If you haven’t already, take a moment to read my first blog in this series, “There's no time for downtime - Part 1”. We’ve explored just how challenging it can be to negotiate a software upgrade, especially when mission-critical business services are involved. You’ve got to think about how the natural change resistance and change fatigue inherent to change management processes can ultimately impact your digital transformation strategy.

That’s why BMC launched Control-M 9.0.18 – to help your organization innovate faster. Our new near-zero downtime upgrade features minimize production impacts and ensure business continuity of critical services, making it easier for you to secure approvals for upgrades. This also helps make sure you can consistently leverage the newest functionality introduced with Control-M.

But, the new near-zero downtime upgrade functionality isn’t the only feature introduced in Control-M 9.0.18. In this blog, you’ll read about in-place upgrades and compatibility, and how they minimize upgrade downtime and costs.


Before Control-M 9.0.18:

In addition to the time required to secure a proper upgrade window, what often delays upgrade planning and execution is the effort required to get budget approval and to identify the skills required for execution. Until now, Control-M upgrades were made on parallel environments to minimize risks and maximize service availability. But it requires significant effort (and skill) to set up a parallel environment. For example, one customer reported it took them more than 5 months just to get a new database instance in place, and that didn’t even include all the work required to set up the network environment (creation of new IP addresses, open firewalls to connect to thousands of agents, etc.).


After Control-M 9.0.18: in-place upgrade and compatibility

Control-M 9.0.18 now features in-place upgrades. Clients can upgrade the Control-M environment they are working on, without interruption. This eliminates all the time and cost spent on building a parallel environment.

During the upgrade process the Control-M instance will have some components at the 9.0.18 level, interacting in compatibility mode with components at previous version levels, and new features are disabled to prevent inconsistency.

When all the components are at the 9.0.18 level, Control-M will automatically make all new features available, while older clients will be prevented from connecting.

In conclusion, the in-place and compatibility features in Control-M 9.0.18 make upgrade planning and execution significantly easier. When combined with near-zero downtime and rollback features, (described in my first blog “There’s No Time for Downtime – Part 1”), there’s really no reason to delay upgrades. Continuous upgrades will make costly and hard releases jumps a thing of the past.


What customers are saying:

“Control-M v9.0.18 in-place upgrade will eliminate the time and cost needed to set up a new parallel environment, including the time for budget approval, order fulfillment and – most importantly – environment set up (network requirements – creation of new IP, open of firewall to access agents – are especially time consuming). Overall, in large data center, the upgrade preparation phase will be reduced by 70%-90% in terms of FTE and resources.” - “Stefano Sensale, Senior Consultant, Beta 80 Group”.