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I'd like to formally announce the release of FootPrints 12.1.08 with the recent release of patch


As we continue on with our quarterly release cycle, I am pleased to see this release deliver some key user experience enhancements.  This will benefit both administrators as well as day to day users like agents and customers.  Agents and customers will now be able to copy images from the clipboard into a ticket which will save them significant time when trying to visual communicate a problem or solution.  Agents and administrators will both benefit from seeing the name of the rule that made a change to their tickets when viewing the ticket history.  This will help both with troubleshooting as well as understanding the flow of the business rules.  Those tasked with having to create multiple, similar searches will save significant time by making use of the ability to copy existing searches.  Copy is also now available for Quick Templates to save administrators time as well.  These last 2 are part of the most highly requested Idea on the public community regarding copy.  See the full release notes here.  The quickest way to get to the download is by clicking here.


Happy FootPrintsing!