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We are excited to announce that the Assisted Self-Paced (ASP) offering for the Control-M 9.0.19.x: Fundamentals Operating course is now available for you.


This assisted self-paced training covers:

  • Basic Control-M Operations
  • Different Control-M Interfaces used to monitor the Control-M environment
  • How to monitor and manage job processing in the Control-M environment
  • How to access job details
  • Find functionality and how to use it to locate a particular job from the complex workflows
  • How to find job dependencies using the Neighborhood functionality
  • How to use Alerts Monitor to manage and monitor the alerts
  • Leverage the Control-M MFT Dashboard to check the progress and details of all of the file transfers happened across your Control-M environment
  • How to use Workload Policy Monitor to view the current status of associated jobs with a Workload Policy


Register for learning, and complete it at your pace, anytime within the specified period.

Check out the given link for more details of Course Abstract and Registration: Control-M 9.0.19.x: Fundamentals Operating (ASP) - BMC Software