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As many of you probably saw, BMC announced an update on the Engage 2016 agenda.  I am happy to follow up on that announcement by announcing FootPrints will have its own track this year outside of the regular BMC agenda.  We anticipate a mix of customer, partner, and BMC led sessions, with some time to also participate in some of the general sessions.  I think this focused approach for FootPrints will give everyone the best experience.   If you are considering attending, please feel free to post ideas about session content as a comment here.  It could either be a suggestion for something you want someone else to deliver or something you would like to deliver.   We would all prefer the latter.   Sorry for the short notice, but the early bird special ends at the end of this month.  It will go from $800 to over $1100 so it is a significant difference.  Hopefully knowing there will be a focus on FootPrints by the FootPrints team will help you make your case to go.  Looking forward to your feedback.