• BIM Percentile Range

    I am looking for more details about the Run-Time Tolerance Parm for BIM v8. In the help file it states:   Select one of the following values from the list, where 2 indicates more confidence in the completion t...
    Jess Knutson
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  • Passing a Date Parameter Witin the Command of an OS Job Type

    Hi All      I have had a query/request regarding passing a current date parameter at the end of the command in an OS type job. The date is to always be the current date of when the job runs (ther...
    Ian Matthews
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  • CONTROLM environment variable is not defined

    Hello!   Can anyone suggest as to how should I troubleshoot the aforementioned issue? I get this prompt on a UNIX agent when I try to start it. I have tried the steps mentioned under KA379527, but that did not s...
    Varun Das
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  • Managed File Transfer v9 - chmod post command bug?

    Hi,   I need a help.   I found strange behavior in post command after MFT upgrade. Agent - MFT 9.0   Before the same one executed a chmod 777. Now he makes a mistake and hits the 441, bu...
    Fabio Santos
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  • Trying to use Find&Update to add ON/DO Action with multiple Do actions

    We are using Control-M V9, Fix Pack 5 and I have over 1700 jobs that I need to add an ON/DO Action and can’t figure out if I can do it using the Find and Update. Here’s what I’d like it to look like:...
    Michael Steffen
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  • Setup jobs in certain order without dependencies

    Hi, Is there a way to setup jobs in a certain order but with no dependencies?   JOBA     | JOBB     | JOBC   Even if JOBA fails I want it to continue to JOBB and if JOBB ...
    Darin Miyashiro
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  • automation of credential update for AFT connections

    Hi community!!!   Someone knows if the insertion of credentials of the AFT connections can be automated? since this will be updated monthly. Through some configuration file ....   Regards
  • How to Stop Re-runs even after putting a condition

    Hi All,   I just want to check because the solution provided didnt work on mine. I tried to do the Solution Id provided but still the job goes to process one next run.   I have read about this solution ID ...
    Arthur Tennis Habana
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  • Agentdeployment failing in V9 on Windows

    Hi,   I've just upgraded EM and CTM to V9. Now I want to upgrade our Agents from V8 to V9 as well. I'm using the deployment utility from CCM.   Almost all server are running Winows 2012r2 with Agent V8.0...
    Michael Konz
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  • Agent failover

    Hi,   Is there a good way to implement agent failover in CM? Scenario would be - in case regular agent is unavailable (for example all server crashed and we have to switch to backup one), CM starts to submit th...
    Ingemars Griskevics
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  • How to handle 1 am jobs on holiday real time vs control m scheduled day?

    We have few jobs runs on early morning,  but we have issues with the control m cut off time vs real time. I have scheduled the jobs from Sunday to Thursday (Control M Cut off time 7 am)  to execute early mo...
    Ramesh Jaganathan
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  • Control-M/EM installation failed: action:Add permissions to group users

    Hi EM installation ends with below error. I've mount installation ISO using third party tool on Windows 2008 R2 Standard SP1. The installation folder has all required permissions (Read, List folder contents, Write, ...
    Jamsheer KK
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  • Cross Reference Trouble ticket

    I've successfully managed to get Control-M to call SMNP script to generate a trouble ticket to an external system. Question is how can I take the ticket number that was generated and update Control-M so I can cross re...
    Hans Feldmann
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  • will it be a problem running Control-M v.9 run on windows 2016

    Upgrading to v.9 Control-M currently running on windows 2012R2 will there be any issues running it on windows 2016?
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  • How to exit out of job flow ?

    Hello   I have a folder with few job jobs(all of them are sql scripts) that execute on a flow. How do i exit out of the flow if one of the jobs fail (not continue to execute the rest of the jobs remaining in the...
    thirulok thilagar
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  • JacORB / EMAPI for 9.0.18

    Hi Folks,   I'm having trouble getting this to work. I was informed that 9.0.18 no longer supports CORBA and only uses https. We've only been able to connect up to a version 9.0.0 environment that isn't SSL-enab...
    Louie Lim
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  • Windows Server Reboots via Control-M

    Hi all   We are looking for a solution to be able to restart our XX Windows Serves with Control-M.   Do you have simialr experiences/requirements or an already running solution?   We would be very th...
    Marco Bellusci
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  • How send out email alert for cyclic job that has not finished at 2 specific timings

    I have a situation whereby I have one set of jobs that runs 2 times a day, one in the morning and the other in the afternoon. The last cyclic job will usually ends before 10am (for morning run) and 4pm (for afternoon...
    Andy Teo
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  • Calendar - run every 4 months on 2nd business day - not on holidays

    Hi, I'm having problem scheduling some jobs which is supposed to run on the 2nd business day every 4th month. Jan, May, Sept.   I created a periodic calendar  (A,B,C) and also used confirmation calendar ...
    Darin Miyashiro
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  • Prerequisite to every job so we can perform maintenance

    Hello - IS there any way to check prerequisite to 'HOLD' every job (at 'SMART' Folder level) until we perform maintenance on PowerCenter?
    Poorna Gandla
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