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Control-M has been automating the most critical platforms for over 30 years across every industry vertical. 3 years ago we started a journey to expand the robust capabilities of Control-M to Hadoop. These advancements have been helping companies from every industry drive success with Big Data projects. Companies including, Produban- (Grupo Santander), Navistar, GoPro and British Airways have accelerated their business success leveraging both Hadoop and Control-M.


Control-M for Hadoop offers comprehensive innovation and out-of-the-box integration's with key Hadoop technologies including: Hive, Pig, Sqoop, Spark and now, Impala*, a massive parallel processing SQL engine.

hadoop 9.0.02.JPG


The latest release, version 9.0.02 provides additional capabilities for Hadoop developers and IT Operations.


With this latest release you can:

  • Manage Impala jobs
  • Extract Oozie workflows directly from the Oozie server- developers define and create in Oozie while operations teams monitor those workflows with Control-M
  • Benefit from HDFS File Watcher enhancements including the use of wildcards in the file name


Control-M for Hadoop version 9.0.02 is available for download on the EPD. Do you have a Big Data project underway?  We’d love to hear how things are going, what drove your big data project and what insights you’ve done.


How many times have you needed to make changes to multiple job definitions, like changing a host, or changing the settings on your Agents? Are you aware that you can perform these mass updates easily in your Control-M environment?


If you'd like to learn how to perform these mass updates, join us for this Connect with Control-M live webinar on Wednesday, October 26th . Cody Belcher will demonstrate how to:



Perform mass updates to job definitions using Find And Update

Update 'Run as' users' credentials

•      Change Agent parameters in batch

•      Perform job definition updates with EM XML utilities
•      Update conditions, resources, and host groups in batch



Don’t miss a live demo of these capabilities. There will be a Q&A after the demo. Register Now!


Engage 2016, wow what an amazing week of collaboration and learning- especially in the Control-M track. We are honored to report that Control-M had 3 of the top 5 highest attended sessions at the entire conference! They were “Control-M Roadmap: Innovation Never Stops” led by Ohad Chenkin, “Introducing BMC Control-M Managed File Transfer” led by Tom Geva and Will Lewis and “Workload Automation in the Agile Enterprise” led by Workload Automation President, Gur Steif.


The hands-on labs were also so popular that we had to repeat 3 of our top labs- the MFT lab was held 3 times and was full each session! To accommodate the need for additional labs, Engage added additional sessions on Tuesday, prior to the conference kickoff and had 300+ participants show up Tuesday to attend. We are thrilled to offer our new MFT solution, and even more excited about the positive customer feedback.


We had 100+ Control-M customers, partners and employees attend Thursday night’s Evening with Engineers- A time to talk with the product experts, whiteboard and get your geek on! The Genius Lab in the IT Innovation Zone provided 110 one on one customer consultations onsite at Engage.  We also had more than 100 customer and partner meetings onsite with our executive team and subject matter experts at the conference!


Analyst Forum

We had nearly 30 Analysts attend the conference from all over the country. Their reports and write-ups have already been published! A particular highlight from the event was Mary Johnson Turner’s IDC report, “BMC Doubles Down on DevOps Workload Automation and Cloud Management at Engage 2016.” This article highlights the three newest Control-M innovative solutions; Control-M Automation API, Managed File Transfer and Control-M on the cloud. Mary writes, “IDC believes BMC offers big data, IoT, mobile, and cloud-oriented developers a sophisticated set of self-service capabilities via the Control-M Automation API and the company's existing set of Hadoop and big data file transfer and automation solutions.” Source: IDC.



During the week of Engage there was not one- but two press releases! One around Control-M’s innovative new solution releases and the other about how BMC continues to evolve with innovative solutions for the digital business after 36 years.  There were 20 press briefings around Control-M and 20+ unique news articles from Engage that include Control-M with publications including IT Wire, Silicon Angle, eWeek, DevOps digest and more.


Engage 2017

The planning is already underway to make next year’s conference even better than 2016’s! Mark your Calendars, the conference will take place in Las Vegas in October 2017. Official dates and venue to be released soon. If you missed out on all the fun, be sure to catch some of the most popular sessions at the BMC Exchange Events.


Find out if there’s an Exchange event headed your way at



If you were with us last week in Las Vegas, you know we had a great time! From the IT Innovation Zone and race cars in Control-M Automation Alley, to the fantastic customer sessions and experts in the Genius Lab, it was a week well spent with fun, collaboration and learning.


