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I'd like to officially announce the release of FootPrints 11.6.10 with our recent release of  It has been almost 2 years since the release of 11.6.09 so and a lot has been done in that time.  Since we are in maintenance mode with the version 11 platform the main focus was making sure our 3rd party platform support was up to date which also helped with our goal to protect our customers by limiting newer security threats.  We were also able to fix some high priority defects as well some customers have been experiencing.  I have highlighted the major changes for 11.6.10 below.   Full details of what is included in this release can be found in the release notes here.  The quickest link to get the download is here.  Happy FootPrintsing!


What’s New

FootPrints 11.6.10 is the tenth service pack for the 11.6 version primarily focused on defect corrections. Before you upgrade, note the following key changes in version 11.6.10:

  • Updated version of Perl and related libraries: This release uses and includes the BMC compiled Perl version 5.24.1 coming from ActiveState Perl 5.10.0 in previous versions. This provides the security enhancements that are a part of a newer version of Perl.
  • Updated version of server side JAVA and Tomcat for Windows installs: This release includes an upgraded Java version 8u112 and Tomcat version 8.5.8 for better security and stability for the Executive Dashboard and all reporting charts and graphs.
  • Search and Report configuration now stored in the database: Previously all search and report configuration were stored in text files and the upgrade moved all that information to database tables. This release provides an enhanced stability, better management, and better performance for searching and reporting.
  • Windows 2016 support: This release provides an official support for the Windows 2016 platform for the FootPrints server.
  • Various performance and security improvements