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Connect with FootPrints

Webinar series!


The FootPrints Support team is happy to announce the next "Connect With FootPrints" Webinar series, scheduled for Wednesday, August 24th, at 11:15 a.m. Eastern time.


This month's live event will cover three topics.


Topic one.   The Footprints 12 Log Viewer

The FootPrints 12 Log Viewer helps you quickly find and read errors being reported by your application.  But what do they mean?  Paul Tipping will cover the Log Viewer and several example errors to help you understand what is being reports and save you time trouble shooting problems.

Topic two.  The FootPrints 12 F.A.C.T

Nicolas Roome of BMC partner RJR Innovations will present their FootPrints Administrator Companion Tool or F.A.C.T.  The team at RJR developed this companion tool to help them improve their users experience and make life easier for their technical staff.  Nicolas will show us the power of this tool and how it can work for you.  Following the Webinar, the tool will be available for download at no cost to you!

Topic Three.  The Footprints 12 Schema

Last month our guest speaker was Chip Broecker, lead DB Architect for FootPrints.  Chip had a conversation with us regarding SQL best practices for FootPrints.  There was a lot of interest in what he had to say and lots of questions about the Database itself so this month we are asking him back to talk to us about the FootPrints 12 schema.  Chip will give us a glimpse at the table structure and design of the DB and take your questions.


We look forward to you joining us for this exciting live event.


We would also love to hear from you about any topics you would like us to cover.


E-mail configuration a challenge?

LDAP integration?

Maybe you want to know how to import customers into version 12?


Let us know.  We will cover the most popular requests in this or future webinars.


Thank you!

The BMC FootPrints Support Team


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