The Control-M team kicked off Engage on Tuesday afternoon with the opening of the IT Innovation Zone. We could be found in Control-M Automation Alley, a booth like none other! BMC employees, partners and customers enjoyed racing each other through the streets of San Francisco, trying to beat the clock for shiny trophies and some very nice prizes.


The Workload Automation Track was kicked off on Wednesday by Jack Diamond and Andrew Taylor from Sky, one of Europe’s leading entertainment companies. Jack and Andy shared their 20 year journey and story of how they benefit from using Control-M. Jack and Andy shared their experience and feedback on the pre-GA evaluation of the new Control-M Managed File Transfer, and their use cases for Control-M Self Service, Batch Impact Manager and Control-M for Hadoop. This was a fascinating session and the way Jack and Andy linked between Sky’s business services and the technology that supports it, along with the value that they get from using BMC solutions was absolutely impressive.


On Thursday, Will Lewis and Tom Geva from BMC’s Control-M product management and solution marketing teams officially launched the new Control-M Managed File Transfer solution. This was one of the highest attended sessions of the Workload Automation track- in fact, one of the top 5 attended sessions at the Engage Conference! Will opened with sharing the customer research results that lead to the development of this project. Tom dove into the details of the solution, showing on screen the new operational dashboard and advanced search capabilities, along with the Self Service access, automatic deployment and embedded file transfer server. If you attended that session, you saw the sparkling eyes of every one of the attendees who just couldn’t wait to get their hands on this product. We can’t wait to hear the stories of the customers who implement MFT next year at Engage.


Control-M Automation Alley Winners:

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Andre Thomas, Windward Consulting

John Geczy, Geczy Computer Consulting

Maximilian Jost, Zurcher Kantonalbank

Maximilian Jost, Zurcher Kantonalbank

Chris Pfennig, Atos

Oscar Posada, GoIT

Paresh Mistry, Entuity

Buck Herren, Cellular Sales of Knoxville

Tom Carey, SAIC


The overall winner with the best time for all 3 days from Control-M Automation Alley was Maximilian Jost from Zurcher Kantonalbank in Switzerland, who also happens to be a Control-M customer! The Grand Prize was a $1,000 donation to a charity of the customer’s choice. Max chose Stiftung Hofwiesen, a Swiss charity who modifies senior citizen living arrangements so they can stay in their own homes longer.


We hope you are just as excited as we are about Engage 2017! The event will be held in October 2017 in Las Vegas. Official dates to be released soon! Watch our Control-M recap video!


Are you already working with Workload Change Manager 9 or want to know how to take advantage of all the features?  Would you like to learn how to automatically transfer folders and jobs between your Control-M environments?


Control-M Workload Change Manager's Promotion feature enables you to automatically transfer folders and jobs between environments which improves and simplifies tasks when moving definitions from Test/QA into Production environment.


If you'd like to learn how to promote job and folders definitions between Control-M environments, join us for this Connect with Control-M live webinar on Wednesday, September 28th. Andrea Carmelli will demonstrate how to:



Promote job and folder definitions


Create promotion rules


•      Promote as a batch process



Don’t miss a live demo of these capabilities. There will be a Q&A after the demo. Register Now! 


Would you like to learn to schedule a job on the last day of each month without using a calendar?


How about learning how Control-M can automatically adjust when a job runs if it happens to fall on a holiday or weekend by using the Confirmation Calendar feature?


If you'd like to learn how to make your job easier when scheduling in Control-M, both with and without calendars, we invite you to watch this Connect with Control-M recorded webinar on last Wednesday, August 31st. We demonstrated how to:



Schedule jobs to run or not run on specific days without using a calendar


Take advantage of Confirmation Calendars


•      Adjust rerun settings to affect the timing of cyclic jobs


This is the link on YouTube to the recorded session:



Connect with Control-M: Job Scheduling Techniques



Here is the Q&A for this webinar (Connect with Control-M: Job Scheduling Techniques)



Q: If the Maximum Reruns for a cyclic job is set to 0 that means it will run forever?

A. The newday process performs a stopcyclic if the Keep Active For (MAXWAIT) value is exceeded.



Q: Is there a limit for the Post Processing actions you can set for a job?

