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This is the fourth in a 5-part blog series in which we are answering questions attendees submitted during our live Control-M 19 launch webinar on March 26. In case you missed them, here are links to the previous blogs:

  • Blog #1: Upgrade and version-related questions
  • Blog #2: Container and cloud-related questions.
  • Blog #3: Questions on Applications, file transfers and Control-M’s web interface

Today, we are going to answer questions on Control-M Workload Change Manager, Configuration Manager, and Automation API.

Control-M Workload Change Manager

Q: Do site standards police Jobs submitted to Control-M "outside" of Control-M? If yes, are they cancelled at time of submission?
If by “outside,” you mean jobs not being managed by Control-M, then no. If the jobs are running in Control-M, (whether they got there through traditional creation via the GUI or as-code through Automation API) then yes, site standards are enforced.

Q: If you do not have Control-M Workload Change Manager are you still able to apply site standards?
No. Site Standards are part of Control-M Workload Change Manager.

Q: Is web-based monitoring and planning only available if you own Control-M Workload Change Manager?
Monitoring is included as part of Control-M’s self-service (web) interface. Planning is part of Workload Change Manager.


Control-M Configuration Manager

Q: Are there any major enhancements to the CCM in Control-M 19?
We have exposed some of the CCM functionality through Control-M Automation API (Rest & CLI), including:

  • User and LDAP management
  • Authorization (roles)
  • Agent, AP and Managed File Transfer upgrade functionality
  • “Run-as-user” management

Q: There’s a new service option in the CCM under the EM components. Where can we find some more information around that?
Check out the Control-M 19 Documentation here for details.


Control-M Automation API

Q: Control-M Automation API did not previously cover all the functions available in the client GUI.  What coverage do you have now? 
There are a couple of job properties that we are planning to address in a future fix pack.  We recommend taking a look at the Automation API online help where you can find the latest information.

Q: Is a conversion tool provided for Control-M Automation API code if an upgrade changes the look and feel of the code (field length or name changes)?
We do not anticipate any changes that would require a conversion tool at this time.

We hope these answers help! If you still have a question on any of the topics above, comment below and we’ll provide and answer or include your question in an upcoming blog. Stay tuned for our final blog, in which we’ll provide answers to all remaining questions.


If you missed the live webinar, you can watch the recording here.