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I’m pleased to share with you that FootPrints 2019 Release 1 is available for download on the BMC website.

This release includes three primary changes:


  1. We updated FootPrints to use Open JDK as opposed to Oracle Commercial Java.   This was a major architectural change to the product that we implemented solely to prevent customers from incurring significantly increased costs due to the changes Oracle has put in place for use of Commercial Java.  By doing the work to move to Open JDK, FootPrints retains all the same functionality, with improved security, and without our customers incurring significant new fees.


  1. We updated the underlying reporting engine for Service Analytics. While the impact to current day to day use is minimal, it lays the foundation for performance improvements we will be delivering in upcoming releases.


  1. We crushed a bunch of bugs.


It’s important to note that moving to this release also requires changes to Tomcat, so please be sure to pay attention to the Release Notes.  As a safety backup, we’ve also put in place a process that requires a password during the upgrade.   The sole purpose of this password is to ensure customers take time to read the pre-requisites for upgrading to this release


If you have any questions regarding the 2019 Release 1 update, you can feel free to ask them here in the FootPrints service desk community or to reach out to our Support team for assistance.