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The conference is only a week and a half away.


Join us at the T3 Service Management and Automation Conference November 6-10 in Las Vegas to learn about these things and many other great topics.


Here is a list of the FootPrints sessions that you might be interested in: 




FootPrints: Creative Business Process Solutions

Rocky Fly, O'Reilly Auto Parts

FootPrints: Getting Started with Version 12

Greg Gielda, Flycast Partners

How to Get the Most out of FootPrints V12 Service Analytics

Kam Akrami, Rightstar

FootPrints SLA: The Art of the Deal

Kam Akrami, Rightstar

FootPrints Configuration Management: A Fool with a Tool is Still a Fool

Greg Gielda, Flycast Partners

What's Coming on the BMC Client Management and FootPrints Roadmap?

Don Cholish, BMC

What's Coming on the BMC Client Management and
FootPrints Roadmaps?

Serena Lambiase and Don Cholish, BMC


Also, since many FootPrints customers also own BCM, we made sure there was no overlap of session times.  Make sure to also check out these BCM sessions.




What's New in BMC Client Management 12.6?

Serena Lambiase, BMC

Getting More our of your BMC Client Management

Steve Gibbs , Rightstar

Integrations that Add Value to your BMC Client Management Investment

Kyle Hamilton , Flycast Partners

Simplify, Elevate and Automate with RemedyForce
Agent Discovery and Client Management

John Fulton , BMC

How BMC Client Management can Protect You From

Aaron Sebastian, BMC

How BMC Client Management can Help One to Prepare for an Audit

Kyle Hamilton, Flycast Partners

Client Management Focus Group

Serena Lambiase, BMC


You can check out other topics here:


We hope to see you there!