A: There is a limit set in version 8 for Do post-processing actions set to 99.



Q: Is it possible to set a cycle interval to minutes and seconds?

A: You can use days, hours and mins.



Q: What is the max number of specific times we can put?

A: Article 000120159

   You can put all the specific times that you need as long as they are not repeated.



Q: Can I change the cyclic intervals in the monitoring domain?

Q: When I change the interval of a job in the AJF, when will this take effect?

A: Yes, this will take effect after the next run time.



Q: If "No Tolerance" is defined, will the next execution get skipped?

A: Yes, the default for the Tolerance Parameter is 0.

   If the previous execution doesn't finish when the next specific time is reached, then the Cyclic Job will skip this execution.



Q: How do I enable the forecast option that you mentioned?

A: The Control-M/Forecast product would need to be installed and activated. If you do not see Control-M/Forecast available in EPD, please contact your sales representative.



Q: Can I schedule every other week without using Calendar?

A: You will need a calendar to do this because alternating weeks don't carry beyond the current month, just like alternating weekdays don't carry beyond the current week.



Q: Can we use a normal calendar with specific dates?

A: All the Regular calendars are based on specific dates.

   As well, in the Job definition you can use the "Specific Dates" option, and with this, you don't have to create a calendar.



Q: Can you explain RBC's importance?

A: With Rule-Based Calendars you can create complex scheduling definitions,

   You can have the Rule-Based Calendar definition with the "Advanced Scheduling" option, and with these calendars, you don't have to worry about maintaining the calendar definition every year.

   Article 000029568 contains additional information that may be helpful.



Q: Regarding Confirmation Calendars, how is the And/Or option used?

A: The And/Or option only applies to the Month Days and Week Days selections when using the Advanced Scheduling option.

   Confirmation Calendars act with an "AND" relationship to the rest of the schedule.



Q: What happens when you set a job's rerun interval to Start?

A: All intervals between executions are based on the start time of the job's previous execution.



Q: We have an hourly cyclic job, and we want to rerun it after a 5-minute wait upon an abend. We have it set up for "rerun" upon failure, but must manually use the "run now" option to get it to execute. Can our scenario work without manual intervention?

A: If you include a "Stop Cyclic" action, you can have the job perform an automatic rerun on failure. Be aware that the job will no longer be cyclic.

   Because cyclic jobs are already set to rerun regularly, to do this modification of the rerun schedule without ending doing "stop cyclic" would require manual intervention.



Q: In a 24 hours batch window, is there a way to skip an iteration of a cyclic job in the middle of its time range?

A: You can accomplish this by specifying specific execution times.



Q: If you use an interval of days do you need to use the Keep Active For (MAXWAIT) Days?

A: Yes.



Q: If the tolerance is missed, does that mean that job event will not be run at all?

A: Yes, that execution time will be skipped. When the next specific time arrives, the cyclic job will resume normal processing if the job is not in execution.



Q: Cyclic job: set up job for 4 specific times, 9:00, 9:10, 10:00, 11:00. Tolerance set to 5 mins. If the 9:00 execution is still running at 9:10 and completes at 9:25, will the job still run at 9:10?

A: The 9:10 execution will be skipped. Once the 9:00 execution ends at 9:25, the job will not execute again until 10:00.



Q: Is there a recommended cyclic minimum for best performance? Would a cyclic job with rerun interval of 0 min impact the performance of Control-M?

A: It depends on the performance of the machines where the Agent and Control-M/Server are installed. Each additional submission and execution increases the overhead on these machines.



Q: What is the "Tolerance Minutes" parameter?

A: This is the maximum delay in minutes permitted for a late submission when selecting a specific time (e.g. 5 minutes).



Q: How can we set up a cyclic job to execute past newday?

A: If CYCLIC_MAXWAIT (Control-M/Server system parameter) is set to KEEP (default), cyclic jobs are only deleted from the Active Jobs database after the expiration of the Keep Active for parameter.

   More detailed information on these parameters is included in the Control-M Administrator Guide.



Q: If you have a job scheduled let's say on Monday - Friday except for holidays and to roll back, so let's say 4th of July is Tuesday, will I have 2 of the same jobs running on Monday? and if so how can that be stopped so that 2 of the same jobs don't run on the roll back day?

A: If you are using a Confirmation Calendar to shift to the previous working day, you will have only one instance on Monday.



