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The world is exploding of data. Just google the words “data explosion” and have a brief look at the number of results you will get. I did and it is probably not a surprise that the first search result I have got was a Forbes article that was published last year under the title “Why Most Companies Can’t Deal with the Data Explosion”.


Earlier this month I have attended the first large Big Data event of 2017 – Strata Hadoop in San Jose California. This is probably my 5th or 6th Strata Hadoop event in the past few years and it is interesting to see how the Big Data industry is growing fast – some would say, as fast as the data is growing and yet others may say, not fast enough.


The number of open source technologies in the Big Data space continue to grow rapidly. While it’s great to see the rapid pace of innovation this also presents a challenge for companies on how to make best use of these technologies and absorb them in their own ecosystem. Also, as the data volumes are growing exponentially, Cloud is fast becoming a key component in Big Data implementations and a facilitator in large Big Data projects, with its flexibility and capabilities to support more storage and compute power.


It was one of the analysts who said a couple of years ago in one of these events the words that I have been quoting (never enough apparently) in the past few years – “Hadoop is not an island”. Now, more than ever, it seems to me as there is an across the board understanding that if you want your Big Data project to be successful, you need solutions in place that will assure you are enterprise ready and can scale. 


Let’s talk about scalability. It seems to me as the variation of the words scale / scalable / scalability was used in most if not all of the sessions I have attended, not to mention the various conversations I had at the exhibition hall. While many companies have seen successful in a Big Data pilot case, being able to scale and support the growing business demands is still one of the major challenges organizations implementing Big Data face along with the need to deliver applications fast.

Clearly, the time to value remains a hot topic on everyone’s agenda – the need to deliver value to business and to do it rapidly. This need is driving organizations to look into automation solutions or more specifically, scheduling solutions. I remember attending my first Big Data event many years ago and people looking at me puzzled when I asked them of what they are using to schedule their Hadoop jobs. Well, not anymore.


The usage of enterprise grade workload automation solutions is allowing customers not only to schedule their Big Data processes but also providing them the so much needed connectivity between the various platforms, applications and technologies in use to support their business initiatives. It provides the  “management layer” so Big Data developers can focus on how to obtain maximum value of the data. As Darren Chinen, Senior Director of Data Science and Engineering in Malwarebytes said in his interview to the CUBE “We had to evaluate where we wanted to spend our time” ( Malwarebytes Cube Interview ).


One last thought I had, as I was wandering around the exhibition hall, speaking to various companies and vendors. Big Data is no longer just a “cool” initiative. It has an important role to play in the digital world and is relevant to each and every industry. Be there or be …


The new and exciting Control-M Version 8 is officially available for a few months now and based on the number of downloads from the Electronic Product Downloads (EPD) website I can assume that many of you, our loyal customers are already testing and evaluating this new version.


Control-M V8, with its innovative and intuitive interface, is all about improving the user experience and simplifying the whole process of defining and monitoring your workflows. We called it the “Power of Simple” and that goes for the upgrade process as well.  We in BMC Software understand how critical Workload Automation is to your company and how important it is for you to assure you have a firm Control-M environment running your business daily.


During the last few years we have introduced various changes and improvements in the Control-M upgrade process in order to make it as smooth and safe as possible. Over 1000 customers around the world have already taken advantage of the BMC Assisted Migration Offering (AMIGO) when planning an upgrade to a newer version of the product and the feedback our support teams got was extremely encouraging.


In order to provide you more information on the Control-M V8 upgrade process, we will be hosting a “Upgrade to Control-M V8” Webcast on Wednesday, February 13th (11am CST).  In the Webcast, I will be joined by one of our most knowledgeable and experienced Control-M Technical Support Analysts – Ze’ev Gross and he will walk us through the main steps in the upgrade process as well as emphasize key points in the upgrade planning phase.


You can still register to this Webcast on the BMC events site: or directly here: .



“To improve is to change. To be perfect is to change often” – Winston Churchill


A couple of weeks ago, we have launched BMC Control-M V8 with a live keynote presentation broadcasted online to viewers all around the world. This new Control-M version focuses on simplicity and ease of use through a new redesigned user interface, providing the end user a welcoming and self-guiding GUI. But BMC Control-M V8 is not only about simplicity – it is also powerful and proven, with enhanced capacity of the Control-M engine as well as improved performance and throughput.  We call it – “The Power of Simple”.


