• How to setup a cyclic job to run from 4am to next day 1am?

    Hi,   I have a requirement to setup a cyclic job (15mins interval) to run from 4am to next day 1am. I can use 2 jobs to cater for this requirement. Wondering if it can be done using just 1 job?   I tried ...
    Andy Teo
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  • What is file Timezone.dat for?

    What is the purpose of file Timezone.dat?  Where does it reside?  When does it need to be changed?
    John Schmidt
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  • Control-M with Informix

    There is a way to execute jobs on Informix with Control-M? I'm learning about Control-M and don't found information about Informix on manuals.
  • Control-m v8 and Kubernetes

    I recently was asked if we can run kubernetes jobs using Control-m, preferably agentless.  We have Control-m V8 and trying to call Azure Kubernetes service (AKS).  Do we have an application integrator for th...
    Daniel Uchman
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  • Variable function for changing to lower case or upper case [Control-M]

    Hello,   I am looking for a variable functions that can be used to change a string to all lower/upper case.   I know that there is a variable function %%SUBSTR to extract parts of a string. Are there more ...
    Martin B
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  • Do you Know when CTM/Agent will support IBM i 7R2.

    I'm in a PoC and I searched information on the support matrix but IBM i 7R2 didn't appear.   Is there someone who installed before this agent over IBM i 7r2
    Luis Navia
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  • Difference between Control-M AFT and Control-M MFT

    Hi Experts,   Can anybody tell me what is the difference between Control-M AFT and MFT? I can see that on document website documents for both are available. But not able to figure out the difference between both...
    Sushant Pradhan
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  • Control-M 8 EM on Windows 10 - Password fields do not show any characters, buttons do not work

    When logging into Configuration Manager, and while using Configuration Manager, password fields do not show a cursor or any asterisks/dots until I ALT-TAB away from the window and then back to it.  This does not ...
    Nathan Pratt
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  • CONTROL-M CTMAPI - Force JOB A if JOB B is not in AJF

    Hello, I recently started to try out the functionalities of the utility CTMAPI and I wanted to know if it is possible to force JOB A if JOB B is not in AJF. I've tried to use ORDER with the IF selection-criteria but...
    Catia Lindo
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  • Unable to connect to workbench using from ControlM client on Windows host

    I am new to ControlM, and looking to help my team with implementing Jobs-As-Code via the API. I just installed ControlM workbench and was hoping to connect to it via the client (installed on my Windows 10 laptop), but...
    Alex Rodrigues
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  • Control-M Automation API for SAP Jobs

    I am trying to scheduling jobs using API. Can anyone tell me if we have any commands for SAP jobs?
    Biswajit Soumyaranjan
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  • where i can check Controlm Application logs in liunx server

    where i can check Controlm Application logs in Linux server.   Not able to find in liunx server .
    Ranindra Verma
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  • Search for a new file on subfolders of a directory

    Hi,   I am using Control-M 8 for workload automation, I have the following request:   Search for a new file on many (200 aprox.) subfolders of a directory, the file could appear on any of those folders. I ...
    Alejandro Chinchilla
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  • List of Wait state jobs

    Hello guys,   We need to get list of jobs which did not run and are in wait state the previous day. I am currently going to history tab and doing a Customizable filter and giving the Status of job as "Waiti Cond...
    Humayun Shaik
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  • Request  rejected by Data Center CTM5125 SYSOUT FILE OPEN ERROR ?

    afternoon   Please help, the job not ended and if see the sysout, i see the message "Request  rejected by Data Center  CTM5125 SYSOUT FILE OPEN ERROR"   for you help , thanks
    Elvis Mahecha Galindo
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  • Controlm and RPA tool

    Hello,   Can someone let me know if there's a possibility that Controlm and RPA tool can be merged or work hand in hand to make the jobs creation or any modifications fully automated?   thanks Kuldeep
    Kuldeep PANDEY
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  • Control-M Hadoop hdfs test

    With the Hadoop plugin I don't see a way to do a hdfs dfs -test or stat? Am I missing something or do I have to create a shell script to issue these commands?
    Hans Feldmann
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  • Workload Change Manager and SAP R3 jobs

    I noticed SAP R3 do not have a job template in Workload Change Manager. Anyone have any insight into when this could be released? Also, for companies using WCM and SAPR3, how do find the workflow? What kinds of challe...
    Michael Bobbato
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  • upgrade to 200

    I'm fixing to upgrade from to 200 - Can I use the auto deploy to upgrade EM & Controlm Server from 100 to 200? I don't mind doing them manually if I have to but just seeing if there's easier ways w/ the...
    Jeffrey Jordan
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  • Control-M Application Pack

    Howdy folks,   I'm currently testing the deployment of Control-M through our server automation appliance. I have successfully packaged the Control-M agent (, as well as the MFT add on (, bu...
    Riley Hass
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