Q: What does the "shift by" parameter do in RBCs?

A: The "Shift by" option sets the number of working days the job can be moved when the RBC does not match the Confirmation Calendar.



Q: How are RBC different from Periodic calendar?

A: Periodic calendars: Enables you to create a pre-defined calendar based on different calendar periods that you define. Periods can be nonconsecutive, of varying length, and overlapping.

   Rule-based Calendars: Enables you to create a pre-defined calendar that is based on specific rules.

   You can use the options for Job scheduling like Month days, week days, Advanced scheduling, etc.



Q: Will Forecast show previous days?

A: Yes, it will.



Q: In the demonstration, you were scheduling jobs at intervals like 5 or 10 minutes, it appeared in the description field, but where exactly did you set that up?

A: In the Planning Domain, in Job Properties --> Scheduling --> Rerun Settings --> Set



Q: If we use tolerance, its effect will be on the next iteration. How does this affect the subsequent execution times of the cyclic job?

A: If the current time exceeds the next time plus tolerance, then that iteration of the job will be skipped. Scheduling times can be affected if the interval is based on job start or end times.



Q: Please describe "On-Do" conditions that apply to reruns.

A: From the demo, you have the option to use number of failures (FAILCOUNT), number of executions (RUNCOUNT), or reruns (RERUNNO) in the on/do statements.



Q: If cyclic job fails, and it takes a while to fix, will the cyclic start from the time we fix, or will it keep running while the one is failed?

A: By default, a cyclic job will continue its schedule regardless of an individual execution ending NOT OK. You can prevent this for an individual job by using an On-Do action to "stop cyclic". You can change this behavior at the Control-M/Server level by changing the Control-M/Server system parameter CYCLIC_RERUN from "OK" to "NOTOK".

   More detailed information on these parameters is included in the Control-M Administrator Guide.



Q: Is there any way to prevent a "standard non-cyclic" job from being rerun? When you click Rerun the job will just not be submitted...

A: You can set this in security settings at the user or group level, not through the job definition.



Q: Can a rule based calendar be used everywhere that a regular calendar can in scheduling definitions?

A: Only regular calendars can be used as confirmation calendars.



Q: If we use Forecast for previous, how can we use Archive and history options?

A: Forecast shows, based on current schedule, when things would run. The history domain shows archived viewpoints that have real data about previous days.



Q: I have a job that starts at 23:00 hrs and my NDP is at 00:00. And the job is setup to run between 23:00 and End of Day. The server is unavailable and it became available after 00:00 hrs. So now will the job run immediately or it will wait for 23:00 hrs?

A: If the Server becomes available before the 00:01 hours it will run. If not and Keep Active For (MAXWAIT) is set accordingly, the job will run again at 23:00.



Q: Can you run a job based on relative days, like 5th business day of the month?

A: Yes, you need to have a calendar for business days and select the option "based on calendar" using this calendar. Then, select the option "Relative Calendar Days from Start/End of Month/Period" and select the 5th day.



Q: If a job fails, I want that job to wait for 10 min and then rerun automatically. Is that possible through Rerun Setting in Actions tab?

A: The interval under Rerun Settings can be set to rerun every 10 minutes from a job's end, even for non-cyclic jobs, and a "Do rerun" action will honor these settings.



Q: If a cyclic job runs every 5 mins is there a way to get late sub alerted if it did not run within 5 mins of the previous run?

A: The late sub alerts will work only for the first execution.

   We have the two following enhancement requests open:




In the past, it was challenging for customers to utilize cloud based services like AWS, and RDS with Control-M…but that is changing! We are very excited to announce Control-M on the cloud, our latest enhancement to Control-M designed for I2T folks and to appeal to our customers who are moving to the public cloud. In addition to on premises and hybrid cloud models, companies now have the option to address their changing business needs by moving to a public cloud enterprise job scheduling capability with Control-M. 


Companies are aggressively moving applications to the public cloud, to augment their private and hybrid cloud and on premise infrastructures. Key drivers include reducing infrastructure and licensing costs by taking advantage of cloud capabilities and providing easy access environments to support DevOps teams. Running Control-M on the cloud will leverage the capability of public cloud solutions to decrease on premises infrastructure, storage and labor costs all while delivering 100% of the benefits of Control-M.  With these new Control-M capabilities, you can now provision and install within minutes and it’s much easier to take advantage of cloud based services lowering effort and cost.


