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Daniel Tuma
For only some of our agents, when they enter their last name into the link control last name field on a change management form and hit enter they are presented with a blank search window. Because of… (Show more)
in FootPrints service desk
Nicolas Roome
Currently, in order for emails to be properly attached to tickets, you need to have the following in your subject line:   Ticket= [TICKET_NUMBER] ItemType= [ITEM TYPE ID] WS= [WORKSPACE ID]   This…
Paul Dobson
At the moment there is no way to make a link control mandatory eg. force a link to be created.   It would be good if we could have a 'Mandatory' option when creating the control and maybe even a…
Leslie Sowell
Has anyone found a reliable way to determine the last time users logged into Footprints v. 11?
in FootPrints service desk
Brian Susol
Per the subject  - is there a way to edit the Voting Error emails? (The Email Cannot be Processed)   We would like to add more details to these emails. At the very least a ticket number, but the… (Show more)
in FootPrints service desk
Lucy Caballero
As one of the admins I need to train our agents on how to use the agent web interface.  Where can I locate a video or document that focuses on how an agent uses the portal to access, edit and reply… (Show more)
in FootPrints service desk
Linda Kirkpatrick
Hi, Several customers have asked, and several have remarked, that it makes no sense to send an email to someone who is locked out of their email.   The ability to reset a password independent of…
Bruno Domingues
Similar to v11 I would like to have quick actions on the homepage, select multiple records and close, send email, delete (admin), assign, etc...
Ian Jeffery
We need a way to show an icon on a ticket list (search or view) for tickets that have an attachment. We had this in FP11.
Vern Meyer
We have a lot of forms that we're starting to digitize, converting written signatures to digital signatures using the certificates on our common access cards.   Some of these froms have workflows…
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