Simplify, Elevate and Automate with RemedyForce
Agent Discovery and Client Management

John Fulton , BMC

How BMC Client Management can Protect You From

Aaron Sebastian, BMC

How BMC Client Management can Help One to Prepare for an Audit

Kyle Hamilton, Flycast Partners

Client Management Focus Group

Serena Lambiase, BMC


You can check out other topics here:


We hope to see you there!

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We'd like to announce that the latest version of FootPrints, 12.1.05, is now fully available for download.  Please feel free to review the release notes by clicking here.  In addition to defect correction, this release addresses Ideas submitted by Alessandro Ghezzi and Paul Tipping. You can download by clicking here.  This is our 3rd consecutive release sticking to our quarterly release cycle so expect more of the same for the remainder of 2017.

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I have some good news.  There has been an issue going on for a while now where the Ideas automation system was misbehaving and setting some Ideas to "Not Planned" prematurely.  I finally got this corrected this week.   As a result, you will likely see all Ideas created since July set as New as they weren't recognized by the automation tool previously.


I'd also like to announce some changes to the thresholds themselves.  Previously Ideas that were at least 180 days old and in the bottom 50% were automatically set to "Not Planned"  I have significantly reduced this to the bottom 10%.   I think we can all agree if an Idea can't climb out of the bottom 10% after 6 months, it is not a high priority.  I think this will reduce the number of times people feel an Idea is archived too soon.


Lastly, all delivered Ideas will now always remain view able so we are not hiding our accomplishments.


I hope these changes make for a better Ideas automation experience.

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We'd like to announce that the latest version of FootPrints,, is now fully available for download.  Please feel free to review the release notes by clicking here.   This release introduces some user experience improvements that should help your agents productivity.  This release addresses Ideas submitted by Bernadeth Raquiza, Jean AD, Paul Tipping, and Cristy Castano.  Thanks for all the great feedback.  Look forward to a more rapid release cycle in 2017 that focusing on delivering value quickly to everyone.

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The latest patch release for service pack 12.1.03 is now available for download.  You can get access through BMC support central.  Here is a video for those who are not familiar with how to download from the BMC site.  Make sure to look at the patch tab.  Support Central - EPD and Product Downloads


This release has a fix for 1 defect which is discussed in detail here: Dependency issue after patch?

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In early August we released 12.1.03 on a limited basis to try to get some early feedback.  As a result of that feedback, we now have patch available for everyone.  Here are 5 reasons you will love this release:


  1. Over 100 customer reported defects fixed - As with all service pack releases stability is supposed to be the main focus, and the 3rd service pack or our 12.1 release is no different.  This is our most comprehensive service pack to date and should really help you move forward with your daily usage of the product.
  2. Already vetted by other customers - Due to the release initially only being available to a limited customer base, there was a focus on testing it in real world production scenarios before releasing to the masses.  Several customers have been in production with it for multiple weeks.
  3. Version 11 parity enhancements - For those of you hesitant to look at version 12 until it caught up to the version 11 platform in certain areas, now may be the time for another look.  If you need to attach files to CIs and Services, see a history of all changes to your CIs, allow customers to initiate a Dynamic SQL lookup, or various other improvements, this release took a step forward in that area.  See all the enhancements here.
  4. SQL 2014 support - Although the product always worked on this platform, you can rest easy knowing BMC QA took it through an official testing cycle.
  5. Targeted performance enhancements - If you make use of the service level management feature, or have a lot of time based rules, you should see significant performance benefits in these areas post upgrade.


Make sure to review the release notes here and go to the BMC EPD(Electronic Product Downloads) Site to get the release.  For those that are new to the site, here is a video on how to navigate it.  Make sure to choose the "Patches" tab to get the latest  Happy FootPrintsing!

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It's that time of year again.  Last Fall BMC and Flycast partners engaged in an extensive road show across North America.  This year we're back at it again.  We'll be visiting Boston, Philadelphia, Seattle, Costa Mesa, Austin, Atlanta, and Toronto.  Check out the events post for all the details.  Product experts from both BMC and Flycast will be there as well as many of your local peers.  Come get your questions answered and network and learn from each other.  We'll see you there!

FootPrints at Engage

Posted by Don Cholish Jul 13, 2016
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As you may or may not have noticed, the Engage agenda has been updated to include a new track including a multitude of new FootPrints and Client Management sessions.  The total number will be twice as much content as last year.  Here is the full agenda:  Wednesday and Thursday mornings are the keynotes, but Wednesday and Thursday afternoons along with Friday are jam packed with FootPrints and BCM content.  Make sure to come early and stay late.  I'm sure we won;t have to twist your arm to stay in Vegas longer.  I look forward to seeing everyone there.  Registration is here: BMC Engage 2016 - Confirm Identity

Engage 2016

Posted by Don Cholish Apr 20, 2016
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As many of you probably saw, BMC announced an update on the Engage 2016 agenda.  I am happy to follow up on that announcement by announcing FootPrints will have its own track this year outside of the regular BMC agenda.  We anticipate a mix of customer, partner, and BMC led sessions, with some time to also participate in some of the general sessions.  I think this focused approach for FootPrints will give everyone the best experience.   If you are considering attending, please feel free to post ideas about session content as a comment here.  It could either be a suggestion for something you want someone else to deliver or something you would like to deliver.   We would all prefer the latter.   Sorry for the short notice, but the early bird special ends at the end of this month.  It will go from $800 to over $1100 so it is a significant difference.  Hopefully knowing there will be a focus on FootPrints by the FootPrints team will help you make your case to go.  Looking forward to your feedback.