Key Benefits:

  • Reduce the time required to provision and configure Control-M environments
  • Ease of use as deployment is now managed by the cloud provider
  • Huge cost savings on infrastructure and storage


What’s even better is every customer has access to Control-M on the cloud. Existing Control-M 9 customers will be able to obtain the license key from BMC Support. Control-M on AWS Marketplace will be available with Bring Your Own License (BYOL) and will be available as a VM extension on Microsoft Azure.


Attend our Control-M on the cloud sessions at BMC Engage in Las Vegas!

  1. September 8th: “Deploying BMC Control-M in Cloud Environments” by Subject Matter Expert,Olga Paker
  2. September 9th: Hands on Lab- “Run Control-M on Cloud Using Amazon EC2” by Olga Paker and Eyal Sharon

Control-M Workload Automation is used by thousands of people across the world. Control-M is critical to the business and these days it isn’t just operators and schedulers who care- but everyone in the organization. Recent additions like Application Integrator and Workload Change Manager have expanded the Control-M audience and that trend continues with our recent release of Control-M Automation API, embedding Control-M directly into Application Development!


What is it? Control-M Automation API is a set of programmatic interfaces that allows developers and DevOps engineers to use Control-M within the agile application release process. This builds automation and consistency into the development process so new business services go from concept to production faster. Using JSON notation for job definitions, GIT and RESTful APIs for validation, configuration and deployment, workflow scheduling artifacts are seamlessly integrated with preferred tools used to automate the application release and deployment process. Now, applications and the workflows they depend on can be developed together to eliminate inconsistencies and save steps in the deployment process.


Key benefits:

  • Aligns Development and Operations
  • No need to learn a new toolset- Developers and DevOps can use their preferred environments and tools
  • Fully consistent delivery pipeline- Applications run more reliably and errors are diagnosed more quickly


This version of Control-M Automation API adds support for File Transfer (both AFT and MFT) and Database jobs to Hadoop and OS jobs types already supported with the initial version. Extensive operational actions such as Order, Kill and Rerun, security enhancements, new job properties and the ability to directly manage resources and conditions combine to enable every Control-M customer to now get value from Automation API.


Since Automation API requires a Control-M 9 environment, this is a perfect time to reach out to your customer base. It is immediately available for all customers on Control-M 9 fix pack 3.


Attend our Automation API session at BMC Engage in Las Vegas!

  • September 8th: Hands-on Lab- “BMC Control-M Automation API” by Anat Ben-Shmuel

Control-M has been the leading batch job scheduling and workload automation solution for decades. Because of constant innovation it remains a critical solution for thousands of companies.  File transfers are also critical to your business, and robust integration between both your file transfers and related application workflows would give you a competitive advantage.


Well, look no further! Control-M Managed File Transfer delivers highly efficient file transfer management and a single point of control for all your file transfers, along with all the dynamic scheduling capabilities Control-M is so well known for.


It provides a dashboard view of file transfer status and endpoint activity.  This dashboard delivers instant visibility into all file transfer operations, including the status of the transfers, throughput levels, and endpoint details in an easy to use interface.


With advanced search capabilities in both the product client application and the self-service web-based interface, users can easily find details of a specific file transfer, using any number of data points like transfer status, source or destination host information, filename or many other values.  No matter the role a person has in the organization, assuming permissions allow, they can search and find what they need in the way that makes sense to them. An operator might typically search by job name, whereas a member of the file transfer team can search by file name.


With Control-M Managed File Transfer files can be transferred securely with FTP, secure FTP (SFTP), FTP over SSL, or PGP encryption.  It delivers a built-in file transfer server and provides centralized configuration and administration options, making deployment and upgrade activities a breeze.


It also includes an automatic conversion tool allowing for rapid and reliable conversion from

competitive file transfer products. 


And it delivers these file transfer capabilities along with all of the amazing features Control-M is known for like self service via both web and mobile devices, service level management, forecasting, historical views, change and audit control …… the list goes on and on!


Stop building messy homegrown file transfer scripts that require lots of care and feeding and quit using 3rd party file transfer tools that are complex and high priced.


Attend our Control-M MFT session or one of the hands-on labs at BMC Engage in Las Vegas!

