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New eBook now available! Switch from AFT to MFT today!



BMC introduced Control-M Advanced File Transfer years ago and showed us that there is a better way to complete file transfers. But we didn’t stop there! We’ve continued to improve our file transfer solutions to meet the needs of businesses that are focused on modernizing to stay competitive in this digital age. Control-M Managed File Transfer will give you the ability to consolidate file transfer solutions and gain more control over your operations.


With the increased requirement for big data-fueled applications, we need to deliver files reliably and quickly. The new dashboards and enhanced functionality that come with Control-M Managed File Transfer are very popular with our staff. We anticipate about 75 percent reduction in the time spent on customer inquiries.  

— Andrew Taylor, Batch Processing Leader, British Sky Broadcasting


View the entire eBook here: 3 Reasons to Upgrade from AFT to MFT


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