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There’s no doubt that organizations need to speed application time-to-market to compete in our very digital world. But, speed can’t be the only factor you consider. The quality of your applications has to be top notch, at all times.

DevOps can improve collaboration and accelerate application delivery. But when you think DevOps, do you think application workflow orchestration? If not, you should. Here’s why.

Developers are using basic tools to code jobs as they build apps, and there is a better way to operate. Here are four ways to deliver higher quality, software faster:

#1 Don’t think of jobs as business logic

And don’t waste time manually scripting job scheduling. Instead, use an application workflow orchestration product to manage flow relationships, success/failure analysis, output capture, and other functions. This ensures consistency across applications (and from application to application) and eliminates headaches for both Dev and Ops.

#2 Test early and often

Think about it… the syntax of source code is checked as it’s created, right? Why not apply a similar approach to job definitions? By automating scheduling, similar notation and interfaces for all jobs can be used at the earliest stages, allowing for early and accurate testing.

#3 Use a source code management (SCM) system

Using an SCM system allows you to fall back to previous versions to identify changes and quickly build/rebuild the application in new environments.

#4 Consider the value equation

A streamlined and efficient Dev process + minimal issues in prod = greater application ROI. Jobs-as-Code is a critical component of this equation.

Jobs-as-Code improves visibility to applications so that, when necessary, the operations and support teams can more quickly identify and resolve problems.


What is Jobs-as-Code?

It’s an approach that enables developers to use their DevOps tools to treat application automation management in the SDLC just like any other code components of an application.


How can Jobs-as-Code improve your application delivery process?

CARFAX uses Control-M to automate Jobs-as-Code:

"A Jobs-as-Code approach is paramount for anyone doing agile development and DevOps. We have been using Control-M for years in operations, and now the product gives our developers full ownership and control of their jobs in a coding environment that is familiar to them, so they can define the business processes they want to automate in production."

Robert Stinnett

Automation Analyst, IT Operations CARFAX


To learn more, read our eBook, Four Ways Developers can Deliver Better Software Faster.