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This is the final blog of our 5-part series in which we are answering questions attendees submitted during our live Control-M 19 launch webinar on March 26. In case you missed them, here are links to the previous four blogs:


·         Blog #1: Upgrade and version-related questions


·         Blog #2: Container and cloud-related questions.


·         Blog #3: Questions on applications, file transfers and Control-M’s web interface


·         Blog #4: Questions on Control-M Workload Change Manager, Configuration Manager, and Automation API.


Today, we are going to answer all remaining questions.



Q: Have you made Control-M recovery improvements with Version 19?
Kafka is available for microservices. And, several web servers can run concurrently on different nodes to address high availability and load balancing while putting a load balancer/reverse proxy in front of them.


Q: Control-M is becoming more widely used by everybody (for DevOps and agile development, etc.). The registration for user management is still a manual process though. Can this be automated?
User management is available with Control-M 19 as part of Automation API.  If you are using LDAP, the association of LDAP to a role can be managed via API/CLI, allowing you to perform mass updates and automate these processes.


Q: Is Control-M’s reporting facility now web-enabled?  Do users have to have administrative privileges in this version to use/execute reports?
The reporting facility is not web-enabled yet. It currently uses web technology that is embedded within the desktop client. We aim to make it web-enabled in a future release.  Users do not need to have administrative privileges to run reports.


Q: Can we see an example of the reporting facility?
Here is a link to a video that will give you a look at the new reporting facility. It also explains how to migrate from the old reporting facility.


Q: We have installed Version 19, but cannot see the connection profiles listing. What should we do?
Please open a case with Customer Support.


Q: Is it possible to pass parameters from the job to script? If so, how is this handled?
If you are referring to moving parameters from one job to another job that is running a script, you have the ability to define variables (global, pool, local).


Q: When will Control-M be RHEL7 compliant?
Control-M supports RH7 for all components (EM server, Control-M server, agent, applications).


Q: Does licensing remain the same with Control-M 19?
Our current solution package is called Control-M Platform.  Workload Change Manager, Workload Archiving, MFT and MFT Enterprise are available add-ons to this package.  Please contact your account manager for additional information.


Q: Does password encryption work with cold and hot backups in batch jobs?
We need more details on this question, please comment below.



Thanks to everyone who attended the webinar and asked all these great questions! We hope the answers we’ve provided have helped! If you still have any questions on Control-M 19, comment below and we’ll get to work on it!


If you missed the live webinar, you can watch the recording here.