• Integrate Splunk with Control-M v9 for Monitoring

    Hello Everyone,   Could you please suggest me the best possible way to setup monitoring of Control-M job in Version 9 using Splunk ? Can we use any third party monitoring tool with Control-M like Splunk?   ...
    Sourin Biswas
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  • Unable to update deadline BIM-service in servicemonitor

      When we try to update the deadline of a bimjob from within servicemonitor it doesn't work. We can change the deadline in the job itself on AJF. The only error we can find is on EM-server in log gtw_log* [06...
    Tom Bruylandt
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  • order as independent flow not working

    We are running Control-M Version Fix Pack On occasion, we need to order in an additional run of an application that is already in the current days schedule. We would select "order as independent...
    Michael Steffen
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  • Variable %%ODAY %%MINUS 1

    Hello everyone I have a problem in Control M with the declaration of a variable oday. What I need to do is bring the date of the previous day but with a parameter DDMMYYYY My file is called EXP EXP _ %% ODAY. %% OM...
  • Run as user authentication for non domain user  failed

    Hi,   while defining a run as user for non domain its failed to valid ,whereas if I do the same for domain  user it valid. PF screenshot for both the scenarios and CA log. I am defining this user for remo...
    mithilesh taide
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  • Control-m V9 in Virtual Redhat machine on Vmware

    Hi All,   Has any one implemented control-m v9 in redhat virtual machine (with vmware).? We are in middle of upgrading control-m version from v7 to v9 and also working migrating from IBM AIX physical to Redhat V...
    Mandar Ingale
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  • ctmdefine Job template

    Hi.   Can I use a job template I created in ctmdefine? I am using Control-M/EM 8   Regards
    Martin Nel
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  • How to use a custom variable name in the SET tab on a job definition

    HI,   For the love of me, if i use PARM1/2/3/4/ etc... and a value , the value is passed on to an echo command in a windows batch file. If i want to use an alternative name instead of PARM1 , the value is NOT&#...
    Imre Csoka
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  • Link a job documentation to a Lotus Notes link

    Hello,   We have production documentation in a Lotus Notes database. Is there a way, in the Control-M job documentation, to put a link to a Lotus Notes document? The Lotus Notes link looks like this: Notes://GVD...
    Sophie Tessier
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  • Control-M 9 Alerts Window - Control-M/Agent FileWatcher service

    Hi,   Has anyone come across his alert before?   Agent version running on OS Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 Service Pack 1 (Build 7601)   The Control-M/Agent FileWatcher service on <s...
    David Cleary
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  • Does anyone have experience at using %%LIBMEMSYM variable?

    I am trying to understand the usage of the %%LIBMEMSYM variable that will reference the path and filename of a text file containing variable assigment statements.  Here are some of the questions that I have. ...
    Brian Cook
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  • Can we trigger control m job after receiving truesight SNMP alert?

    I want to integrate my control m with my monitoring tool which is truesight I want to automate like if alert comes control m should remidiate by running job. Can we accomplish this somehow? There has to be some solu...
    Asif Khan
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  • How to perform mass update for on-do action when  on- Job ended control-m V8

    How to perform mass update for on-do action when  on- Job ended
    Helga Wagner
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  • EMAIL upon job failure - using perl script populating subject, body with output or log.

    I want to send an email when a job fails.  I was thinking of using a perl script passing the job_name and output or log.  How would I do this?
    Darin Miyashiro
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  • Change order method with promotion rule in Control-M

    Hello guys, I would like to know if there is a way, in Control-M version 9,18, to change the Order Method field with a promotion rule? I looked everywhere and I coulnd't find anything. Many thanks! Tess
    Sophie Tessier
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  • Control-M MFT Version encryption fails to run

    Hello, We are using PGP Template Management with GnuPG. The encryption fails with error "Failed to run CreateProcessAsUser: The system cannot find the file specified. " The Encryption Parameter under the template ...
    Rajeswari Prabhakaran
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  • Is there any alert system in Control M to notify the start of the job(when the task is triggered ) and when all the tasks have ended.???

    Hi All, Is there any alert system in Control M to notify the start of the job(when the task is triggered ) and when all the tasks have ended.??? I have 5 tasks scheduled and when I am starting with the 1st task, it ...
    aakansha garg
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  • command line should not exceed 512 characters

    Hi Team   I am getting above error while running a job, it says:   The field 'Command Line' should not exceed 512 characters   Note: I am just modifying the command line to include more task, even if...
    Nitin Agrawal
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  • does the CMv9 agent deployment tool work for Solaris boxes?

    We've just recently upgraded to CMv9 & started upgrading some of our old agents to more recent versions & we've a few Solaris boxes but they don't seem to show as having an available update to be able to upgra...
    Jeffrey Jordan
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  • Control-M v8 startup and stop scripts

    Hello - Can you please let me know if anyone has implemented control-m v8 start and stop scripts for EM, ctm and agent? It would be great if you can share with me....Thanks!
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