  1. September 8th: “Introducing BMC Control-M Managed File Transfer” by Subject Matter Expert, Will Lewis and Tom Geva

Hands-on Labs:

  1. September 6th & 8th: Hands on Lab- "BMC Control-M Managed File Transfer” by Avner Waldman
  2. September 9th: Hands on Lab- "BMC Control-M Managed File Transfer" by Will Lewis and Tom Geva

There are 3 Control-M Labs offered at Engage that were so popular, we are going to offer them twice! Space is limited to 40 students, don’t miss your chance! Register to secure your spot.


Tuesday, September 6th:

LL29: BMC Managed File Transfer by Avner Waldman at 1:00-1:45pm PST

Get hands on with the new Control-M Managed File Transfer solution. In this lab, you will learn how to define file transfers, use the operations dashboard to view the status of your file transfers, and search for file transfers. In addition, you will have the opportunity to install and update MFT on an agent using the new MFT deployment tool.
Be one of the first to experience a brand new way to manage your organization's file transfers with Control-M.


LL18: Control-M 9 by Erez Gordon and Avner Waldman at 3:00-3:45pm PST

Join this hands-on lab to learn and experience Agent and Client deployment in BMC Control-M. Together, we will:

  • Experiment with the ease of client deployment from client install and automatic deployment of fix packs
  • Upgrade your agent with the latest fix packs without direct access to the agents


Wednesday, September 7th:

LL22: Control-M Automation API by Anat Ben-Shmuel at 4:15-5:00pm PST

Join this hands-on lab to experience the new and exciting REST API for BMC Control-M and learn how it can help you accelerate your application release cycles as Control-M becomes be part of your CI/CD processes. Together we will define Control-M Jobs in JSON, verify and deploy them to an existing Control-M/EM, provision an Agent with a simple cli activation, and bundle an Agent into a Docker® container. Please note that you will need scripting skills in order to take full advantage of this session.


Note: If you are already registered for one of these sessions at a different time, there is no need to re-register. However, if you are waitlisted for one of these labs, it is recommended that you register for the alternate time.


Would you like to learn to schedule a job on the last day of each month without using a calendar?


How about learning how Control-M can automatically adjust when a job runs if it happens to fall on a holiday or weekend by using the Confirmation Calendar feature?


If you'd like to learn how to make your job easier when scheduling in Control-M, both with and without calendars, join us for this Connect with Control-M live webinar on Wednesday, August 31st.  Ruben Villa will demonstrate how to:



Schedule jobs to run or not run on specific days without using a calendar


Take advantage of Confirmation Calendars


•      Adjust rerun settings to affect the timing of cyclic jobs



Don’t miss a live demo of these capabilities. There will be a Q&A after the demo. Register Now!


In 2014, Spark took the Hadoop world by storm. Spark quickly became the most active Apache open source project. Today, adoption is growing because Spark allows organizations to overcome limitations of traditional Hadoop technology. Hadoop and Spark process data differently. Hadoop is focused on distributed batch processing which can potentially slow down the delivery of your critical data. On the other hand, Spark processes everything in memory, which is what makes it so fast. It only takes a Spark! Hadoop and Spark do not replace each other, but rather complement each other. When organizations combine these two technologies, they can process and deliver data very quickly. It is a beautiful union!


Spark is accelerating the evolution of Big Data. Organizations should strive to create an environment where Spark, MapReduce and non-Hadoop workloads coexist and complement each other. This is possible by taking a platform approach to workload automation. These effective platforms provide a common environment to develop, deploy, schedule and manage all types of existing workflows that the business has been running for years, in addition to emerging Big Data programs.


hadoop+cute 3.pngControl-M Workload Automation is a powerful platform for integrating enterprise workloads in a development and management environment. Control-M:


  • Removes complexity from Hadoop management
  • Shortens development time
  • Simplifies creation of batch flows




Not all workload automation platforms are created equal. The value of a platform increases with more types of supported workloads and protocols because less supplementary tools and scripting are required. Not only is scripting time consuming, but it increases the risk of human error ultimately causing workloads to fail. Some WLA solutions are strictly focused on workflow scheduling. Choose a platform that supports the full workload management lifecycle. Real time notifications of failures for your critical Spark workloads are also absolutely necessary. Enterprise-class solutions automatically execute those tasks in real time.


Forrester said the combination of Spark and Hadoop “will be bigger than Kim and Kanye.”




