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Many folks from the BMC Track-IT!, Remedyforce, FootPrints and Remedy teams and I have just returned from a great week in Orlando at the HDI Conference and I have to tell you, it was the most fun I’ve had at a conference in a long time!  As I was flying home and reflecting on the event, I had a moment of realization – it was a fun conference because everyone was so happy to be there.  I shared this thought with a colleague who responded “Why do you think everyone was so happy?”  I think I have the answer - we are technologists at heart and what we do has become so important. The opportunity for creativity and success is limitlessHDI Booth.JPG


Regardless when you entered the technology world, you know one thing is true, perception of technology is changing at the most rapid pace in history.  Our customers – end users and the business – are more comfortable with technology than ever and rely on it to achieve both their personal and professional goals.  So it’s a pretty cool thing to work in an industry that has become indispensible to nearly every aspect of our customers lives. 


However, as the want and need for technology has accelerated, so has the complexity of technology. We’re in higher demand than we’ve ever been with responsibilities that are more complicated than ever before.  Depending on your perspective, it’s the perfect storm or the perfect opportunity. 


I think the folks attending HDI this past week see it as the perfect opportunity.  For those of us who run Help Desk and IT Service Management teams, you know you’re the face of technology to the business – the first interaction an end user or customer has when they need a new application to do their job better or when they’re struggling with the technology they have.  We call these things incidents, problems, service request, changes, yada, yada, yada.  To the customer, they have a pain and you – the Help or Service Desk professional – are the person who can fix that pain for them.  It’s a pretty cool thing to be the face of technology to your organization.


To those of you who came by the BMC Software booth, our Breakfast Session on Self-Service or our Product Showcase this past week thanks for sharing your stories with us.  Your excitement about technology and enthusiasm for exceptional service delivery was clearly infectious to us, in the BMC booth, and to your fellow HDI attendees.  For those of you planning to attend the HDI Virtual Conference & Expo on May 22nd, we’ll be there too, and we look forward to continuing the conversation with you.