• User authorization

    Need to provide a permission to a user for a particular folder in which the user can order that folder . But should not be able to modify job definitions in that folder .   Q > What should be the level of ac...
    Mohammad Rababah
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  • Make one job depend on another, but not care whether other job is successful or not

    Hi,   I'm running into an issue with a folder I have with 3 jobs. JobA depends on JobB depends on JobC.   JobB shouldn't start until JobA's status is either OK or NOT OK. At the moment JobA's OUTCOND is se...
    Sam Lambert
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  • Set cyclic job state to 'Post processed'

    I would like to implement a way to have jobs that run cyclically complete with a green post processed status by the end of the day. If the post processed can be achieved by number of reruns or time window, either woul...
    Darius Anderson
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  • Control-M Workbench Virtualbox - connecting to an agent

    Hi all,   I'm starting on my Jobs-as-Code journey and am trying to link up an agent to the workbench to test out some job types in code.  I've added the workbench ip to my agent hosts file so it resolves an...
    Haw Kor
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  • [Control-m][][Fixpack] Advanced FTP parameters - PGP option disabled

    Hello Guys,   We have a request to implement PGP file transfers between hosts, however upon going through the steps from official BMC video : How to use PGP with Control-M for Advanced File Transfer - YouTube...
    Ivan Lazarov
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  • Integration of Control-m with Victorops

    Integration of Control-m with Victorops    Has anyone integrated Control-M to Victorops for the Shout , where all the alerts generated for "Job ENDED NOT OK" calls and notifies to the end-user .   ap...
    Avneesh Jain
    created by Avneesh Jain
  • Control-M Shout to Slack Script Updated

    Updated script to now tag @username mentions instead of sending through in clear text.   You can find the script at my githhub location: https://github.com/dmxrob/control-m/blob/master/ctm_shout_to_slack.sh ...
    Robert Stinnett
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  • Control-M File Watcher errors out immediately once started

    Requirement:  a file is expected in a directory in a certain duration everyday.  Say the file is expected every morning between 6 am and 7 am.  The file name comes with a date and time stamp e.g. file n...
    Sankaralingam Maharajan
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  • Massive email notification update

    Good afternoon everybody. I would like to create a mass email for notification in all my jobs, is it possible to do this? Considering that the jobs do not have notifications. This is the change I'm trying to make an...
    Gisel Villanueva Ramirez
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  • Job running out of the given schedule

    Control-M 9.0.18 New day time 12:00 PM   We have a job which should run from Sun to Thursday at 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM. as below, but on Friday job back working from (10:00 AM - 12:00 PM) which new day time still ...
    Mohammad Rababah
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  • Control-M MFTE B2B - HA

    Hello all, wondering if anyone is actively pursuing installation and usage of the new B2B HA capabilities of the version of Control-M. In particular I am looking for opinions and tips on setting up an load ...
    Dawna Moore
    created by Dawna Moore
  • Control-M MFT with PGP Encryption - using GNUPG as encryption software

    So, attempting to use PGP with MFT - have a PGPTemplate created and a connection profile - for testing purposes - I'm just trying to encrypt a test file from a Windows Server (our MFT Server) to a Linux server - I'm e...
    Workload Automation
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  • Run a control m job at different times.

    Hi All,   I am looking for ideas to build one generic control m job which should run at different times specified as a parameter or any other option (if we have). My requirement is to run some resources( like o...
    Amit B
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  • Control-M and MVAO/MVTOM

    We are installing BMC's Control-M and use BMC's MainView AutoOperator and Object Management. I see the following tasks related to Control-M:   CTMCMEM CTMAS CTMCAS CTMTROLM IOAGATE   I think only three...
    Kevin Hernandez
    created by Kevin Hernandez
  • [Control-m][][Fixpack]Mass refresh FTP connections in Planning view

    Hello Guys,   Do you have any idea how we can refresh multiple (a lot of ) FTP jobs and their connection profiles without manual intervention on each one of them individually.       We have acc...
    Ivan Lazarov
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  • How hard is it to setup Database plugin for Control M to run jobs against a database?

    We are looking to run jobs against database using the control m database function.  How hard is it to setup the needed items on the agents and the EM Server.  We are on V9.19.200. and V9.00.500 currently....
    Richard DeJohn
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  • How can we get the runId of existing job via AAPI?

    I have a use case where I am writing an external script that calls Automation API to put a SMART folder on hold. I can use "run jobs:status::get" with a search query to get the folder's Order ID however "run jobs::hol...
    Rick Westbrock
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  • Job scheduling criteria question

    Hello, I am trying to come up with a solution for a scheduling requirement. I have two jobs; A and B. I am looking for a solution where Job B will run when the dependency of Job A is met or a certain time has arrived,...
    V S
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  • CCM 9.19.100 show message No components found

    Hi All, My CCM 9.19.100 now is showing the below message for all the EM servers I configured.   Any idea on how to solve it ?   Thanks. Max    
    Massimiliano Daccomi
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  • SAP Event Watcher - Dynamic Event Parameter

    In SAP, there are 100 different file generation happens.  Whenever a particular file generation fails, SAP can trigger an Event.  I know we can use Event Watcher to watch for SAP Events and post a condition ...
    Sankaralingam Maharajan
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