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Are you a user of Control-M Managed File Transfer? Do you want to know how Control-M Managed File Transfer provides an intuitive graphical user interface that gives you instant visibility into the status of internal and external file transfers with a dashboard view?


Here comes an exciting education offering for you.


We are happy to announce that the Control-M 9.0.19.x: Fundamentals Managed File Transfer Administering course is now available for BMC customers and partners.


This one-day instructor-led training (ILT) course talks about how to:

  • Transfer a file to and from remote to local servers
  • Transfer a file between SFTP servers
  • Install Control-M MFT
  • Deploy file transfer to agents
  • Configure Control-M MFT
  • Define connection endpoints
  • Monitor files transfer activity
  • MFT Enterprise Architecture Overview
  • Install B2B Gateway
  • Configure B2B Hub
  • Configure Users for Gateway
  • Configure Virtual Folders
  • Define Rules
  • Use the B2B Gateway to transfer files


For more details about the Course Abstract and Registration, please check: Control-M 9.0.19.x: Fundamentals Managed File Transfer Administering - BMC Software


Many thanks to everyone who helped us develop this course.