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In early August we released 12.1.03 on a limited basis to try to get some early feedback.  As a result of that feedback, we now have patch available for everyone.  Here are 5 reasons you will love this release:


  1. Over 100 customer reported defects fixed - As with all service pack releases stability is supposed to be the main focus, and the 3rd service pack or our 12.1 release is no different.  This is our most comprehensive service pack to date and should really help you move forward with your daily usage of the product.
  2. Already vetted by other customers - Due to the release initially only being available to a limited customer base, there was a focus on testing it in real world production scenarios before releasing to the masses.  Several customers have been in production with it for multiple weeks.
  3. Version 11 parity enhancements - For those of you hesitant to look at version 12 until it caught up to the version 11 platform in certain areas, now may be the time for another look.  If you need to attach files to CIs and Services, see a history of all changes to your CIs, allow customers to initiate a Dynamic SQL lookup, or various other improvements, this release took a step forward in that area.  See all the enhancements here.
  4. SQL 2014 support - Although the product always worked on this platform, you can rest easy knowing BMC QA took it through an official testing cycle.
  5. Targeted performance enhancements - If you make use of the service level management feature, or have a lot of time based rules, you should see significant performance benefits in these areas post upgrade.


Make sure to review the release notes here and go to the BMC EPD(Electronic Product Downloads) Site to get the release.  For those that are new to the site, here is a video on how to navigate it.  Make sure to choose the "Patches" tab to get the latest  Happy FootPrintsing!