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Last week, we did a webinar to introduce and demo the new functionality we rolled out in Control-M 19. With 800+ registrants, we received a lot great questions during the live Q&A session – far more than we could answer during the call. So, over the next few weeks we’ll be posting a 5-part series of blogs here on Communities to answer all the questions we weren’t able to get to.  Each blog will feature a group of topics. Today we’ll cover upgrade and version-related questions.



Q: Is it possible to upgrade from Version 7 or 8 (any fix pack) to Control-M 19?

A: Absolutely. You can always upgrade to the latest version of Control-M, but it would need to be done as a traditional migration (not as an in-place upgrade). You can find more information in the Control-M 19 Migration Guide.



Q: Are Control-M Agents on compatible with Control-M 19?

A: It depends on the specific agent you are looking for. You can find more information on the Control-M 19 compatibility web page.



Q: Can I upgrade from Control-M 9, Fix Pack 1 (or later) to Version 19 on the same server? Or, do I have to Control-M 18 first?

A: You do not have to upgrade to Control-M 18 first. If you are on Version 9, Fix Pack 1 or later, you can choose to do the in-place upgrade (which is quite simple).



Q: I just upgraded to Control-M 18. What is the procedure to update to Version 19?

A: To upgrade from Version 18 to Version 19, you can use the in-place upgrade option. Consult the Control-M 19 Installation Guide for details.



Q: Do you have any documentation on the upgrade process between Version 18 and Version 19?

A: Definitely. When we launched Control-M 18 and announced the new in-place upgrade functionality, we created this video:

The process for upgrading from Version 18 to Version 19 is the same. It can be done in-place with minimal downtime.



Q: How often do you release major versions of Control-M? (i.e. from Version 19 to Version 20)

A: There’s roughly one year between each annual release, with 2 fix packs in between.



Q: When should we expect Control-M 19, Fix Pack 1?

A: Version 19, Fix Pack 1 is expected to be released in roughly 4 months.



Q: I'm currently on Control-M 18, running compatibility mode to Version 9 for a report that is no longer available. Will I still be able to run compatibility mode in Control-M 19 back to Version 9?

A: When you have compatibility mode on, it will stay at that current version. For example, because you are on Version 9 today, when you upgrade to Version 19, the compatibility stays with Version 9.




Thanks for reading! Stay tuned for upcoming blogs with answers to questions on these topics:

     - Containers and the cloud

     - Applications, file transfers and Control-M’s web interface

     - Control-M Workload Change Manager, Configuration Manager and Automation API

     - Miscellaneous questions



Still have a question on any of the above? Comment below and we’ll be sure to provide an answer or include it in an upcoming blog.



If you missed the live webinar, you can watch the recording here.