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The release is now available for download.  This hotfix addresses 7 defects.  You can get access and review the release notes from here or go to the BMC EDP.


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There are over 60 defect corrections in this service pack.  You can review the release notes and get access here:


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The release is now available for download.  This hotfix addresses 7 defects.  You can get access and review the release notes from here or go to the BMC EDP.

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Version 12.1.01 is available now.  Whether you’re already in production with version 12 or a novice, take some time to get it installed and give us your feedback.  This release was highly developed based on customer feedback and future versions could only get better once we hear from you.  Don’t be left out.

As you read through the 7 reasons you’ll love the summer release, think about how these will benefit you and your organization.    Here are some of the great things you’ll see in our next release.

1. Extensive User Acceptance Testing

Version 12.1.01 is the 1st service pack of the 12.1 minor release that introduced the migration tools to get from the 11.6 platform to the 12 platform. As with most service packs, the main focus was on defect fixes and performance improvements, but there are also some interesting capabilities I will get into later. 

In an unprecedented move, BMC actually hired partner and service consultants for a week at a time to test typical week long engagement scenarios. They used their knowledge of past engagements and implemented the same requirements their customers had given them previously.  Here are some samples of what they had to say.  “I didn’t run into any showstoppers.”  “I’m very impressed with this version, and very happy with the results.”

2. Performance

Even without a major effort in this area, development was able to make a few key modifications in selected areas to boost performance.  The results surprised even us as some general defect corrections lead to an overall snappier user experience, especially on the administration side.  Once again, I think the quotes from our implementation specialists who got an early preview tell the story best.  “Pretty amazing, performance is significantly faster.”  “Seems to be performing much better.”  “Navigation and publishing seems to be better in general.”

3. Customer Sign Up

User Management is always a chore no administrator looks forward to. It becomes increasingly more difficult if you are dealing with external customer support or work in an organization with a lot of turnover like a university.  With the customer sign up feature, you can now allow users to create their own accounts as they need to use the system and eliminate that user management headache.  Along with the introduction of the LDAP user import in 12.1.00, you can now handle both internal and external customer account creation with ease.

4. Portal Access

Early adopters to the version 12 platform fell in love with the ability to create unlimited, flexible portals.  You could easily tailor the look, feel, and even the content based on the persona of the user whether that be a customer, service desk agent, manager, or administrator.  It soon became apparent that people loved this so much, they were creating even more specific portals tailored to specific groups of people like their various customer groups.  Limiting who had access to each of the portals became a must.  It’s great that the administrator now has the ability at the system role level to determine who can navigate to which portal.

5. Java 8 support

Making sure your systems are the most secure they can be could be an overwhelming job sometimes.  Throw in the word Java in the light of recent events and people begin to panic. Everyone wants to be on the latest release and we at BMC agree.  Rest easy now that your Footprints server could utilize the latest, most secure version of Java to power the application.

6. Optimization of seeing records linked to other records

With FootPrints being so flexible, you can track a lot of different things and how they relate and interact with one another.   If you’re looking at an Incident, sometimes you want to know what Problem record it is linked to.  Sometimes you want to see what Change Request caused the Incident.  You obviously need to know what Contact and CI is linked to it.  How about what Service is affected.  Are there any tasks related?  Different audiences want to see different things at different times and they may not even apply all the time.  Unfortunately, in the past you had to have a different grid on your Incident form for each of those possible scenarios.

Now you can have as many or as few grids on your form as you want.  All the previously mentioned scenarios could be consolidating into 1 grid with the ability to sort, filter, or group by various linked record properties.  This not only makes for a better user experience, but also reduces the time it takes to load your Incident form.  After upgrade, simply edit your form and consolidate your link controls to take advantage of this enhancement.

7. User Experience Enhancements

We listened to your suggestions! There are several minor tweaks to how people interact with the UI that will make both the Agent and Administrator smile.  Agents will enjoy the speed and simplicity to getting their day to day jobs done from searching, to creating, viewing and editing Tickets.  They will now be able to search for numbers in fields from past tickets for those common error codes and serial numbers that come up often. When creating Tickets, being able to type ahead to get to choices in long dropdown lists will saved time. When viewing records linked to other records, being able to choose which columns appear and have that save for you the next time you do the same task as well as easily navigating to the full details of other linked records will also increase productivity.  For the administrator, some rules enhancements will be received warmly.  From viewing your large list of rules in an easier to work with grid mode to being able to setup rules to create link records that inherit field values from their parent, there’s lots to smile about.

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