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Your customer base is more tech savvy than ever before.  That’s not the first time you’ve read that statement and probably won’t be the last.  But what does that really mean – more tech savvy than ever before?  They all know how to download an app in less than a minute and think that software costs 99 cents – does that make them tech savvy, or do they just think they’re tech savvy? It stands to reason your customer base expects the ease with which they access technology in their personal life to directly translate to their business life.


As IT Service professionals, we know technology has never been more dynamic, complex or intuitive.  Yes, I said that – just because it’s crazy on the back side doesn’t mean we don’t know how to build a slick UI that makes people think technology is simple or makes our users think they’re ‘tech savvy’.  So I propose you harness that tech savvy-ness (perceived or real) in your customer population through an IT service catalog strategy.


Tomorrow (Tuesday 23 October 2012), George Spalding (Pink Elephant) and I will be discuss the critical role a service catalog should play in your approach to IT Service Management in a live webinar, Build Cultural Change and Customer Relationships Using ITIL Service Catalog Management & Request Fulfillment.  The live event kicks off at 2.00pm EST and we’d love to have you join us.  Registration can be found here.


Consider the power of presenting your tech-savvy users/ customers with the IT & business services and resources they need to do their job, pointing them in the right direction and letting them loose.  I propose it just might be a customer centric approach we, as technologists, can’t afford to pass up.


A link to the recording can be found here.