Image Source:


Do you know the differences between using SMART and Regular Folders? Do you understand how to take advantage of SMART Folders?


If you’re not familiar with SMART folders, or you want to enhance your knowledge on this topic, we invite you to watch this Connect with Control-M recorded webinar on Wednesday, July 27th, at which time Hugo Arguello demonstrated functionality of SMART folders when scheduling jobs in Control-M. We demonstrated:



     •       Differences between SMART and Regular Folders


     •       Rule Based Calendars (RBC)


     •       In and Out conditions among SMART Folders



Here is the Q&A for this webinar (Connect With Control-M: Scheduling with Calendars and SMART Folders)



Q: Will we be able to order a job in the Actions tab to a SMART folder?  Currently (in v8) we can only order in regular folders

A: Yes, this is part of the post processing feature



Q: SMART folders have their own orderid. Are they counted as tasks for the purpose of licensing?

A: Yes, since SMART Folders are consider a work unit



Q: Is there a limit for the jobs that a SMART or Regular folder can contain?

A: No, there isn't any limit



Q: Is "View Schedule" option similar to Forecast module? Is "View Schedule" option similar to Forecast module?

A: It is the same, in fact to use View Schedule option it is necessary to have Forecast installed first



Q: Is it possible to use Time Settings to define a job to not run during a specific timeframe?

A: No, this is not possible



Q: If I have a job using a calendar but the job belongs to a SMART folder which has another calendar defined, inside the job you can define which calendar to use?

A: Yes, it is possible to define a different calendar in the job



Q: Can I use Adjust Condition across Data Centers?

A: No, this is not possible



Q: How do we sign up for announcements to webinar series?

A: You can register into communities in: 



Q: Can we set priorities on SMART Folders?

A: Yes, it is possible to set priorities on SMART Folders



Q: If calendars on SMART folders cannot be displayed in the calendars, where can you see them?

A: You can see them in the Tools --> Calendars, however calendars must be available from the SMART Folder



Q: Is it Possible to force all jobs in SMART folder to run on same host when using a hostgroup

A: No, it's not possible to set the agent in the SMART folder, this is defined in each job



Q: With use of Sub-Folders, how can you release a Sub-Folder with its jobs from HOLD without releasing the parent Folder and all other Sub-Folders/jobs within?

A: This is not possible, it is necessary to release the SMART Folder to have sub folder jobs running



Q: Changing the PARM in the CCM to ignore conditons is the same thing as a MAYBE condition on the MF. So if the job isn't scheduled it will ignore that condition for that day.

A: This is correct



Q: Do the dummy jobs that get created when schedule conditions are not met, count as a license?

A: Yes they do



Q: When we order 4 jobs inside a SMART folder as standalone, why does it ordered as 4 different SMART folder

A: This should not happen, this function orders a job into a regular folder instead of a SMART Folder



Q: Is SMART Folder is available for cyclic runs? Like every 30 minutes...

A: No, it is not possible to set cyclic in SMART Folders



Q: I need to sync calendars between production and test control M servers. What is the correct process to follow?

A: There is no auto sync for calendars across ctm servers. This will be a manually process, to export and import the calendar



Q: Changing the PARM in the CCM to ignore conditions is the same thing as a MAYBE condition on the MF. So if the job isn't scheduled it will ignore that condition for that day.

A: This is correct



Q: Does a sub folder has any limitations? e.g. number of sub folders permitted in a SMART folder?

A: There is no limitations



Q: Are SMART folders available on the Mainframe

A: Yes they are



Q: situation: a SMART folder auto-order during NDP then completed. Then we order the same SMART folder on the same date as recent, it will share the same order ID, why is it? The jobs inside the SMART folder will be new, why the SMART folder duplicates?

A: Recent option must order a new SMART Folder with a different order if than the original one, recent on ordering a single job will order a new job in the current SMART Folder



Q: Can a SMART folder receive conditions from both i.e. SMART folder and a job?

A: Yes, it can



Q: You have given a User daily in a SMART folder and different user daily in the jobs, so would SMART folder bypass the job's user daily?