Why should I upgrade?


In the past few weeks I had the opportunity to meet many of our customers in various seminars across the globe.  The live keynote and the Control-M V8 seminars created a lot of anticipation in the Control-M community and as soon as the product is officially GA (General Availability), and customers will start testing it, the first question to be asked is probably why should I upgrade to this version?


With Control-M V8, automating and managing your business processes is easier and simpler, allowing you to lower the workload automation management cost and reduce the learning curve of new or novice users. We achieve that with a redesigned user experience providing an intuitive and easy to use interface for defining and monitoring the job flows.  More than that, we combined all the job life-cycle activities into one single GUI for planning, assessing and executing a job as well as analyzing its result.


During the process of planning and building this new version, we met with over eighty customers worldwide in order to focus on what our customers really need and help them to be successful.  Many of them pointed out that the process of defining the workloads is a collaborative effort involving multiple teams in the same or different geographical location. In Control-M V8 we have introduced the concept of Virtual Workspaces, allowing multiple people and teams within the organization to collaborate when building new workloads or changing existing ones.


Control-M V8 is also the most powerful Control-M version ever. Based on tests we run in the lab, its supercharged Control-M/Server can run up to 2-5 times more jobs than before, allowing you to increase the throughput of each scheduling engine in your workload automation environment. The new version includes also improvements of many of the internal processes, such as the process of job selection and submission, helping to increase the responsiveness of the overall system.


Where do I start?


The first step, like with any other BMC product or release is to download the new version from the Electronic Product Downloads (EPD) website or contact BMC Support.  The product will be available through the EPD website as soon as it becomes officially GA.


Once the product is installed and you start testing it, spend some time going through the Control-M V8 enhanced documentation center. The documentation covers the various Control-M components and specifically also the migration process.  The “Getting Started” online help includes three new instructional videos, embedded in the product online documentation, to introduce you to Control-M V8. The first video provides an overall overview of the new interface and the two other videos cover the planning domain (for defining jobs), and monitoring domain (for monitoring the jobs execution).


Like with previous versions, there is of course no need to upgrade all the Control-M components at once. The Control-M backwards compatibility allows you to plan for a phased migration of the Control-M Enterprise Manager, followed by the Control-M/Servers and finally the Control-M/Agents.


You have got a friend!


The good news is that you are not alone in this journey. BMC is offering help with the planning and execution of the Control-M upgrade via the AMIGO (Assisted Migration Offering) program. This service is included in the standard support offering and it helps you creating a high level upgrade plan as well as a step by step guide to assure a successful upgrade to the new Control-M version.Over 1,000 customers worldwide have already used this service and all you need to do in order to get advantage of it is to contact the BMC Support at .


Where can I find more information?


The new Control-M web pages include a whole set of documents, demos and videos about Control-M V8. Have a look at , the information is divided into four different sections including a version comparison table and access to a repository of documents through the “More Resources” tab.


BMC is also offering a new set of Control-M V8 Self-Learning classes. These classes will be available through the BMC Education website at  as soon as the product will be officially released.


Finally, follow our publications on various social media platforms in order to get more information, ask questions or hear and share experience of other Control-M customers:


·         BMC Control-M Community via

·         LinkedIn group:  BMC Control-M

·         Facebook page:  BMC Control-M

·         Twitter: BMCControlM



In the past few years we have seen the BMC Control-M Customer Support scores constantly improving, year by year and setting new records of a Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) of over 87% earlier this year.


Now these improvements are also recognized in a paper released by Consortium for Service Innovation. The paper discusses the innovative methods adopted by the BMC Customer Support and specifically the BMC implementation of swarming. This concept was also implemented by the Control-M Customer Support teams in last year.


The idea of swarming intelligence is to facilitate a collaborative problem solving process in order to reduce the time to resolution while improving the communications within the team and the overall team work.


BMC Customer Support implemented swarming in 2 different support processes – in the allocation of resources to handle and solve critical cases as well as in the case dispatch system.


In my opinion implementation of such innovative support methods as well as advanced support services, such as the Amigo program will result in the CSI going even higher in the next couple of months.


Read more about the swarming implementation in BMC in the paper written by Consortium for Service Innovation BMC Software Proving that Swarming Does Work


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