• How to get the old ordered jobs details in Control-M

    Hi There,   Can someone please suggest me how to get the details on previously ordered jobs details, the details must me order_date, ordered by( If it is system then user_daily or if it is manual then ordered pe...
    Anil TC
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  • I need a report for "Jobs not launched on time".  Any ideas how to get this out of Control-M 9 FP4 report facility?

    There is a requirement for a report "jobs not launched on time".  I am providing a full disclosure of all jobs daily with start time, end time, status and runtime.  I keep getting push back because it does n...
    Robert Davis
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  • How to stop and start the CORBA Naming Service in CCM ?

    How to stop and start the CORBA Naming Service in control M configuration manager?
    Lam Pham
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  • Automation API access timeout

    Hi,   I'm a bit lost, hope you can help. I feel like some configuration somewhere is not set up correctly.   Do I really have to enable SSL for webserver/clients to access API?   Currently SSL is not...
    Ingemars Griskevics
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  • query in control-M where i can pull all the info about each job

    Hello Experts I am new to control-M,just learning now- Is there a way we can pull out the whole list of each job along with the detailed info such as cyclic status(y or n),predecessors and successors info along with...
    mary bijja
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  • Job Action as per capture

    Hi,   How can I configure the action as "set to ok" based on the value of the variable captured in the same job?
    Shahabaz Hamza
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  • Control-M EM user authorization audit

    Hi All   I am trying to get the details of timestamp of when a user is created/modified in EM authorizations. From the Audit report in reporting facility, I'm only able to get the details of when a CREATE/MODIFY...
    Avinash Reddy
    created by Avinash Reddy
  • Run Job on all host in group - Successor Job

    Hi everyone,   Quick question. I have a job that runs on all host in group (NAPACDIC).     The problem is when one of the job finish OK. It gives the condition to the next one (NAPACDIA). What I w...
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  • Control-m Cyclic job scheduling

    Hi, I have a cyclic job that runs every 5 minutes and runs everyday. The user wants to stop the job from running from 5pm to 6:30pm.  Any idea how I would do this?   I can create two separate jobs, one b...
    Darin Miyashiro
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  • Smart Folder Best Practice

    Hi All,   Does anyone have any best practices they would like to share around smart folders vs regular folders? Because of the additional functionality offered by smart folders, I would think there is additional...
    Haw Kor
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  • Connection to the Web Server failed

    Hi All,       I have a problem. How to fix this? Connection to the Web Server failed      Please help me thanks      
    Gee Jay Toca
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  • Jobs-As-Code SubFolder Deploy

    Hi Control-M Community,   Using Job-As-Code, there is a requirement to split current batch to be more granular to make deployments(changes to schedules) easier to manage. So, one of our developers have split a ...
    Rashaad Nana
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  • How to create/ assign a Global Variable from BIM and pass %%PROBLEMATIC_JOBS value to it to be used in another SMART folder?

    Hi Experts, Please can you advice how we can create/ assign a Global Variable from BIM and pass %%PROBLEMATIC_JOBS value to it to be used in another SMART folder? Thanks, AS
    Anirban Samadder
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  • Integrate Control-M with "PRTG Network Monitor

    Team, does anyone know how to integrate with Control-M with "PRTG Network Monitor   maybe with Web Services?   Nota: tengo instalado Control-M 9.19.200
  • Archive Search failed, not authorized user is trying to connect to Archive

    We frequently receive the following error when trying to access Control-M Archiving.   "Archive Search failed, not authorized user is trying to connect to Archive"   The temporary work around is to define th...
    Kareemah Majeedah
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  • How can I set Control-M/Enterprise Manager Authorizations so that specific users or members of specific groups can only see certain jobs?

    This document contains official content from the BMC Software Knowledge Base. It is automatically updated when the knowledge article is modified. PRODUCT: Control-M/Enterprise Manager COMPONENT: Control-M/Enter...
    Knowledge Admin
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  • Control-M Support Staff Qualifications

    Does anyone have information around best practices for in-house Control-M administration support?  I would be interested in job descriptions, qualifications, and etc.
    Oscar Lewis
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  • Stopping job 'Ended NOTOK' alerts in alert window

    We have 2 Control-M servers - Production and Non Production connected to same EM. I believe AlertonAbend parameter will stop alerts for all Control-M servers connected to this EM. Is there a way to stop 'Ended NotOK...
    Avinash Nalamalapu
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  • Control-M Report

    @Hi Experts,   We are using postgres SQL in our environment.   We would like to generate 2 reports.   1st report 1. How many jobs runs per month 2. how many jobs defined and automatically sends ev...
    Bruce S
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  • Can't login configuration manager only on my laptop

    Now I am facing a very weird issue. I can't login to the newly installed Control-M Configuration Manager from my Windows 10 laptop. BUT all my colleagues they can log in CCM on their laptops with the same credential! ...
    Daniel Uchman
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