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This blog is the third in a 5-part series in which we are answering questions attendees submitted during our live Control-M 19 launch webinar on March 26. In case you missed them, here are links to our first blog, where we covered upgrade and version-related questions, or the second blog, where we covered container and cloud-related questions. Today, we’re going to answer questions on applications, file transfers and Control-M’s web interface.



Q: What new features in Control-M 19 provide support for Hadoop?
Control-M now supports Microsoft Azure HDInsight, version 3.6 and above. We are always looking to enhance this capability. If there are any additional feature suggestions, please raise a Request for Enhancement (RFE) with Customer Support.

Q: We use Oracle Cloud for both Financial and Human Capital Management. Are there any methods to streamline?

Q: Does Control-M 19 support integration with CyberArk Vault or Salesforce Cloud?

Q: Is Control-M 19 compatible with Oracle CC&B 2.7.x/C2M 27.7.x?

A: The previous three integrations are best done today using Application Integrator.

Q: Do you plan to upgrade Control-M’s database plugin in Version 19 to support Oracle Database 18 and MSSQL 2016/2018?
While some of these are in the planning stage, we can’t commit to a timeframe. Oracle Database 18c is the equivalent of the patchset, so it is part of the 12.2 release cycle. We currently support MSSQL 2016 and 2017. Version 2018 is not fully supported as SSIS 2018 was never implemented.

Q: Do you plan to display Oracle session IDs in Control-M database jobs in Version 19?
We do not have plans to do so at this point.  In your same job you may be able to execute an additional query to print the session.

Q: Control-M’s current Cognos plugin is 32 Bit. Are there plans to update it to 64 Bit?
We do plan to move to 64 Bit in the future (likely after Control-M 20 is released).

File Transfers

Q: Can Control-M Advanced File Transfer jobs be migrated to Managed File Transfer easily?
Migration from Control-M Advanced File Transfer occurs automatically when installing Control-M Managed File Transfer.

Q: Can we upgrade from Control-M Advanced File Transfer to Managed File Transfer and retain our internal file movement functionality without getting the B2B add-on?
Yes, you can.

Q: Does Control-M Managed File Transfer’s B2B module involve additional licensing cost?
Yes, it is a priced component.

Q: Does the script have be located on the same server where Control-M Managed File Transfer resides?
We need more detail on this question to give an accurate response.  Please comment below to add additional detail.

Q: What encryption do you use for Control-M Managed File Transfer?
Control-M Managed File Transfer supports encryption via SFTP and FTPS. In addition, files can be configured to be encrypted using your own PGP solution via the MFT job.

Q: Is Control-M Advanced File Transfer still supported in Version 19?
Yes, Control-M Advanced File Transfer is still supported in Version 19.

Q: Will Control-M Advanced File Transfer also gain AWS S3 support?
No, S3 support is not available in Control-M Advanced File Transfer.

Q: Does Control-M Managed File Transfer replace Advanced File Transfer licensing costs? Or, is it additional?
Control-M Managed File Transfer is a priced component, independent of Advanced File Transfer.


Control-M’s Web Interface

Q: Can I do any type of forecasting though the Control-M’s web interface?
Not currently, but we are planning to make this available in a future release.

Q: Can you limit the update of user views and site standards?
Yes, you can.



We hope these answers help! If you still have a question on any of the topics above, comment below and we’ll provide and answer or include your question in an upcoming blog.

Stay tuned for blogs 4 and 5, focusing on:

  • - Control-M Workload Change Manager, Configuration Manager, and Automation API
  • - Miscellaneous questions

If you missed the live webinar, you can watch the recording here.

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