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I am reaching out to our amazing Control-M community to see if there are a few of you that are able and willing to support us with a research project we are current doing with IDC. We are in search of organizations that have used Control-M for some years and are leveraging Control-M as part of your organization's modernization or digital transformation initiatives.


The ask is for a one hour phone call. It will be only you and IDC on the phone (no one from BMC) and your name, company name and any information you shared during the call will remain anonymous (even from BMC).  They would only confirm to let us know that you indeed did have the call, but not anything you discussed.


Interested already?  Message me! Criss Scruggs


Your responses would be aggregated with responses from other Control-M customers into a single white paper report of which we would be happy to send you a copy when it's hot off the press. If you do wish to attribute any comments or quotes to your company, yourself then you would of course get to review and approve that prior to sharing with BMC or publishing the white paper (again, can be all anonymous as well).


Here are a few more details regarding the research:


Research: Analysis of the benefits and costs associated with your organizations use of Control-M (you may not have all of the information required but hopefully most of it)

Participant: The person in the organization that is able to best answer questions such as:

  • Your organization's background including size, industry, location, defining characteristics and reasons for using Control-M
  • The role of Control-M in the automation and orchestration of business applications, and the impact on developers, including the quality and timeliness of delivery of new applications and features
  • The use of Control-M to implement and extend DevOps activities and to manage workflows across hybrid and multi-cloud environments
  • The effect of Control-M on data analytics and the ability to leverage data to support business operations
  • The impact of Control-M on business outcomes such as higher revenue, customer satisfaction, compliance, and quality of applications and services
  • Costs (both financial and staff time) and time frame for your organization's use of Control-M


Now, for the best part...for the first three Community Members that fit the criteria AND are willing and able to participate AND complete their calls with IDC before May 20th, we will send you the coveted Control-M hoodie and a stylish pair of only-available-from-BMC socks.


Please reply to let me know you are interested and I will contact you directly about connecting you to IDC to schedule the interview.

Message me! Criss Scruggs


Thank you for being the best customers ever!


Lilly Roosken Loreal Hunter