• shout not working in cmv9

    We have several kinds of shouts based on running over avg time or fixed time & we just noticed they don't seem to be working at all. We had one that sends to email group that job has run over it's avg time but it ...
    Jeffrey Jordan
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  • How to use ctmgetcm to properly display Control Modules or Plugins version in Control-M Configuration Manager - INCLUDES VIDEO

    This document contains official content from the BMC Software Knowledge Base. It is automatically updated when the knowledge article is modified. PRODUCT: Control-M/Enterprise Manager COMPONENT: Control-M/Enter...
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  • Control-M Calendars

    Afternoon   We are in the process of upgrading a client from V7 to 9.0.19. Until that is done, likely to be around 6 months, we will of course continue to use V7   One issue that has arisen today in V7 is ...
    Neil Williams
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  • Control-M job changes audit

    Hi All,   We are looking for the list of changes made to a job in a certain period of time (a year may be). Is there a way we can get a report of the same? I know we can get these details using "show history" or...
    Avinash Reddy
    created by Avinash Reddy
  • How to remove a 32bit Control-M/Agent installed incorrectly in a cluster environment that is 64bit?

    This document contains official content from the BMC Software Knowledge Base. It is automatically updated when the knowledge article is modified. PRODUCT: Control-M/Agent for UNIX and Microsoft Windows APPLIES T...
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  • How can i get a two sets of the same jobs in Control-M Monitoring domain

    Hi,   Is it possible to get a two sets of same jobs in Control-M monitoring domain one with current order date and one with tomorrow Order date.   Control-M Version: 9.0   Regards, Divya Naik
    Sanjay Parihar
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  • Error running automation api job type in

    I'm using & I'm trying to run a job using a new job type for reporting that BMC provided that they said should work no issues & not have to do the node.js/java/cli install stuff shown on their BMC v...
    Jeffrey Jordan
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  • Error Postgre SQL "AP-7 - Permission Module: 2 - This utility could not be used with existing PGSQL database"

    Hi, I found a error versions; , and   On Control-M/EM whit the command; start_server On Control-M/Server whit the command; startdb Appears the error; AP-7 - Permission Modul...
    Juan Rendon
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  • Optimizing Control-M V9.0.18

    Do you have any recommendations document to optimize Control-M? in Admin, Scheduler and Ops point of views. Please share if anyone have it.
    Bruce S
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  • Control-M Agents (Agent, MFT, SAP, Informatica...)

    Hi all   We are planing to upgrade our aix, linux und windows agents this june with version (Fixpack200 is not yet out, but should arrive in next weeks). And then upgrading the EM, EM Distributed, CT...
    Marco Bellusci
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  • Get control m Job schedule interval details

    I would like to get details of all control m job name and its associated schedule interval details. Is there an utility or query to obtain this details.
    Yuvaraj Rajendran
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  • Dashboard for Batch

    Hi Community,   What Dashboard are you using to visualize the Control-M Data and for Application Monitoring? Like Splunk/ITRS? We are exploring some Dashboard vendors and I would like to get the insights from...
    Bruce S
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  • control-M EM Log and Server Log

    Dear Community,   if  Audit and annotation for Scheduling definitions and active network option is not enabled in EM , is there a other way to find out the user action in AJF(like hold, free , rerun) and in...
    Bruce S
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  • Automation API login - Application Integrator job type

    For anyone looking for a more secure method of invoking the Automation API session\login service I've uploaded a new job type to the Application Integrator Hub AAPI Login.ctmai   Hope this provides some value!...
    Paul Robins
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  • Control-M Calendar for 6th Business Day

    Perhaps I'm brain dead due to the year flying by me so quickly but suddenly I can't figure out calendaring any more.   My requirement is to schedule an application to run Monday - Saturday starting on the 6th bu...
    Tully Krastins
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  • Control-M Scheduling - Calendar up till n-business days

    Dear Friends,   Can someone help me on the setup of a rule-based schedule up till 7 Business Days (include the weekends)   It should look something like this:  
    Liquan Lim
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  • Filename variable without extension

    Hello,   I am looking to create two variables when a filewatcher successfully finds a file.  One with the filename with extension and one with filename without extension.  the %FILENAME% saves the file...
    Cathy Amore
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  • Prevent Scheduling during a applicaiton mainteance window

    We have an application that do maintenance the following Sundays.  In looking at both the "Host Group - Participation Definitions" and the "Workload Policy Management" neither give the flexibility to disable sche...
    John Haberland
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  • Control-M integration with xMatters

    Hello Team,   Did anyone know how the control-m works with xMatters, need a flow details from the job failure to call page.   Regards, Prasanna
    Prasanna Natarajan
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  • Control-M hangs or jobs goes in unknown state

    Hi All, Frequently We come across a situation where at a particular agent jobs goes in Unknown state and few jobs keep flicking executing and unknown in a certain interval. and restart of agent or control-m resolves t...
    Sumit Badgujar
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