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Ken Dwyer
getting "The report is unavailable while report data is recalculating." error when trying to run multiple reports in Service Analytics. Footprints
in FootPrints service desk
Nicolas Roome
When on your home tab, if you attempt to sort on Record Number it does an alphabetic sort.  If you have 20 incidents with a prefix of 'INC' the result ends up something like this:   INC-1 INC-10…
Bhavani Anbuselvan
Need the attribute name of Approve/Disapprove in Footprints 11.6.10. When someone Approved or Disapproved, notification mail should trigger. In that notification I need to get whether they approved… (Show more)
in FootPrints service desk
Anthony Guthrie
Greetings,   We need to implement some approvals in Footprints, and I am trying to figure out the best way to accomplish this. I feel like I may over-complicate the problem, so your input would be… (Show more)
in FootPrints service desk
Steve Marth
We have fields titled "Primary Assignee" and "Assignees".  While in the console, no matter what tab we are in (All Items, My Assigned Tickets), we can not sort by these fields.  If we click on the… (Show more)
in FootPrints service desk
Bruno Domingues
Similar to v11 I would like to have quick actions on the homepage, select multiple records and close, send email, delete (admin), assign, etc...
John Landrum
Hi, Just checking the Footprints community to see if anyone has come up with a way to auto generate sequence number in a field using custom html.   Using workspace for Change Management and would… (Show more)
in FootPrints service desk
Nicolas Roome
It would be nice to be able to interact/drill into the chart widgets.  Being able to click on a pie-chart section and having that bring up a list of the tickets which make up that slice in a one-time…
Nicolas Roome
This idea complements the following idea:   It would be nice to be able to modify field labels.  Useful for thing such as bolding, changing colour to red, or…
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