A: The user daily is only for folders or SMART Folders, not in jobs


Kelsey Adams

Control-M Brag Book

Posted by Kelsey Adams Employee Aug 2, 2016

Today, BMC digital IT powers 82% of the Fortune 500 companies. Our innovative software solutions enable businesses to transform into digital enterprises for the ultimate competitive advantage. Control-M is transforming digital enterprises across the globe and customers rely on Control-M every day. Whether it be retail, transportation or financial services, Control-M is changing the lives and businesses of those who use it, and is behind the scenes of happy customers all over the world.


Colruyt, a Belgian retailer accelerates their supply chain management using Control-M. Colruyt, responsible for the IT and optimization of business processes, has to move a lot of volume of food through their shops in order to have satisfied customers. The company is growing at a very fast rate, and they cannot leave the business behind. Colruyt standardized on Control-M because “it is easy to integrate and move technology into the same environment.” One of the things Colruyt has been able to improve over the years due to Control-M is the planning of transport. With Control-M they know the volume and the weight of all of the vegetable crates and are able to arrange the trucks as optimally as possible. “Thanks to Control-M our trucks are filled 95%” – Peter Vanbellingen. Another advancement Colruyt was able to introduce to their business thanks to Control-M is their voice picking system. The main advantage of voice picking is a lower rate of error. Since the trucks are optimally filled, transport costs are ultimately reduced. And, because this entire process is automated, it runs quickly and smoothly with less room for human error.  BMC is one of Colruyt’s most important partners and ultimately allows them to be ready for their customers.


Morningstar, a financial publishing company gets business done faster with Control-M automation. Each day, when the market closes, customers expect access into Morningstar’s products to see that the prices have been updated. If Control-M isn’t running, this doesn’t happen and results in a serious impact to their customers business. “It is very critical that Control-M runs, always.” Without Control-M Self Service, Morningstar would not be able to fix the issues that arise and jobs that fail remotely. While on vacation, Timothy Nettleton, Morningstar Developer, was able to log into Control-M from a café, identify the issues at hand and resolve them in a shorter amount of time than it would have taken to send off an email. He said, “You can’t do that without Control-M.” Underneath the simplicity of Control-M, Morningstar has an extremely complicated production process and very intricate interdependencies that have to be completed carefully and at an exact time during the day. Control-M handles all of this for Morningstar.


What will Control-M do for you?


Is SAP deployed at your company?  If yes, please join us to learn how Control-M for SAP 8 will help streamline processes and reduce complex interdependencies you face today when working with SAP. Control-M for SAP 8 introduces new features and enhancements, including temporary variants, which reduce the overhead in maintaining many copies of the same Variant in SAP systems, and jobtraces, which is really helpful for troubleshooting as it´s much easier to see when the API call is started and when that call is answered by SAP.


We invite you and your Control-M administrators to join us for this Connect with Control-M live webinar on Wednesday, June 29th, at which time Javier Núñez will demonstrate some of the new features and enhancement of Control-M for SAP 8. Javier will:


     •    Provide an overview of the Control Module for SAP 8 architecture


     •    Discuss and demonstrate some of the new functionality in Control-M for SAP 8 including:


              o    Temporary Variants

              o    Jobtraces

              o    XBP 3.0 certification


     •    Provide basic troubleshooting tips


Here is the Q&A for this webinar (Connect With Control-M: New Features in Control-M for SAP 8)



Q: Can you disable the jobtrace log?

A: Yes, adding - article 000070316


Q: Do the jobtrace logs clean themselves up?

A: Yes, New Day cleans the trace logs just like the other logs


Q: How can I verify my SAP server supports XBP3?    

A: Using SAP Transaction SE38 and using program XBP2, assistance of your SAP Admin might be needed


Q: Where are the interception profiles stored?

A: They are stored in the SAP server


Q: How do I download Control-M for SAP?

A: You can go to our EPD site and download CM for SAP there


Q: Do I have to enable debug to get the SAP trace logs?

A: No, the SAP trace logs are created. You only need to add additional debugging if required.


Q: For the job trace logs that you were showing, do I have to remove them manually, or does the Agent clean them up with the sysout is cleaned?

A: They are cleaned up automatically


Q: How do I enable the XBP3 that you're talking about?

A: Your SAP admin can enable that on the SAP server and also turn on the XBP3


Q: Is CM for SAP 8.0.00 is compatible with Control-M Agent V.7.0.00 ?

A: Yes it is. That is the lowest agent version that it is supported on.


Q: Not able to download the document

A. You can open the docs through


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