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I’ve spent the last few weeks attending and presenting at FootPrints User Groups across the country (for those of you who came, endured and lived to see another day, thanks for coming!  It was great meeting you all!)  Getting out on the road and visiting customers is my favorite part of my job – I’m always amazed at the clever, intelligent and resourceful ways that folks use technology over and above what we originally intended it to do –  which brings me to one of my favorite quotes from last week’s travels:


“FootPrints empowers us to break down business silos and improves organizational transparency.”


Yes, an actual FootPrints administrator said that, I didn’t make it up (promise!)  That statement really punctuated the conversations I had over the week with customers who told me stories of using their integrated service and asset management solution for more than just IT service desk needs.  If you have a service desk solution in place or are in the market for a new solution, here are a few ways that you can creatively extend the value of that solution (shameless plug, yes, FootPrints can do all of these):


  • Human Resources – probably the most common organization we find leveraging IT service management solutions outside of IT.  Many of our customers are automating employee adds, moves, changes and terminations.  Not only does this reduce the burden of requests on your IT service desk, but it improves the accuracy of your data and ensures a full audit trail is captured when access is changed.
  • In-house Development Bug-Tracking – whether your organization has a team of in-house developers working on creating revenue generating apps, customizing your website to improve the customer experience or  improving the functionality of your internal applications, software is going to have bugs – it’s a fact of life.  Many FootPrints customers have automated their bug tracking, and they tell us simply using this capability has helped them eliminate redundant work, expedite resolution and improve communication among stakeholders and developers.
  • Facilities – maintaining a building or a property of multiple buildings take a lot of work and requires adherence to process.  Leveraging an IT service management solution, you not only can automate work order creation for routine maintenance tasks like changing air filters each month (I wish I had that capability in my own home!), but also can offer facilities services via your user self-service catalog so users can request service as necessary. Task assignments can be fully automated, as well! 
  • Catering/ Food Services -  many companies and higher education agencies leverage an on-site catering service or outsource to a single vendor when food is needed for an event or meeting.  Rather than faxing or filling out paper order forms that are often scanned and emailed, many hospitals, universities and other institutions have automated the request and approval process for catering which has resulted in better expense and budget control.



While some other vendors are touting this as a new capability (many of them are calling it PaaS), FootPrints customers have been automating business processes for over a decade with no programming. I’m interested to hear about business process you’re automating and how you’re using FootPrints (or your IT service desk solution) to drive business value.